Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 2736

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 2736

His previous and current actions allowed Bi Yuntian to connect the dots. Sternly, she looked to him, "Xiang'er, tell your mother, was the person you saw possibly the patriarch of our Bi family?"

"That's right, a Class 5 Magical Beast is something that only those at the Great Saint Master level could hope to damage. Even then, if there is a Class 5 Magical Beast that specializes in defense, then Great Saint Masters couldn't even hope to damage it, even if it stood still for us to hit it. I truly hope that this Class 5 Magical Beast won't be too hard to deal with, otherwise, Wake City will be extremely hard to defend." A short haired man spoke out to the others.

"Alright, have a safe journey."

"Wentian, how are you progressing with you Ten Thousand Everlasting Elephants skill?"

The magical beasts were now so close to the wall that some of them were now firmly striking at the armored plating on the walls. Following each blow, the steel plating began to tremble and vibrate while some parts of the metal defenses had began to dent a little.

Tian Yishan and the others felt like they were soon going to faint. Do not rush? Who would rush to do such a shameful thing?

Jiang Chen made up his mind. Looking at how Yin Zhong Cheng behaved, it would be impossible for him to let the trio go today. Although Jiang Chen had his blood wings that could help him escape, if he needed to carry Yan Chen Yu and Big Yellow, it would be difficult to escape.

Clang, clang, clang££

Wild wind kept blowing within the tunnel. Bright and variegated lights could be seen everywhere. All of these men had experienced this before, so they just focused on keeping the bodies stabilized, and didn't move a bit.

Right at this point of time, Yin Zhong Cheng and the other three men felt a strong aura of one above all coming from Jiang Chen's body. This young man in front of them was like an innate king of the world, as if he was not just a young man, but an old demon who had lived for more than a few thousand years.

"Jiang Chen, rest assured, with all these valuable treasures, I am confident that within ten years, I'll make the Black Sect very powerful! I will bring the Qi Province to the top of the entire Eastern Continent!"

"Precisely! What kind of ghostly place is this? We passed through the Gate of Death in order to kill those three bastards, but now, we can't even find them, and we're trapped in this weird place! When can we leave?!"

"Jiang Chen, don't be so arrogant! This place is the Martial Palace, and you're just an outside! Who gave you the audacity to act recklessly here? No one ever dares run wild in this place! Let me tell you this, I'm working for Prince Wu Yan, and you're just looking for trouble if you try to touch me!"

Jian Chen looked at the soldiers. They were not the same ones from before, so they wouldn't know him either. After thinking for a moment, Jian Chen decided to speak with them, "I am looking for Qin Xiao, please send a message to him for me."

Assessing the strength of Qiu Er's kick, the 20 year old servant's face suddenly lost its humorous expression and became pale. Shouting out in alarm, he cried, "Brother Qiu Er, stop!" Jian Chen was still the fourth master as well as the son of Changyang Ba despite being a cripple, he still had some degree of respect around the Changyang Mansion. It was barely okay to mock him, but to raise a hand against the fourth master was unforgivable. Even if they had the support of any of the elders they would still incur a terrible punishment upon them.

"Brother Yan, Big Yellow, move aside!"

"What a fast sword, for him to stab outward in less than a single second, this type of strength is far too much! It seems that his sword has a secret regarding those two strange lights if it could cut a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master's weapon." A Heaven Saint Master elder spoke in admiration.

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