Bliss and Blitz Chapter 210

Bliss and Blitz Chapter 210

"Honored Five Imperial Advisors, if living here for the past few days has not been to your liking, or if there is something not satisfactory, then please speak up and we will definitely strive to improve." Changyang Ba spoke with a laugh. Although his own son was the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom making the five Imperial Advisors his subordinates Changyang Ba did not wish to treat them impolitely. After all, they were still Heaven Saint Masters in the end.

Sensing that he was slowly being cut away from the power of life, Jian Chen began to close his eyes. At that moment, he was at peace with himself. Death to him was no important manner. After all, after traveling so many years in the Jianghu, Jian Chen had killed many men and death had long since dulled his emotions. The only emotion he had felt in his heart was that he would have no more chances to explore the pinnacle of the way of the sword.

"Mister Jiang, I now know the real root of my disease.I don't have much else to worry about.Yu'er and Mister Jiang has never met before, there's no reason for Mister Jiang to worry too much about my disease."

Behind them was a leather wearing figure that was closely following them nimbly through the trees. He moved in a way that the nearby tall grass barely moved at all, and even though he was no more than 50 meters away from the Tianxiong group, the Tianxiong clan members did not notice him and continued to walk onward. Because of the loud sounds they were making, they were unable to hear the even more minute sounds that their follower was creating.

With someone taking the lead, all the people behind him returned to their senses. They also began to immediately kneel, kiss the ground and plead for mercy, without any intention of stopping.

Jiang Chen moved his arm and drew out the Heavenly Saint Sword. As if having sensed Jiang Chen's fighting intent, the Heavenly Saint Sword started shaking violently. An extremely joyful emotion came from it.

"Uncle Zhou, please get me some more ingredients."

Instead of saying something, Jian Chen continued to glare at them with his cold eyes. The wind blowing around him began to pick up in speed and ferocity before propelling him forward with alarming speed. In a flash, he had arrived at the four Heaven Saint Masters thirty meters away and lashed out with his Origin energy formed sword. As the sword came down, a flash of azure and violet could just barely be seen.

"Hey, Jian Chen! Did you get a good night's sleep?" Suddenly, a deep voice called out to him from behind. At the voice, Jian Chen turned his head behind only to see a sturdy looking man coming toward him.

Hearing what he said, everyone finally understood. This young man was the man who took out the three Nine Solar Holy Water drops and exchanged them for three Nine Soul Restoration Pills.

"Sure, though we shouldn't delay it. Let's move out right now and all go off to investigate about Jian Chen. We'll gather in this cave again after a day." Old man Situ said.

Yan Chenyu was still worried.

"Damn it! Couldn't you just tell me earlier?! Puh! It stinks!"

"The holy maiden and number one genius of the Profound River Palace, the prettiest girl in the Southern Continent. With the title of Wonderhand Myriadtune, everyone in this land knows about her."

"It does require a large amount of Chaotic Force, but master doesn't need to worry about that now!" Ziying spoke carefully. He didn't know just how Jian Chen would react to this.

The doors opened as a black robed man slowly walked in; it was precisely Bi Dao.

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