Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System Chapter 244

Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System Chapter 244

Opening up the third Space Ring, Jian Chen discovered that it was filled with Class 4 Monster Cores. Aside from that, both of the Space Rings had a Purple Card along with some other daily life items.

Guan Yiyun let out a cold snort. All men in the group jumped into the fight at the same time. At the moment, intense killing intents filled the atmosphere, and the air itself was vibrating due to their attacks.

"Jian Chen, don't worry. We won't hurt it." The second elder spoke up in reassurance as he looked at the tiger cub. His eyes had immediately hardened with a strange light as if they were night pearls giving off light.

Under this process of understanding the mysteries of the world, Jian Chen felt himself lost to the passage of time. He had no idea just how much time was going past, but soon came a point where Jian Chen felt so close to becoming a Saint Ruler that he was practically touching it. But it was at this one moment that he felt this small membrane of a gap become a mountain gate that was extremely difficult to climb. No matter how much he tried, he could not step past this gate.

There was absolutely no way that the one-armed man would know that this youth in front of him was actually the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen. He had only thought that he had coincidentally come across the young master of some sort of influential and aristocratic family, and had completely missed the implied meaning hidden in Jian Chen's words. As such, he had been overjoyed to hear Jian Chen and spoke up, "If I may inquire of milord's name. This will be a great honor to the One-armed Warrior. Milord, the path is clear now, I shall not take up any more of your valuable time. If my lord pleases."

"The entire Eastern Deity Swords will be transported over by tomorrow. When they are gathered, we will set out straight away." Jian Chen spoke.

Situ Qing wasn't one to sit and wait for his death however. Without reservation, he materialized his Saint Weapon into view to fight for his life. Swing after swing, he tried his best to fight off the three enemies in a furious display of might that shook the space around them.

Just as Jian Chen took the carriage with Jamie towards the main off of the Radiant Saint Master Union, a white-robed old man who seemed to be in his seventies in a luxurious courtyard slowly allowed the dense Radiant Saint Force around his hands to dissipate. On the old man's chest was an exquisite blue badge.


"Bang!" Following two loud explosions, the palace walls began to crumble away after being destroyed by the two bronze lions, revealing two large holes.

Immediately pulling at her bow, the girl was just about to shoot at the fleeing Tian Zhou when Jian Chen disappeared from his original position and flew toward Tian Zhou.

It was a Black Striped Rhino that was two meters tall. Its body was black, and golden stripes could be seen on its head. Right now, the Black Striped Rhino was staring at Jiang Chen with a bloodthirsty look, as if it had just encountered its prey.

"I've heard that no man has ever removed Wu Ningzhu's veil, but this young man just did it. I wonder what will happen next."

At his command, a series of weapon fire could be heard from behind the Eastern Deity Swords. Several spheres of fire fluctuating with an unstable amount of energy could be seen flying over the heads of the Eastern Deity Swords before ultimately landing within the concentrated area where the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom's army was.

"Brother Jian Chen, what business might you have for you to call on us?" After the maids left, Huang Tianba opened his mouth to speak.

"One hundred and twenty." Came the next bid.

"What a powerful flame!"

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