Once Bitten, Twice Shy Chapter 1631

Once Bitten, Twice Shy Chapter 1631

Both warriors explained the trade fair to Jiang Chen, clearly showing their thorough understanding of the trade fair. Actually, the reason why they were so enthusiastic to explain was to offer apologies, and leave a good impression for Jiang Chen. They did after all offend Jiang Chen earlier.

At this moment, another two young disciples from the Shangguan Clan flew up to Shangguan Yilei. One of them said with a vicious voice, "Brother Lei, we don't have to be nice to them anymore, let us help you!"

Everyone were stunned, they didn't expect this old man to be so supercilious. Jiang Chen was addressing him as brother Jiu, and he wanted them to address him as Lord Jiu, this was weird.

"Kabolds, Deere, you two finally came back." Captain Kendall laughed. "Come, let me introduce you to Jian Chen here who just recently joined our Flame Mercenaries. From this point on we are all brothers here, so it is important that we pay attention to one another."

Liang Xiaole twisted her hands, and ripped the corners of her clothes to wipe clean the dirt on her hands. Tenderly, she reached over to receive the magical beast meat. Once it had cooled down, she directly ate it with large mouthfuls, not caring to keep up her appearance in the least.

"Grandpa, grandson's already a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master but doesn't know how to reach Class 7. Since grandpa is experienced and knowledgeable, does grandfather know any ideas?" Jian Chen asked.

As an oppressive roar rang out, the ground around the warbeast began to fiercely shake. A series of web-like cracks ran through the ground in all directions. Soon, the area within the large perimeter was covered in cracks.

"Young master Jiang, our people have arrived. Let's go and meet them now!"

Next, after asking around, Jian Chen arrived at a store that specialized in monster cores but was rather large. The building made of a blue stone material and had 3 stories,

Witnessing Jian Chen's conduct, the president nodded his head in satisfaction. Shortly afterwards, a white cloud quickly gathered under his feet, completely formed from Radiant Saint Force. Under Jian Chen's astonished gaze, he departed on the cloud.

The five students originally had planned to fight back, but when they saw Jian Chen grip the bloody iron rod, they immediately gave up all thoughts about resisting, and obediently let Tie Ta take their space belts.

"Have you gone senile? The Yangji Sect is far too strong, even the Qiangan Kingdom cannot compete with them."

"That's right, patriarch, I think this is strange as well. Just how could the city lord decree such an order like this. Using the entire garrison to search for a single person within the city, isn't this making a mountain out of a molehill?"

Jiang Chen felt relaxed now. He had long ago guessed that Wu Jiu came from an extraordinary background, but now it seemed more incredible than what he had expected. It looks like his decision to save Wu Jiu was spot on. Without Wu Jiu, he wouldn't be able to find the Earth Devil's location, and he would have to fight this Combat Soul warrior.

Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

Huang Tianba looked at the Ruler Armament in Jian Chen's hands, "This is one of the two Ruler Armaments of the Hongfu Clan, the Dragon Slaying Sword. The legends say that the original owner of the Saint Weapon had killed a peak Class 7 Black Dragon, dyeing it with the blood of the Black Dragon. As a result, the sword was called the Dragon Slaying Sword by the first owner. Brother Jian Chen, do you feel that the sword is suitable?"

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