Kumo Desu ga Nani ka Chapter 277

Kumo Desu ga Nani ka Chapter 277

"Do you not like my way of doing things?" Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Qing Shui and said, keeping up her smiles.

"This is Arch-Emperor City, don't even think of staging a revolt!!"

The 6th blossoming of the Flower of Life would enable plant life within 600m to gain an increment of 20% vitality and quality. 7th blossoming ? 30% vitality and quality.

Scowling, he realized that he simply had to accept the situation.

Although Bai Hao wasn't sure exactly what it meant, he was sure that the black smoke which resulted from burning away impurities could not be a good thing. "Master, wait, there's too much of this black smoke. Something's wrong. Give me a minute to figure out what it isĄ­."

Qing Shui didn't stop for even a moment as he rushed towards the Green Cloud Continent. Qing Shui felt very strange. For two months, he had been having a faint feeling that something was calling him. The feeling got stronger and stronger as it time went on until now.

"You're still carrying the moonstone I gave you." Yiye Jiange looked at the silver chain around Qing Shui's neck and that faint view of that stone. She could tell at one look that it was what she had given to him back then. With his abilities now, he could carry along stones that were of much higher quality than the one she had given him. But seeing how he was still carrying the one she had given him, she didn't know what she was feeling.

Bai Xiaochun could see the veins bulging out on the Arch-Emperor's hands, and could sense the killing intent in his eyes. Although it was a frightening sight, Bai Xiaochun reminded himself that he was on the side of the Grand Heavenmaster. Furthermore, he couldn't help but think back to how the imperial clan had been behind the attack on his spirit enhancement shop.

Phhhhhhrt! Phhhhhhrt!! Phhhhhhrt!!!

In contrast to Bai Xiaochun's excitement, Zhou Yixing's mind was struck as if by lightning. He simply stood there gaping, his thoughts wiped clean by the sight of the ten-colored flame.

"With so many bloodbeasts here, it won't be easy to go any further. I guess I'll just need to wait for the right opportunity to present itself before I move onward...." Gritting his teeth, he backed up a bit more, and then found a place to conceal himself and let time pass.

That hand pulsed with the power of a spell formation that made each and every one of those cultivators seem like the type of person who had climbed mountains of corpses and swam through seas of blood. Whenever cultivators from the garrison went out into the city, everyone else treated them with the utmost respect.

However, Qing Chui could not calm his heart down, not because the girl earlier was pretty, but because of what she said, had shaken the beliefs he had about the Feng Clan.

"What's it used for?"

Although there were no more powerful fluctuations rolling out from the blessed land, people could sense from the utter stillness and quiet there that something powerful was inside, like a wild beast with its eyes closed, that could open them and devour anything that got too close!

"It was alright. Oh right, have there been any things going on recently?" Qing Shui asked casually, as he filled up Tang Wude's cup with more wine.

"Everyone will support you!"

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