Divinity Jam Chapter 631

Divinity Jam Chapter 631

"Damn it, this Chen Jiang must purposely be causing trouble! He actually bid 200 million? Just how wealthy is he?"

At last, Yin Zhong Cheng finally gave up his pursuit. How could he chase them? What was the point of continuing?

Someone suddenly shouted. Someone had to stop Shangguan Hui from going further, otherwise, he would die in an instant. With that, the Shangguan Clan would blame them for not telling them about this weird rule, and they might kill them all out of fury. Everyone knew this would happen.

The Tenth Emperor said with a vicious smile on his face.Chapter 386 ÿ The Nangong Family's Situation

They had dreamt about the Demon Palace one day getting annihilated, but they never thought it would come true today.

The huge stone golem had hands and legs, and its appearance resembled a human's. The only difference was that it didn't have any facial figures, it was a rock that could move around. It gave an eerie feeling to those who looked at it.

Qin Ji walked up to Jian Chen with a smile, "Brother Jian Chen, when you have time, you should come by our Qinhuang Kingdom. Our Qinhuang Kingdom is a few dozen kilometers north of Mercenary City. When you come by our kingdom, come over to the imperial palace and mention my name. This jade ornament will be your proof. As long as you can take this out, no one will doubt you." Qin Ji took out a small jade ornament the size of his fist from his Space Belt. On the ornament was a complicated design with the word, "Qin" written on it.

"Haha, but of course. The Qinhuang Kingdom is one of the Eight Great Powers, their might is unquestionable. The Andreas Kingdom on the other hand isn't even equal to our Gesun Kingdom. Just how could they not fear the Qinhuang Kingdom? This king believes that one of the people receiving us will be the king of the Andreas Kingdom." The king of the Gesun Kingdom spoke with a great laugh and an expression that exuded pride.

The old man who had been tense for the last ten years had finally loosened up completely at this moment. He saw the confidence in Jiang Chen's eyes, and it made him feel calm, as well as hope.

Finding the patriarch of the Bi family was far more important; there was no time to lose.

While running with great speed, Jiang Chen never forgot to say some taunting words. Trying to kill Jiang Chen was not a simple task.Chapter 120 ÿ The Silent Poisonous Needle

At that moment, all the teachers and students in the vicinity were shocked speechless. They all stared at the slightly under 100 monster cores piled on the table with expressions of disbelief.

But the current Duan Jianhong's attitude had change. His wise plan had vanished like a soap bubble. Not only did accomplishing his dream of ruling the entire Qi Province prove to be impossible, his decision had also caused all of the strong warriors from the Heavenly Sword Sect to die. Even he himself was trapped in deep danger.

The giant bear let out another roar as it moved to slap the Great Saint Master with its paw. All of sudden, a silver light flew in between the bear and the Great Saint Master. Before the giant bear could even react, the silver light had immediately stabbed straight through its throat.

"Fine, but let's take some precautions, let's rough him up a bit to make sure he loses his will to fight." With that, Ming Dong slapped his palm into Yun Li's chest.

Nine Jiang Chen's shouted at the same time.

The youth and the shopkeeper had troubled looks on their faces. Each one knew that there would be no way for the Yangji Sect to take this lying down. In the case that a fight were to break out, their shop would be the one taking damage.

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