Gangland Fantasy Chapter 2214

Gangland Fantasy Chapter 2214

He stood up and walked towards the lakeside after finishing his sentence, leaving Di Qing to sit there, a little baffled.

Bai Xiaochun immediately thought back to what the Giant Ghost King had been like right after he had gotten his cultivation base back; he had hovered there with a metal-type deva soul in hand, and had looked at Bai Xiaochun with utter imperiousness as he asked a single question.

Bai Xiaochun looked at the emptiness around him, and the wreckage of the corpse refinery, and took a deep breath. He had been completely braced to be punished, only to have everything happen opposite of his expectations. All of a sudden, he realized that this place really was very different from the Spirit Stream Sect.

"Youˇ­." The instant the voice echoed out into Gongsun Wan'er's mind, she understood everything. Bitterness filling her heart, she replied to the voice in her mind. "So, you were gambling this entire timeˇ­. That's not like usˇ­."

When Qing Shui and the three ladies rushed over to the Di Clan, they saw someone. It was a lady Qing Shui who unexpectedly didn't know how to face.

Through this process of concocting, he became much more confident in manipulating the plants and vegetation to produce specific levels of medicinal strength. The legacy branding in his mind grew deeper. He was so focused that he completely ignored matters like sleep and eating. At the same time, the exact effect he had hoped to produce within the sect could be seen. The Song Clan patriarch arranged for large quantities of plants and vegetation to be delivered to him, along with piles of bloodflame stones.


Countless eyes were focused on Bai Xiaochun, and the Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion soldiers that followed him. The nobility and aristocracy were shaken, not because of any fear of Bai Xiaochun himself, but fear of the army of corpse troopers. Furthermore, they feared who that army representedˇ­ the Grand Heavenmaster!!

Demonic beasts ha a very strong sense of smell and very keen senses in general. With his Five-Headed Demonic Spider, no other demonic beasts dared to approach.

"Hahaha, this is too funny!" A towering voice abruptly interrupted the disciples' enthusiastic cheers.?

Ghostfang, Shangguan Tianyou, and all of the other Foundation Establishment cultivators were going completely mad, and the Qi Condensation cultivators were the same!

All of the Middle Peak cultivators on the battlefield trembled as their blood qi seemed to resonate with Bai Xiaochun's shout. Almost immediately, they were filled with the impulse to get as close to him as they could!

As for the Giant Ghost King, he was completely taken aback by the sudden outburst. He had only been trying to intimidate this Bai Hao a bit, with the goal of scaring him. He had never imagined that the result would be like this.

There was not only a beast in the painting but also a person. Qing Shui was surprised earlier to see a familiar painting on the wall, it was similar to the Portraits of Beauty that were suspended in his Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

The scream of despair was accompanied by blood pouring out of his wounds before he fainted.

Patriarch Starry River and Patriarch Dao River Court had similar reactions, their eyes bulging and their hearts pounding as they retreated.

"Sect Uncle Bai is a mighty warrior, and a Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment expert. I heard that he outshone all of the other disciples in his generation!"

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