Nine Sun God King Chapter 2576

Nine Sun God King Chapter 2576

"Indeed. There is no medicine for regret, but even regretting now is useless." The king sighed before reclining back on his throne. "There is a question this king still doesn't understand. Would you mind enlightening this king of it?"

"Good! Let's move now; we'll capture them all and put them in jail."


"The reason is even simpler. The Glory Lotus contains the characteristics of both the Glory Lotus King and the Snowy Lotus, and when the Glory Lotus reaches its mature stage, the characteristics of the Glory Lotus King will completely suppress the characteristics of the Snowy Lotus, and then it will become a pure Yang herb. However, while it's still in its seedling stage, both the Glory Lotus King and the Snowy Lotus's characteristics exist, and that's why this Glory Lotus is not only a pure Yang herb, it also has the cold characteristics of the Snowy Lotus. This is why it has repressed the Flaming Angel's growth. When you planted them together, you were basically killing them both."

Tian Yishan immediately found a spot and sat down with both legs crossed, then he started slowly healing his injuries. On the other side, Jiang Chen begun concocting a pill. He had brought quite a lot of herbs with him, which he had gotten from Guo Shan. He could now put them to good use.

Luo Jian's eyes shone with a cold light that could make one shudder, and nobody dared to look at him straight in the eyes. Accompanying his palm, a powerful cyan Saint Force began to frantically rush forth, gradually condensing into a cyan greatsword. It was about 5 feet long and 3 inches wide, and the entire sword was covered in a thick layer of cyan light. That sharp blade emitted blinding light rays from the reflection of the sun light, and the mere sight of it made people quake in fear.

"True Dragon Flames, burn this man to ashes!"

Jian Chen solemnly nodded his head, "I thank the headmaster for the help."

When the evening came, Jiang Chen bid his farewell.

"Sigh, all of you go back now. Don't do something too obvious next time. Once people grab you by the handle, even the clan will be sucked into it. The Radiant Saint Master Union definitely cannot be provoked." An old man sighed gently. Waving his hand, he left with the white-robed Radiant Saint Master and Heaven Saint Master guard beside him.

This was a remote land, and the natural Yuan energy was very thin here. Compared to the powerful provinces in the Eastern Continent, the different was huge. A mountain range with a long history sat on top of this land, and it cultivated all kinds of demon beasts and wild vegetation.

Right as Big Yellow finished his words, a loud crashing noise sounded out. The house had collapsed, and it had filled the courtyard with solid ice. A teenage girl wearing white clothes walked out from the collapsed house, her natural beauty could make any man want to praise her parents for giving birth to such a lovely beauty.

"Come and eat some!" Jian Chen laughed as he fed them one by one into the cub's jaws. With a cheerful purr, the cub continued to swallow the mushrooms before quickly going into hibernation to absorb their energy.Chapter 390: Qinhuang Kingdom

Zhang Feng asked with a trembling voice. He was clearly scared now, as all his aggressiveness had disappeared.

When they had left, the thirteen individuals of the Qinhuang Kingdom didn't stopped them. The Sect of Dragon and Tiger was a top-tier family with a strength that was undeniably strong. They had no desire to create a deadlock with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger and create an enemy for the Qinhuang Kingdom.

"That's what I was looking for!"

"Brother Jiang, what should we do now? It looks like we have become your burdens."

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