SURPASSER Chapter 2378

SURPASSER Chapter 2378

The crowds were roaring, it had been confirmed that the 100% pills were not a hoax. Everyone was excited, for a cultivator at the Qi Jing level, a 100% effectiveness pill was a priceless treasure. Plus, they wouldn't be able get one even if they had the money.

"Fight, damn it! Weren't they behaving arrogantly just now? Now that senior disciple Jiang has returned, even the Burning Sky Pavilion Sect Chief was badly wounded by him! Let's see if they can still be so arrogant!"

Nangong Wenyang turned to Jiang Chen and asked.

"Since that's the case, we'll make anyone who tries to rob us run around completely naked. And on the third day, we'll make everyone run around naked!"

Jiang Chen turned to Wu Jiu who sat next to him.


Jiang Chen said.


"Young master Nangong, since there is an abnormality in the ocean, where are you going next?"

It was as if this aura had just awakened because of the challenge and provocation of the Earth Devil's aura, and it was waking up fast!

The black robed man looked at Jian Chen with a rigid look of disbelief. He couldn't believe that Jian Chen had been so fast for him to be unable to even react to his strike.

Right at the beginning of the battle, the Imperial Emperor immediately unleashed the Heavenly Imperial Finger towards Wu Jiu.

In Wang Yun's mind, the young man who sat in the chair in front of him was not a young man any more, but a wise senior who was able to do anything. With just a few words he had made him know the seriousness of the skill that he had been cultivating.

Jiang Chen also sat down on the floor. The fight with this big yellow dog had made him extremely tired.

"What's wrong?"

After saying these words, Jiang Chen turned around and continued jumping forwards. The pressure had no effect on him.

Within several moments, there was not a single intact room left within the entire compound. Every single building had received damage equivalent to the entire compound collapsing. Even the pavilion where all the manuals were stored had collapsed, and the ten meter tall towers had fallen to pieces as well. Several of the servants who were inside the buildings when they collapsed could be heard screaming out in agony.

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