My Planet Chapter 323

My Planet Chapter 323


"Disposition!" On this point, Qing Shui could not be hesitant. Once Shi Qingzhuang asked, he immediately replied.

The crystal became a beam of light which shot toward Bai Xiaochun, who grabbed it out of the air. Smiling broadly, he looked down at Zhao Dongshan.

At almost the same instant, the Fire Bird and the Diamond Gigantic Elephant burst out.

The fact that Bai Xiaochun had produced four-colored flame in almost one smooth action indicated to Zhou Yixing that he was actually dealing with a journeyman necromancer!

"Yes, I know. I will continue to cultivate. I will go find you when I reach Xiantian, ok? I don't have a lot of extravagant hopes. I only wish to remain by your side with my little girl!"

After all, his final line of defense was the black bracelet, a life-saving magic that could protect him from a blow by a Foundation Establishment cultivator. After the time it takes an incense stick to burn, Gongsun Wan'er coughed up a mouthful of blood and collapsed onto the ground, staring at Bai Xiaochun with listless despair.

Heavenly lightning was shaking the sky!

A sense of satisfaction surged within him. All men would feel like this if they were put in the same spot. The start of a relationship between a man and a woman would tend to start from holding hands. If a woman did not mind the man holding her hand, it would at least mean that he had already taken a spot in her heart, and she had started to attempt to accept him.

She wore a long green garment that did little to conceal her curvaceous form. An unreadable expression could be seen on her face, as well as an enigmatic smile.

He appeared to be a shadowy soul wearing an emperor's crown, almost as if he were the monarch of all the vengeful souls. He was so large that he seemed capable of shouldering the heavens. Green flames flickered in his eyes, a cold smile covered his face, and he carried an enormous trident in one hand. His body looked to be composed of countless other vengeful souls, whose faces were twisted mixtures of laughter and tears.

There was also a point explaining how the further one proceeded in a trial by fire, the more brightly that person's glowing sphere would shine. From that, Bai Xiaochun could tell that Mistress Red-Dust was further along than anyone else. Likely, she would take 1st place and get the deva soul.

"What kind of fish are these?!?!" Bai Xiaochun's eyes went wide, and despite the fact that he was on an ice plain, sweat broke out all over him. Back and forth he dodged as the air was ripped to shreds by the flying fish, who all seemed dead set on poking him full of holes.

"But it seemed like he was enlightened today."


In this respect, he was somewhat similar to Daoist Heavenspan. However, the main difference between the two was that the Mortal Renegade still existed, whereas the Worldly Daoist was no more!


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