The New Era Project Chapter 260

The New Era Project Chapter 260

Yiye Jiange said softly to Qing Shui, "You're back!"

After a moment, his eyes began to sparkle.

"Gone. They've all gone...." Crestfallen, he walked back into the spirit abode and sat down, his hunger growing.

"I wonder if there really were some Spirit Stream Sect disciples who died from starvation in the past. I definitely don't want to be the first." Scowling miserably, he was in the middle of trying to figure out how to resolve the food and hunger issue when suddenly he heard a rooster crowing off in the distance.

"Guess?" Yan Xing'er winked her pure-looking pair of eyes.?

When that handsome youth saw the serious look on Hai Long's face, he could not help but look towards Qing Shui and Tan Yang on the arena..

The elderly gradually raised the Dark Ember Demonic Saber in his hand, and when it was pointing towards Qing Shui, his heart skipped a beat. He felt as if he was bounded by some unknown forces, and that feeling was very clear.


Everyone in the Saint-Emperor Dynasty was stunned by this sudden development, not because it was an amazing promotion for Bai Xiaochun, but rather¡­ because none of the five northern prefectures in the second immortal domain were controlled by the Saint-Emperor Dynasty. Bai Xiaochun would be the king of the north, but he would have no territory to rule over!

A boom rang out, and blood sprayed out of her mouth. Her vision swam as she tumbled to the ground. Then, one of the Luochen Clan cultivators' flying swords began to speed through the air toward her head.

Bai Xiaochun had finally resolved all of the crises facing the River-Defying Sect. He himself was now a deva patriarch of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, and had put the River-Defying Sect in the position of being the absolute overlord of the Middle Reaches cultivation world.

Qing Bei immediately pulled Mingyue Gelou over happily as soon as she saw her approaching.

Qing Shui only breathed a sigh of relief when he had completed all these tasks. According to the [Poison Scriptures], the soaking process required at least 81 days. But of course, the longer they were soaked, the better. All the poison in it would be fully absorbed if such were the case.

Both Luan Luan and Yuchang also hugged Qing Shui. They had grown up, but to Qing Shui, they were still kids. Back then, Mingyue Gelou had appeared and was carrying Yuchang who was on the verge of her deathbed... When he met Luan Luan, she was only about four to five years old. However, Luan Luan already had three Xiantian demonic beasts back then. It had been over eighteen years since that time.

"Then I'll bring it for you at a later time!" Saying that, the lady left with the jagged sword, not reprimanding Qing Shui for being offensive with his words. The two ladies from Joyous Sect had also quickly followed behind her.

It was almost as if a black veil was seen trailing after his right hand that had struck out!

"I can concoct soul medicine too!" Zhou Yixing said through gritted teeth.

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