The Dreams of a Goddess Chapter 2247

The Dreams of a Goddess Chapter 2247

"It doesn't matter whether you agree or not. Are you the Patriarch or am I the Patriarch? Do you believe that I'll strip you of your position right now?" Qing Shui asked calmly.

A married woman who looked considerably beautiful weeped endlessly as she talked to the old man.?

Considering the battlefield as a whole, this was a shocking development that left even the patriarchs gasping.

However, he didn't think it was appropriate to let anyone know how afraid he was, which was a skill he had long since mastered. As he sped along, he pulled out a bottle of spirit alcohol and guzzled it down, sparing some to give to a few of the surrounding cultivators.

Red-lined snake!

Big Fatty Zhang and Xu Baocai were visibly stunned. In fact, his words were so shocking that they didn't actually dare to believe him.


AST 184 - Refining Muscles and Bones Under Overbearing Pressure, Lifting Something Heavy as though it was Light!

Qing Shui could not help but shake his head. Yan Clan's action was too outrageous. Even if he did not touch Yan Clan today, they probably would not last much longer.?


"What luck! Somebody actually managed to perform a spirit enhancement on a medicinal pill, and then brought it here to sell. Dammit! If I were that lucky, I would definitely have a spirit enhanced treasure!!"

As he died, he regretted not leaving earlier.

Mingyue Gelou tightly hugged Qing Shui without saying a word. This woman had always supported Qing Shui silently and never requested anything from him. She was dignified and mature, a pure, holy and traditional women

The first stage only required one to be fast, and as fast as possible; to the absolute limits of speed; fast to the stage where one could produce after-images. The Ghostly Step required knowledge of the 9 Directional, 8 Trigram Calculations and the Mystical Gates to confuse opponents, making it easier for Qing Shui to escape. If one wanted to cultivate the Ghostly Step to its absolute pinnacle, one must incorporate the knowledge from the calculations and use it together with the techniques from the Ghostly Steps.

At the same time, the two patriarchs slammed into the spell formation, causing the River-Defying Sect's headquarters to tremble violently!

After hearing Huoyun Liu-Li's coquettish tone, Qing Shui felt that this woman in front of him was the most feminine out of all that he had come across.

Even so, it caused Qianxi Ye's expression to change. The attack from earlier almost caused his whole body to tear apart, giving him a scare.

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