Ruler Of Fate Magic Chapter 1852

Ruler Of Fate Magic Chapter 1852

"Where did this monk come from?!"

Han Yan had no idea about it as well, that's why he asked Jiang Chen. In his mind, Jiang Chen was a man who knew everything.

Fortunately, while his soul was for the most part exhausted, it was not at a critical point yet, so his fighting strength was not impacted by that much.

"Jiang Chen!"

Jiang Chen and his group were the fastest. When the other men came in, they were nowhere to be seen.

"You're really arrogant, but today, even the deities themselves are unable to save you!"

Just one look at the clothes of the person and Jian Chen automatically knew that this was a student of Kargath Academy. But for what reason why the student was bloody all over, Jian Chen was puzzled. There were no magical beasts around so there was no reason why he would be so injured. Kargath Academy also had strict rules about fighting among students. While giving each others pointers was allowed, fights that could lead to fatal injuries were not allowed.

"Humph! I actually like how this Chen Jiang behaves. The Myriad Sword Sect always bullies people around because they're strong, and no one dares fight back. But, this Chen Jiang has the courage to fight back. He is the first man who came and asked for a price, and he paid 500 Earth Restoration Pills for it."

"I wonder what allows more Radiant Saint Force to be infused into the pills. Could the pill shells themselves be the limiting factor?" Jian Chen thought.

The Black Crow kept chasing while letting out furious roars. Its eyes were fierce, and it kept spitting black poisonous mist from its mouth which took the shape of a sword and pierced towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. However, all the attacks were easily blocked by Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

The enemy was stunned, and Jiang Chen didn't waste any time. The real Jiang Chen resolutely attacked, cutting of three heads at the same time, in an extremely ruthless manner.

Just thinking about how she had been outspoken against by a mere child, an unholy rage rose up within her. Along with the words, "If anyone is to blame, then it is third brother's lack of skill.", Yu Feng Han's face went from green to white in rapid succession. These words meant that her son was no stronger than a cripple who could not even cultivate Saint Force at all.

The speed of an Earth Saint Master was faster than that of Jian Chen. In a short moment, 50 meters of distance had been shortened down to 20 meters.

Tyrant nodded his head, then began flying in another direction. Although the Western Region was a small region compared to the other major regions, it was still very big. From their current position, it would still take them some time to reach the Heavenly Tower.

A Blood Winged Hawk's Demon Soul? What was that; many of the people present had not even heard about the Blood Winged Hawk. What if they provoked this Demon Lord, and he just simply destroyed the Lee family? It would be a joke; if the Lee family was just preparing to go to war with the Yan family and were finished even before the war began? That would just be bad luck.

Jian Chen laughed carelessly and strode forward. Clenching at the empty air, Jian Chen began to summon all the fire element in the world around his hands, forming two giant swords made of fire. With a blazing temperature, the swords flew at the gates of the Yangji Sect.

At the same time, Guan Yiyun explained what happened to Jiang Chen through his divine sense. Learning about what was going on, Jiang Chen almost threw up a mouthful of blood. In an instant, he fiercely began glaring at Big Yellow.

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