A One Piece Adventure Chapter 499

A One Piece Adventure Chapter 499

"Pfft!" With his Saint Weapon damaged, the elder was seriously injured and spat out a mouthful of blood as well.

At the same time, Xuan Ye too let out a violent shout and unleashed his ultimate attack. It was a shining gigantic fist that carried a tremendous force, almost enough to cause the air to explode.

Jiang Chen had a strong desire to go a rampage right now, but he did know the difference between himself and the Imperial Emperor. This was not the time for him to fall out with the Imperial Emperor, there were just no benefits of doing so, and Jiang Chen was no longer a loner, he had family and friends, so he needed to think twice before making any decision."

This is frightening! He is so scheme full! The way he killed Fan Kun was the cruelest and most depressing way to kill someone!"

"Haha, Ling Yi, who do you think you are? Who gave you the audacity to talk to me, a genius? Let me tell you this; sooner or later, I'll be dominating all of you 13 Tycoons. Now, if you kneel down before me, once I make my way to the top of the world, I will definitely reward you handsomely. However, if you try to stand against me, these dead bodies will be your example."

"Chief Yan, stay aside. This is between me and the Heavenly Sword Sect, and it has nothing to do with your Yan family! No one from the Yan family is allowed to get mixed up in this!"


As they drew near, two Heaven Saint Masters flew up from the compound and stopped right in front of the two elders Yun and Feng.

"Ai, when this assassin will be captured, I don't know. The amount of casualties our Tianxiong clan has accumulated has already reached over a large amount, 10 Saint Masters have already died."

Yan Chen Yu blinked her beautiful bright eyes. She felt no fear when facing the angry Big Yellow.

"Are there really any Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness here?"

Right after Jiang Chen's voice sounded out, four powerful energies suddenly appeared right in front of them. Four shadowy figures flew up from below and surrounded Jiang Chen and Big Yellow from four corners. These people had obviously been waiting here for a long time.It currently says 133$ in queue, but I'll still do 4 sponsored chapters. I had manager change it from 30$ per chapter to 60$.

Shangguan Sheng said with a sneer on his face.

Changyang Hu became emotional after hearing that, and hugged Jian Chen with both arms. "Fourth brother, you're seriously amazing! You managed to beat Ka Di Yun, a Saint. Your big brother truly admires you!" He said as he wrapped Jian Chen in a huge bear hug.

Jiang Chen was an intelligent and wise man, he never left any problems behind. He knew the Imperial Emperor would definitely come and check out this formation, and he would want to know how Jiang Chen did it. Therefore, there was no question that the Imperial Emperor would rip the Skymend Formation apart, that's why Jiang Chen didn't construct the formation to its perfect state. If he had done so, if the Imperial Emperor would have to exert much effort in order to break it, his suspiciousness toward Jiang Chen would be even greater.

An hour later, two of the Heaven Saint Masters from the Jiede clan and the remaining brothers of the Cai family arrived. The eight Heaven Saint Masters then locked Jian Chen within a ring, making escape impossible for him.

Jiang Chen flapped his wings, then he flew towards the second sector straight away. Big Yellow followed behind while happily waggling his tail.

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