Chongfei Manual Chapter 262

Chongfei Manual Chapter 262

"Allow me to see just how strong your determination to live is." The ancestor's eyes grew dark as a fierce killing intent flooded them. In an instant, the earth attribute Saint Weapon flashed for a moment before flying straight for Jian Chen like a bolt of lightning.

"Hahaha! The day Jiang Chen shows up is your final day spent alive!"

The arrogant Dark Eagle was sliced in half by the bright beam. It was separated into two parts, then it fell into the ocean, staining the surrounding water with blood.

Big Yellow asked.

Jiang Chen explained.Chapter 228 ΓΏ Devil's Cave

Zhou Bei Zhen said with a smile, he was very confident in these 100%effectiveness Restoration Pills.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Chen chopped one of the Late Heavenly Core Blood Devils into half.

Jian Chen slowly lowered his sword; the point of the sword now faced the ground. Staring coldly at the two people begging for their lives, Jian Chen's brows furrowed as he gazed at the two with contempt. When it came to people who were afraid of death like this, he was disgusted by them.

Wu Cong pointed his finger at Jiang Chen and ordered, acting as if he was superior to everyone else.

Jiang Chen sat down on the floor with both legs crossed. He had actually suffered some injuries during his fight with Yang Shuo. The Great Illusion Realm had affected his mind, and forced him to throw up a mouthful of blood. It had even caused his source to tremble. If not for the Great Soul Derivation skill, his injuries would have been more severe.

A cruel expression filled Jiang Chen's face. He had always used the most terrifying approaches when handling his enemy, never showing any mercy. Asking for forgiveness was useless, because Jiang Chen understood a fact; if he was weaker and was caught by his enemy, the outcome would be devastating.

The two elders nodded before guiding Jian Chen and the five Imperial Advisors into the hall.

With his strength revealed, Jian Chen's overwhelming talent had caught the attention of the more influential households. It went without exception that every person was determined to be in his good graces no matter what. If they couldn't then at the very least they wouldn't be enemies with him.

"The birth of a peerless monster! He has created a miracle by killing a Combat King with just a Combat Soul cultivation base! The Eastern Continent's history will definitely focus on today's war!"

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. If not for the fact that he didn't want to reveal his secret weapon, the Ice Demon King, he might have begun slaughtering right now. All these smug and self-righteous geniuses who felt themselves superior to everyone else were nothing but farts in front of Jiang Chen, he could kill them all without showing any mercy.

"Not good, they're actually from the Bloodsword Sect! Let's go!" Old man Mateng exclaimed without any further thought. Before he had even finished speaking, he began to flee into the distance at a great speed.

Soon, the tornados disappeared, and a group of more than a hundred people were revealed floating above the Black Sect. Each one of these persons were glowing brightly, as they were unleashing their Yuan energy, causing the dark sky to look like it belonged to daytime.

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