A Dragon among the Stars Chapter 2403

A Dragon among the Stars Chapter 2403

One of the Goat Demons said.

At the same time, a strange energy enwrapped around Jian Chen's body before it carried him up into the air and towards the center of Mercenary City.

"Dad, everyone."

Wang Yufeng found it impossible to escape or even move because of the death grip that Nubis had on his throat. A feeling of suffocation began to well up from his body. He started to feel as if he was on the verge of death. What had been even more terrifying was the fact that Nubis' eyes were scarlet, adding yet another factor of anger that struck fear into Wang Yufeng.

Seeing the situation swell up like this, a few of the lone mercenaries who had confidence in their strength and luck looked toward the Magical Beast Mountain Range. To them, they would take advantage of this situation for their own advantage.

"This is really good for me! I won't hide anything from your honorable. My Lee family is going to war with the Yan family, but now that we have your honorable to help us, we will certainly win this big war! I think there's no need to wait for the right time anymore; the war will start tonight!"

"This is only an example. Tell us where Jian Chen is or tell him to come out. Otherwise, this will be the outcome for all of you." Old man Situ sneered.

Yan Zhan Hun wiped away some sweat silently but still asked.

A pleasantly surprised expression filled Liu Hong's face.

Seeing that the person was actually a pretty girl, Tie Ta's guard loosened. Carefully putting down the battle axe in his hands, he looked at the girl curiously.

Jian Chen smiled but decided to not dwell on the subject anymore. "Uncle, are you heading out to the outside world?"

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face. Actually, he had decided to take a look at this Myriad Demon Mountain, but he didn't want to go with Wang Yun. To him, Wang Yun and the others were burdens, and the first sector didn't seem enough of a challenge to him. If he were to go, he would go to the second sector straight away, and if these men followed him there, it would be difficult and troublesome for him to handle the situation, as he still needed to take care of their safety.

Over the course of those 10 days, Jian Chen had hunted many Class 3 Magical Beasts. Although there weren't as many beasts as when he had hunted in Kargath Forest, the profits he had received were still high. He had about 20 Class 3 Monster Cores, which was only a little bit more than how many Class 2 Monster Cores he had. Considering how fast he had initially cultivated the 3 Class 3 Monster Cores from before, he would probably finish cultivating the rest of the cores in around seven days.

"Die for me now!"

Wu Lang had one bronze plate as well. All of them had gotten the plates in the Gates of Life and Death.

"Draw your plate."

He had still been very curious about that mysterious barrier several kilometers down beneath the earth, but because of the tungsten alloy in his way, Jian Chen had no way to get closer to it. The only way would be to dig a path down.

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