I have Stands in cultivation world Chapter 2623

I have Stands in cultivation world Chapter 2623

"He definitely will. A daughter is her father's lover in past life. So a father will spoil his daughter the most in this life. That is, until she meets her husband, who will continue to spoil her in her father's place." Qing Shui answered with a smile.

Qing Shui smiled bitterly and placed the sword on the floor!

Over the past few years, the stories between them had been growing. A few of them were even some unforgettable events in their lifetime. Perhaps because they had experienced a lot together, the two of them were already destined to be involved with each other for their entire life.

Pure Jade Pellet! Failure


After a moment of thought, Bai Xiaochun nodded and said, "Let's do it!"

"I can't handle it!" he shouted. "You two have to think of something! These giants are so strong! I'm hurt! I'm gonna die!" Then he toppled over, and lay there completely unmoving.

Qing Shui took the Flower of Life and walked into Huoyun Liu-Li's bedroom. He slowly sat beside the bed and started to worry. He only remembered that he had to feed Huoyun Liu-Li the Flower of Life after he let Canghai Mingyue leave. What should he do now?

Qing Shui's heart jolted, which prompted him to hug her and began to kiss her red lips passionately. Di Chen slowly reciprocated his kiss, probably because she would have to part with him soon.

A tremor ran through Bai Xiaochun, and his expression immediately brightened. As of this moment, he knew that he had passed all the tests, and that the Giant Ghost King planned to take him back with him....

"The arm just moved. Don't tell me...."

When Sima Yunhua saw himself being trapped by Vir┗p─k?a's divine ability, his face went dark, and he began to curse in despair. He was convinced that he was done for; not only would he lose any possible rewards, but he would probably end up as a captive of the Vile-Emperor Dynasty.

Family like that made Bai Hao's life even more bitter than it might have been. His father treated him with cold aloofness that made it seem as if they weren't related, and apparently didn't even care whether Bai Hao lived or died.

Before the man could say anything else, the Giant Ghost King causally twisted his fingers. A scream echoed out as the Cai Clan patriarch's entire nascent divinity collapsed into pieces.

Celestial Deadfall was currently seated cross-legged in his blessed land. He looked middle-aged, which meant that he looked younger than the average celestial. However, the Willpower fluctuations rolling off of him were by no means weak. Even though he was only in the early Celestial Realm, he was still an outstanding and powerful individual, roughly equivalent to Ghostmother.

However, one thing that Qing Shui could sense was that it no longer deteriorated.

After all, the three great clans weren't quite ready to make their move!

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