Immortal Mortal Chapter 2959

Immortal Mortal Chapter 2959

There was another woman who had a very strange expression on her face, an expression of both reverence and fear, as well as a level of incredulity that surpassed virtually everyone else present.

"I'm lacking in strength and I'm a woman on top of that. Even so, grandfather still insisted that I take over the Cloud Adventurer Guild so this resulted in some complaints among the people. Grandfather is no longer here and the Mighty Tiger Adventurer Guild had been undermining us while we tried to maintain peace. To them now, the Cloud Adventurer Guild probably looks like it will collapse at a single blow." Yun Duan laughed as if she was mocking herself.

Heart thumping, he decided to try to probe for information. Voice cold, he said, "Even if you escape to that city, you'll still die in the war!"

Taichi Fist that had attained the Obscure Realm of strength, under the effects of the Ancient Strengthening Technique and Frenzied Bull's Strength, created a light golden radiance around Qing Shui, followed by the appearance of an enormous Frenzied Bull.

?Making a turn at the rock garden, crossing an arched bridge, routing past a luxurious looking pavillion, they came to an isolated courtyard with many rooms.

"No need to be agitated. Your chance will come," said Feng Shamo calmly.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun had invented the hallucination smoke to begin with, so his ability to do that vastly exceeded that of the Celestial Sky Society's apothecary. He was completely confident that he would be able to concoct Fantasy Pills that were on a whole different level than the trash produced by the Celestial Sky Society.

The only people who could ignore such frigid qi... were devas!

"Well there's no use fantasizing about what will happen. First things first: I have to figure out a way to escape." Unfortunately, he was currently surrounded by corpses, which meant that if he moved, he would stick out more than ever.

He would trade using medicinal pellets when he could not afford it. He had prepared some medicinal pellets. The affordable common ones would be bought using cash, and the items he forged in the day could also be sold.

It was made worse by the fact that, along with the death of the gravekeeperˇ­ the world itself seemed to be crumbling.

"Violence Powder"...... Effect: A high probability of increasing the opponent's attack once. The potency of the effect would be determined by the quality of the powder!

From the moment he busted open the door of Big Fatty Zhang's immortal's cave to the moment he reached the entrance of the trials, only two incense sticks' worth of time had passed. Currently, a few hundred cultivators were gathered there. Many of them spent a lot of time at the entrance, watching the performances of others in the hopes of improving their own chances of success.

The process was gradual but effective. However, it was impossible to cure him with just one treatment. Qing Shui would only treat him for this one. As for the subsequent treatment, they could rely on medicinal pills and time.

Furthermore, many of them were glancing up at the turtle mark, which now seemed utterly mysterious to them. After enough time passed for an incense stick to burn, Zhou Xinqi emerged once again, and that enigmatic sensation increased.

Strangely, no matter how powerful the attacks of the Wildlanders seemed, Bai Lin and the other generals didn't issue any orders for their soldiers to fight back. Instead, they were ordered to stay behind the shield.

With four extremely practical and overly powerful combat skills, the Thunderous Beast's fighting prowess had grown to be terrifying. Essentially, it had become a surprise assassin. Qing Shui could also rely on its Thunder Strike to electrocute enemies that were stronger him to death.

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