New Game+ Chapter 57

New Game+ Chapter 57

"If you dare then come and kill me." Jian Chen laughed coldly. He was gambling on the fact that the two elders wouldn't dare make a scene in Mercenary City. He had remembered the words from the Grand Elder: No matter what happens, do not try to fight in Mercenary City or risk having no help at all.

When the two Heaven Saint Masters finally stabilized themselves, they both instantly spat out a mouthful of blood. With a terrified gasp, they looked down at the Saint Weapon in their hands.

The patriarch of the Jiede clan was without a doubt a Saint Ruler. He was one who had peered into the abyss that was the profound mysteries of the world and understood the secrets to space. A fist of his contained the powers of space, and was extremely fast as a result. It moved so quickly that Jian Chen had no time to dodge the attack. Thus, the man to grabbed Jian Chen by his throat.

Jiang Chen placed his hands behind his back and walked two steps forward. With an indifferent expression, he looked towards Lee Shan Yue who was standing opposite of him, "Lee Shan Yue, have you ever heard of this saying: picking up a rock and smashing your own feet?"

However, no one knew that the annihilation of the Demon Palace would trigger an all-out war between the two species.

Seeing Qin Ji take the initiative to be friendly, Jian Chen was caught off guard for a moment before recovering himself quickly, "If brother Qin Ji is with us, then it would be our honor."

"That young man truly didn't lie to me, he does have the ability to seal this dimension crack. However, although the formation is truly miraculous, it isn't strong enough to completely seal the crack. It's as if there is a special force mixed in with it, and that's why the formation is so rigid, preventing those Dimensional Creatures from coming out."

"Jian Chen, it's peaceful enough here. There's no need to worry about slaughtering innocent people and suffering Celestial Decay. Let's handle our business here." At this moment, Jian Chen suddenly heard the voice of the Gilligan clan member. When he had finished speaking, Jian Chen saw that the Gilligan clan member who was supposed to be behind him had suddenly appeared in front of him, blocking his path.

After experiencing the first transformation of the Dragon Transformation skill, Jiang Chen had gained some precious experiences. He knew how frightening the Dragon Transformation was when it transformed, and it would bring him unimaginable benefits. Putting aside the fact that he might obtain some new innate true dragon skills, just the Dragon Marks he obtained were of incredibly good benefit to his cultivation.

The Gilligan clan king raised his hand and five glittering, fist-sized monster cores appeared. With the appearance of the monster cores, the surrounding energy of the world seem to become violent. In the surroundings of the monster cores, there even seemed to be a flowing stream of the energy of the world.

Jian Chen's sword traveled towards the scorpion with blinding speed, his sword had already reached the scorpion's eye.

The group soon after approached the dead bodies. When they saw the faces belonging to these bodies, the expressions of every changed dramatically.

Upon hearing those words, Jian Chen's heart beat wildly as he suddenly thought about his problem with uncle Kendall's family. Without any hesitation he complied with the lord.

What Lin Bai had said caused Lei Mingao and Lei Yin's expressions to change again. A Class 6 Radiant Saint Master was already a core member of the union. They definitely could not afford to offend one. Even their clan, the Lei family, did not dare to offend a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master so easily.

"Xiao Yu, you've broken through to the Late Mortal Core realm!"

"What are you two trying to do here?"

After the golden halberd pierced the Ice Demon King's head, a powerful force erupted from it, instantly shattering the Ice Demon King's body.

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