Fate Emperor Chapter 2417

Fate Emperor Chapter 2417

"Dammit, there are two of them!"

Even as everyone stared in shock, Bai Lin thought back to what had just occurred outside the Great Wall, and his excitement continued to build. As far as he was concerned, each and every exploding pill furnace was a deadly weapon that could be unleashed upon the souls and savages!

Now that he had met her again, he felt that the World of the Nine Continents was a small place. He couldn't quite understand their fateful meeting at this place, and why the leader of the Cloud Adventurer Guild would appear at the Feng Clan in the first place.

The spell formation was set up on a blood-colored altar, which was none other than the source of the black smoke.

"Come, let daddy carry you and feed this to you, alright?" Qing Shui felt a little ashamed as he said this, Huoyun Liu-Li, who stood beside them, laughed out.

The lady stared at it for a very long time before she put the lid back. When she raised her head she saw Qing Shui looked at her with anticipation, as if waiting for her evaluation.


"I don't ˇ®idolize' him. If it wasn't for his medicinal pills that cured you, I wouldn't have to mention him at all. Also, you were the one who asked first. It wasn't me who mentioned it." The cold young lady would only behave coyly in front of her own mother.

"Cough cough!" Qing Shui had wanted to justify himself, but ended up only coughing two times, causing everyone else to break into a laughter.


Qing Shui became very excited every time he remembered that he had already achieved the fifth level ?of Ancient Strengthening Technique. Every time he experienced the enormous capabilities he gained through the breakthrough, he saw hope in the near future, within his reach.

He even saw the "God Slaying Devil Devouring Formation" and "Immortal Vanquishing Formation". These names sounded very much like a bluff but Qing Shui could not be bothered with that. He could finally pick up formations and would naturally not let go of this chance. Qing Clan might be able to become powerful through formations.

"She is cooking, Aunty Liu-li and Aunty Mingyue will be coming over soon." The young girl said, giggling and hugging Qing Shui's neck.

He wasn't sure exactly why it was happening, but upon looking the young women over, he could see that all of them were exceptionally beautiful. In fact, many of them could be counted as being his type. The way they were being offered up seemed to indicate that if he didn't accept, he would be refusing to give them face. Instantly, Bai Xiaochun was on guard.

"I'm here for your life, Daoist Heavenspan!!" he shouted loudly.

The surface of the battleship was covered with countless spikes, all of which glowed with black light. It was easy to imagine powerful magical techniques being unleashed by means of those spikes, and how they would surely cause heaven and earth to tremble!

After hanging on for a moment, the wall of light shattered. The Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique quickly circulated his Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique and slashed towards Tan Yang who was thrusting his sword towards him!

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