Reincarnated as a Sword Scabbard?! Chapter 235

Reincarnated as a Sword Scabbard?! Chapter 235

"It seems this Wu Yun is not a simple person. Trying to find the information I want from his mouth is a difficult task." Yullian felt a headache as she thought to herself.

Tan Lang said.

"You're such a fat and delicate dog, if I steam you then the taste must be very delicious!"

Before he could think any further about his Space Belt, a pair of footsteps could be heard walking toward his room. The wooden door slid open as a short pants-wearing man walked in.

"What, he's a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master?" The second prince was startled as well. Looking at Ming Dong's young face, his heart felt disbelief. However, his face darkened for a moment before speaking, "It matters not if he's a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master. Have some of you go capture him for daring to speak such arrogant words to your prince. This cannot be forgiven, otherwise, where would the honor of our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom go?"

Suddenly, bits of bright lights appeared in front of them. All those who had gone to Inferno Hell had experienced this before, and knew that these lights signaled that the end of the tunnel was ahead.

One could only see his head separate from his body in a high arc. Spinning two meters into the air, it came flying down with blood sprinkling the entire area.

Lee Chang Ming let out a cold humph before he leapt forwards with his claw like hands. A strong aura surrounded him as he targeted Jiang Chen with his claw.

"Master, you've managed to take the first step. After experiencing pain for the first time, you will have an easier time cultivating the Chaotic Force in the future. Naturally, the time the Chaotic Force was in your body will not be as intense as before." Ziying and Qingsuo's voice both spoke with some joy.

Everyone had a soul, and in order to become an alchemist one had to arouse the strength of their soul.To unleash strength from something that couldn't be seen or touched was a difficult job, and the reason why there weren't many alchemists in the Saint Origin universe.

"Halt, take this body out with you." Jian Chen spoke as he pointed at the corpse on the ground.

Big Yellow guessed.


Totally ignoring the panicked Lee Shan Yue, the old man smashed his sharp claws into Lee Shan Yue's head. After that, under Lee Shan Yue's desperate expression, the old man crushed his head. One of the tigers in Red city had just died on the spot.

Jian Chen also smiled as he looked at the elder, "Third elder, if you could tell me, am I poisoned?"

Unable to preserve his calm composure, a tremendous aura exploded forth from Bi Hai's body and solidified the area around him so that Jian Chen felt himself unable to move a hand or foot in any direction.

Hearing the warning, Jian Chen was momentarily taken back. He hadn't thought that he would have to take off his shoes in order to enter the armory. Although he found the request to be weird, he did not hesitate and placed his shoes on the ground outside before entering the small pavilion.

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