Adopted Soldier Chapter 2159

Adopted Soldier Chapter 2159

"Ancestor, the one who took the Class 6 cub is the King of Mercenaries, Jian Chen. His strength was far too much for anyone of us to stop him." Elder Bai spoke.

"There is a teleport formation here, but it looks like it hasn't been used for quite some time. I wonder if it's still working... wait, there is a slot right in the middle of the formation, it seems like a perfect fit for the bronze plate!"

Zhang Wei shouted with a surprised expression. When the other three heard he was from the Black Sect, their faces were immediately filled with extreme joy, and after they heard Jiang Chen say he was here to help them, they became even happier. Right now, the entire Redsun Town was in great danger, and the reason why they left the town was to get some help from Yellowstone City, but they never expected to bump into a disciple of the Black Sect along their way.

Jiang Chen unleashed his energy, and without any hesitation, he unleashed the True Dragon Palm which crashed toward Nanbei Chao. Jiang Chen dared not show any neglect when fighting Nanbei Chao. If Nanbei Chao was the same stage as him, he could completely look down on him. But, since there was a one stage difference between them, it was a different story. Although Jiang Chen could easily kill any Late Divine Core warriors, Nanbei Chao wasn't someone those people could compare with.

Dugu Feng only smile coldly from where he stood. Looking behind Kaizer, he took notice of Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Tie Ta, and You Yue. They had just exited through the VIP entrance.

Hearing Luo Jian's speech, the students all jolted back to awareness. With a look at one another, the fear that was planted into their hearts by Jian Chen was immediately cast out. With a lift of their greatswords, battleaxe, large knives and spears, each student charged at Jian Chen with great arrogance.

"Bastard, watch your mouth! Are you courting death?!"

Jian Chen and Ming Dong both left the Huang family. However, Ming Dong was not a Heaven Saint Master and could not fly through the sky; therefore, Jian Chen needed to carry him.

"There is only a slim chance to survive in Inferno Hell. Brother, you better give it careful thought before deciding on whether or not you'll go."

"What place is this? Exactly who saved me?" Jian Chen doubtfully wondered as he continued to examine his surroundings.

This youth was Jian Chen!

"Did master dog let you go?"

"You really don't know how to appreciate things!" The girl's complexion immediately became overcast.Chapter 727: Lin Bai

Followed by a soft vibration, Jiang Chen spat a fireball out from his mouth. The fireball immediately exploded and turned into a sea of flames which engulfed all of the herbs.

"Where did they come from?" The captain asked.


"Hmph! What shameless boasting; you simply have no idea how weak you are!"

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