Daoist Master of Qing Xuan Chapter 2661

Daoist Master of Qing Xuan Chapter 2661


"Bai Gui from Heavenly Palace has made his move?" Grand Elder knitted his brows.

Not only that, there were quite a few of them. Qing Shui knew that one of them was the Elder from the Sword Deity Sect. The initially nervous Canghai Mingyue now hugged her father's arm as though she was a happy child that was doted upon.

"Lass, where did you hear all those experiences from." Qing Shui laughed, staring unblinkingly at the fair face that was turning bright red.

Qing Shui could not feel calm as he could sense that the abbot was a very powerful man, so powerful that he was unable to gauge his exact strength.

Then, eight figures appeared, flying out from Ancestor Peak. They were like giants that caused rumbling sounds to fill the area, and shone with dazzling light that made it impossible to see anything more than their outlines.

Zhu Qing smiled and hugged Qing Shui tightly. She took the initiative to kiss Qing Shui's lips and crazily sought for more. Qing Shui's hands didn't rest and he lifted up her clothes not long after. Her twin peaks jumped out like snow white rabbits.

"Maybe it really was an illusion¡­." Bai Xiaochun thought, feeling a bit embarrassed. How could he have ever guessed that a galleon like that would appear so randomly, and then just vanish? Rubbing his nose, he reminded himself that he outranked Song Que, and therefore, needed to watch out for him. Sighing, he hurried along after the other two so that they would remain in the protective perimeter created by his command medallion.

Over the ten year period, countless dandelion seeds spread out into the void, all of which contained Bai Xiaochun's life force and divine sense. They moved with speed that defied the comprehension of cultivators, piercing through the void even faster than Bai Xiaochun could have moved on his own.

Alchemy Recipe for Beauty Pellet: Beauty Fruit, Energy Enhancing Fruit, Agility Enhancing Fruit, Endurance Enhancing Fruit, Physique Fruit, Jade Bamboo, Female Zhenzi, Thousand year Earth Essence, Musk Fragrance, thousand year cockatrice's blood, five thousand years turtle's blood, thousand year Lingzhi, thousand year Ginseng and thousand year Fleeceflower Root!

However, these three could easily achieve the strength of nine countries through synchronization. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to defeat a martial warrior with the strength of six countries even with their current strength of five countries.

Level 7 Black Treasured Stone could raise one's speed by 110% - 150%.

Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath, and his heart thumped with excitement. Most other people might think that the legend was nothing more than a story, but he didn't believe that. As far as he was concerned, it was entirely likely that the giant Blood Ancestor beneath the Heavenspan River might have an extraordinary legacy waiting to be taken.

Qing Shui's spiritual sense had also improved by leaps and bounds after this breakthrough. He could sense a lot of more things that he couldn't previously.

Clearly, they weren't attempting to kill Bai Xiaochun, but they most certainly were attempting to seriously injure him.

"I can't just go off by myself. The best thing would be to go with Mistress Red-Dust and the Giant Ghost Legion. Going with them¡­ will make my cover impossible to break." Having made his decision, he calmed himself down, and then left with Song Que and Zhou Yixing, borrowing the Underworld River Restricted Area brigade's heavenly airship.

Even as the Luochen Clan cultivator was about to transmit the information, Bai Xiaochun burst toward him with incredible speed. The cultivator's face fell, and he fell back, unable to successfully make contact. Performing an incantation gesture, he swung the mirror with his left hand, causing a beam of light to shoot toward Bai Xiaochun.

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