100% Sweet Love: The Delinquent XXX Wife Is a Bit Sweet Chapter 1372

100% Sweet Love: The Delinquent XXX Wife Is a Bit Sweet Chapter 1372

"Master Yang Yutian, you leave quickly. I'll block them." A heavy voice appeared. It was Yang Ling, standing in front of Jian Chen and blocking him with his large body. His expression was determined. At this moment, Yang Ling had already accepted death. Even if he had to die here, he needed to let Jian Chen escape safely.

Against these two unavoidable swords, Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword immediately shot forward both swords with an azure and violet Sword Qi enwrapping around it.

"So this is the Silver Striped Golden Snake?"

Behind him, Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler gently sniffed at the air that was somewhat polluted by the poison. After thinking a little, he said slowly, "This is the venom of a Silver Striped Golden Snake, a beast of antiquity. He's actually a Silver Striped Golden Snake."

Although the Ice Demon King possessed tremendous strength, it didn't know how to use any combat skills. Therefore, it was no match for someone as strong as the Crown Prince. Of course, the Ice Demon King did have its own incredible ability. It was nearly impossible to kill, even more so when it was around Yan Chenyu, almost making it an immortal existence.

He stood up, pushed the door open and walked out of his room.

Han Yan shrugged too. Everyone had their own secrets, and if Jiang Chen isn't willing to tell him his secrets, then he won't ask again.

Yan Chenyu closed her eyes. After a few minutes, she opened them up and said, "The Black Ice Talisman has sunken into my Qi Sea. No matter how I call for it, it just doesn't want to come out."

"Seven hundred thousand!"

"Yunfan, Wenyen has lost this match, he doesn't have to die!"

"Damn humans, you have stolen what's mine, and yet you still twist words and force logic! Damn it, all of you shall die, I'm going to ruin this place today!" Firethorn Savage's flames of fury kept rising. In his mind, the Sect Chief in front of him had stolen his son, and was still pretending to have done nothing. He was just courting death.

Yang Shuo's expression changed dramatically.

"Brother Jian Chen, you've finally returned! After leaving for a dozen days or so, I was starting to worry. I was even beginning to fear that you wouldn't return in time to go to the Gathering of the Mercenaries." Qin Xiao laughed as he approached Jian Chen.

Two factions that had been involved with Jian Chen had begun to announce their own grievances with him one after another. With everyone taking advantage of the situation to advance their own agendas, they were planning to use what had transpired two years ago in order to try and obtain the Earth Tier Battle Skill.

"Little Spirit. Be at ease, as long as nothing major happens, your big brother will come back to see you." Jian Chen guaranteed again for the third time before stepping away into a blur. With his speed, he shot off towards the direction of Cross Mountains in no time at all.

"Oh right, this girl came in with that big yellow dog, and they both came here together with Jiang Chen!"

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