The Narcissist Master and the previous Sword Goddess Chapter 2702

The Narcissist Master and the previous Sword Goddess Chapter 2702

Many people gasped in fear. A large area of the Combat Soul warrior's chest had caved in, and all his viscera had shattered. This caused the crowds to feel even more fear of Big Yellow.

"Allow him entry!" Jian Chen spoke at once.

Tyrant was once again struck with great shock. During this month, Tyrant had been progressing every single day. With the help of the sarira, his cultivation base had reached the peak of the Fifth Grade Combat King realm, and was just one step away from the Sixth Grade. In fact, he could break through at any time. This was the frightening benefits brought by a sarira, and was also the thing that made Tyrant so amazing. He didn't really need to do anything, and his cultivation would just increase significantly every single day. A situation like this would truly make people envious.

"Three Great Saint Masters!" Feeling the intense energy of three Saint Weapon users, Jian Chen's face revealed a cold smile. If he were still at the Primary Saint Master level, then three Great Saint Masters would have given him a tremendous amount of trouble. It was a shame for them that Jian Chen had reached the Peak Saint Master level which was a world away from the Primary level. These 3 Great Saint Masters could be fought with his strength as long as they didn't have an attribute or some sort of strong battle skill.

At this moment, a white light appeared in the distant horizon, illuminating the pitch-black sky. It created a unique scene, which attracted the attention of countless people on the distant riverbanks. The white rays of light were all Radiant Saint Force, that gathered towards Jian Chen from five kilometers away.

One man was gifted with insane innate abilities, while the other had the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus. The combination of these two could allow them to defeat any enemies that got in their way.

Right at this moment, many people threw their glances at Jiang Chen who was flying in front of them. Before entering the Island of Ice, Jiang Chen was surrounded by enemies, and were in multiple certain death situations. But, Jiang Chen had personally killed all his enemies back in the desert. Therefore, he had no more worries about being attacked by his enemies.

"Ka Di Yun has challenged every single one of the top ten students without a single loss. Now that he's challenging Ling Zhengtian, I've no doubts that he'll win."

Guided by the control of the Dragon Transformation skill, the energy within the Earth Fruit entered Jiang Chen's Qi Sea and started forming into new Dragon Marks.

"Uncle Tian Zhou, you dare to call my friends some random dregs of the city? Then could those three men behind you be nobles then? According to your own words, we should not be bringing in the dregs of the city into our Tianqin clan." Qin Xiao spoke rudely. If it were any other person that was talking to Qin Xiao like the middle aged man, then they would had been waking up with a headache. This middle aged man was not someone Qin Xiao could defy too much, so he could only hold back his anger.

"Y-you££.you're an Earth Saint master?!" A man cried out in terror. There was a tone of utter disbelief in his voice as he asked to confirm his question.

Miserable shrieks could immediately be heard from within the black smoke. In an instant, the sky was filled with a bloody mist and torn off body parts fell. In just a short amount of time, the sky had become a living hell.

The man walked up to Ming Dong and looked at him like a senior would to his junior. It was also similar to as if he were looking at his own descendant. His eyes were filled with a tender emotion that was far too complex to explain.

The blood red dragon claw forcefully slapped down, and even though all of these men reacted pretty quickly, there were still some who couldn't escape from the attack, and instantly became meat paste. Five out of the fifteen men died, and a few other suffered some injuries from the tremendous force.

The leader quickly begged for forgiveness, and all the other men were nodding their heads nonstop. They thought Jiang Chen was dead, and that's why they had attacked Tian Yishan and his group. But, not only was Jiang Chen not dead, he was standing right in front of them. This was their fate.

At the same time, Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword could be seen materializing in his own right hand. Holding it in front of him, Jian Chen spoke, "If you have that strange armor, then you would best put it on or risk losing the chance to later."

An Earth Saint Master was the strongest position held in Fengyang City due to there only being a trifling amount of them. For the rest of the city, an Earth Saint Master was a tree one could never hope to scale. Thus, everyone felt a tremendous shock when they watched such a strong individual be treated so weakly.

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