10 wishes Chapter 340

10 wishes Chapter 340

Without the slightest hesitation, all of them prepared to fall back. And yet, before they could, an eerie, sinister voice spread out that seemed to be composed of countless other voicesĄ­.

Big Fatty Zhang gasped, and his hair stood on end as he looked at Bai Xiaochun. Almost all of his secrets had been instantly seen through.

Bai Xiaochun was his Master. In the moment that he had kowtowed to become an apprentice, he had decidedĄ­ that he would do anything to pay back that kindness!

"Grandpa Lin, Qing Shui greets you!" Qing Shui bowed low as he respectfully greeted Elder Lin.

Qing Shui reached out and touched the flesh of her hips. She was rarely this initiative, especially in this seductive pose. He couldn't help but ask: "Little lady, why are you this enthusiastic today!"

On top of that, it was brimming with the brilliance of a mother. It was a very gorgeous.

The old man from the Tan Clan wanted to open his mouth when was he was stopped by another smiling old man, the old man from the Tan Clan wiped the cold sweat off his head and grateful nodded his head at the earlier old man.

"Aghhh! My Myriad Spirit Grass! I've been growing it for five years, and now the only things left are the roots! Gone. All gone.... Somebody ate it up!"

Because of that, there wasn't anyone assigned to guard the location. When Bai Xiaochun arrived, nobody was there. After looking around hesitantly for a moment, he walked into the cave-like entrance. A moment later, he was in the beautiful tunnel entrance, facing over a hundred tunnel-like shafts.

Then in a flash, three days had passed.

After Qing Shui came down from the stage, he could see the expressions on the 3rd generation clan members ranging from awe, surprise, respect and even worship. In the past, the 3rd generation clan members would always looked up to Qing You, admiring his muscular frame and unruly strength. However, only now did they discover that the "trash" in everyone's eyes was a person that vastly surpassed what they had always known to be the epitome of strength. A person that silently endured their harsh words and torment, hiding his true strength until there was a reason for him to no longer do so. How could they not help but admire Qing Shui?

Qing Shui smiled. While he also wanted to take a look at the contents of the embroidered pouch, he still smiled and said, "So long as your item is a good one, I'll definitely not let you suffer a loss."

The Energy Enhancing Fruit, Agility Enhancing Fruit, Endurance Enhancing Fruit and Physique Enhancing Fruit were almost formed and almost ripen. Qing Shui wondered when the Spirit Enhancing Fruit would finally bear and what effects it would give? Perhaps it could raise spirit energy? ?

"The River of Time and Space?" the Mortal Renegade blurted, his face falling. "Impossible! No, wait! This isn't the River of Time and Space. ThisĄ­ exists outside of the River of Time and Space!"

By this point, the cave's defensive spell formations had been rendered entirely useless, and anyone within earshot could hear Bai Xiaochun yelling at the top of his lungs. Gradually, word spread that the thunder and lightning had come because Bai Xiaochun was working on a method to detoxify spirit medicines.

Pu pu!

He was not really considered handsome, but he had a bewitching look. He had a decent manly feeling. But all of these combined together also made him not much inferior compared to Hai Long from Hai Clan. It was just that Qing Shui and Hai Long were two different kinds of men.?

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