Sweet Chief Secretary Chapter 2461

Sweet Chief Secretary Chapter 2461

This was fucking miserable.

Slowly as everyone came to greet him, Jian Chen couldn't help but sigh in relief as he saw no serious wounds on the five Great Saint Masters. These five were the pillars of the Flame Mercenaries, and the goal of almost every member in there. He definitely did not wish to lose any of them.

Jian Chen spread his presence to cover the entire palace, and soon enough discovered the king to be in his study and rushed in that direction. Although the Qinhuang palace had strict security with a guard every three steps and a patrol every five, Jian Chen's status as an Imperial Protector was enough for him to walk unimpeded. No one had the desire to stop him, so Jian Chen was able to enter the king's study where the king was leisurely reading a book at his table.Chapter 481: Borrowing Soldiers

"Hahaha, and here I believed that the Tianmu clan truly did lay claim to half the tungsten alloy. What an unexpected outcome!" One of the elders from the Aoyun clan laughed out loud involuntarily.



The surprised cry of the woman caused the man she was with to suddenly turn around. Looking at the tiger cub in question, he smiled, "This little thing is indeed quite cute. Yun Lian, it'll be your birthday in three days, why don't I gift you this pet as your birthday present? Would you like that?" The man was exceedingly arrogant; without even consulting the owner for negotiations, the man had already assumed that the pet was his own personal property.

At the same time, the killing intent coming from Jian Chen had immediately shaken the commander from his thoughts.


"Fuck! Wasn't he supposed to be dead?! Why is he still here, alive and kicking?!"

On the altar, a young man in red clothes was sitting cross legged with eye closed. His face looked evil. With black lips and a black aura hovering around his body, together with a mysterious symbol on his forehead, he looked just like someone who came from hell.

Jiang Chen cupped his toward Wu Lang. He had guessed Wu Lang's identity, Wu Lang's father was the Ninth Emperor, who was most likely Wu Jiu. This was certainly the reason why Wu Lang had been helping him, he had been instructed by Wu Jiu. Jiang Chen really appreciated the help, however, he just couldn't drag Wu Lang any further into this. After all, there was no easy way out of the conflict between himself, the Shangguan Clan, and the Myriad Sword Sect. He had killed so many of their men, and he didn't mind killing a few more.

Without stopping, Jian Chen continued to swallow the snake's blood in large gulps. He could clearly feel the special energy from within the snake's blood as it entered his stomach. Wherever this blood flowed to, the slowly creeping poison there instantly began to lessen, as the blood quickly counteracted and cured the poison.

"Senior disciple Tan, before you arrived, we went to the Golden Tower in order to prepare to throw a feast to welcome your arrival. However, we met with an unreasonable young man. Not only did he not give any face to the Asura Palace, he also injured my guard."

"Two abnormals!"

The man had pale skin, and he looked refined and cultured. He was waving a folding fan in his hand, while portraying a calm image. However, his eyes were blinking with a cold light. This proved that he was not someone who could easily be messed with. None of the men who could survive in the harsh environment of Inferno Hell were good and honest people.

When the mountain range disappeared, the mountain range returned to its previous peaceful state. Aside from the destroyed mountain right in the center of the mountain range, everything around was still the same. Although they had fought for a long period of time here, there were no traces of a battle having taken place in this mountain range.

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