HOTD Mature Parody Chapter 1060

HOTD Mature Parody Chapter 1060

"Three Divine Core warriors bullying a serious injured man, shame, shame!"

"Heavens, where did this young man come from? Why have I never heard of him before?"

"My brother!"

Following a brief moment of time later, Jian Chen and his entourage arrived at the courtyards where the Carnage Mercenaries were located. The building the Carnage Mercenaries lived in wasn't very small, but there had been no attempt made to clean the building at all. The simple doors were closed shut and had a layer of dust to them. At a glance, anyone would know that the area had not been swept in a very long time. Several footsteps could be seen right in front of the gates as well.

"Yes, captain!"

Seeing this, Qin Xiao had a furious look on his face, just as he was about to give the command once more, a dignified sounding voice suddenly called out from outside the house.

"What? You wish to take on the two of us by yourselves?" Jun Mohao coldly laughed, "Earth Saint Master, so what? If you dare bully my great-granddaughter, your bodies will remain behind here forever, so I declare. Even the helper that you plan on calling will meet their demise."

"Xiang'er, you've finally returned! This time you simply must stay a little longer." Bi Yuntian spoke in her common graceful speech. Today, she was wearing a white, satin robe that complemented the warm smile on her face as she greeted her child.

Changyang Ba nodded his head slowly with a neutral face. Inspecting the tree branch even more closely, he started to grow more and more suspicious. Finally, he spoke, "Chang Bai, this tree branch is nothing special. In addition, the tip is not sharp at all. Based on Xian Er's strength, it is impossible for a tree branch to injure Ke Er at all."

"I heard Sect Elder Guo Shan shut his doors to study alchemy."

Witnessing what just happened, the other three disciples became greatly frightened. They stared at the brutal Big Yellow, and they couldn't help but take a few steps back. None of them could even begin to imagine why this dog was so terrifying. An Early Divine Core warrior had just been bitten to death without even a chance to fight back.

A blazing red sword materialized in Cheng Mingxiang's hand and he easily blocked Changyang Hu's attack. Not only did Changyang Hu suffer from serious injuries, he also was not accustomed to using his left hand to control his axe. Even if he had been completely fine, he definitely wouldn't have been Cheng Mingxiang's equal anyways.

Although the Ice Demon in front of him was an unusual creature, as long as it had a Demon Soul in its body, it was still considered a demon. This Demon Taming Lock could even affect Big Yellow, let alone this Ice Demon.

Seeing the incoming Jian Chen, Qian Yun looked startle. A single attack from him had damaged his Saint Weapon and his fighting spirit. Without delay, he immediately turned around and began to flee.

"Jiang Chen, follow me."

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh££

After Jiang Chen and his friends left, the Great Manager's face instantly changed. Although a smile still existed on his face, it was now a sinister smile.

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