All-Powerful System Chapter 149

All-Powerful System Chapter 149

A grin emerged on Big Yellow's face in front of Han Yan. He was really happy right now! No one knew about Jiang Chen's alchemy abilities, except for him, that is. Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong were going to lose for sure, and Big Yellow wouldn't show them any mercy later on. He promised them a big portion of his shit just now.

"Mingao will take third grandfather's wisdom to the heart." Before the old man, Lei Mingao did not dare to be brash. His third grandfather was the only Class 6 Radiant Saint Master of the family after all, as well as a core member of the Radiant Saint Master Union. He possessed an extremely great status.

Within their booth, the lord of Fengyang City helplessly shook his head. "It appears that the Class 5 Monster Core is not fated to be ours. The wealth and riches of these First Class city dwellers is far greater than what we could hope to scale up against."

"Let's return and inform the palace master about this; I'm sure he'll break all the bones in this guy's body and then burn him to ashes."

"Patriarch!" All the guards and the elder people cried out. They were extremely worried for Changyang Ba's safety, afraid that something would happen to him.

Following Jiang Chen's orders, the entire Black Sect became busy. A majority of the people had suffered from different degrees of injuries during the war, and some of the Divine Core elders were in pretty bad condition. For example, Yuan Lei had lost one arm, and it would take him at least 2-3 months to fully recover. Also, his cultivation would most likely stop at the Mid Divine Core realm because of it.

Guo Shan rolled his eyes.

"Come help me!' Stuck in such a precarious situation, the red-haired elder no longer cared for his pride and cried out for assistance.

Lee Shan Yue was laughing out loud. His spirit was incredibly high, and his face was filled with confidence that said everything here was under his control.

"Heavens! What is this result, I can hardly believe it!"

A mocking grin emerged on Shangguan Yilong's face.

Big Yellow felt somewhat depressed. He was a mighty existence, a Divine Beast who possessed the Dragon Horse bloodline. But now, he was actually being bullied by two lions, and this really pissed him off. However, what made him even more furious was that, aside from his treasure hunting innate ability, his most powerful strength was his head. The powerful innate abilities in his bloodline would only awaken upon breaking through to the Divine Core realm.

"Hua!" Before the fire could spread any farther through the sect, a large raincloud began to rain on the fire. Sizzling sounds could be heard as the rain began to evaporate in an attempt to put out the flames. The grand elder floated above the air and continued to bring even more water down to combat the flames.

"You££ you... you, just wait here! You wait here for me!"

Jian Chen looked at the hundred and a few men with a small smile and nodded. "Not bad, not bad at all. Let's talk more inside."

Even though Jian Chen was still bound up by the snake's tail in midair, seeing the wound he inflicted on the snake made him very happy. Since he could break apart the first layer of the snake's defenses, this meant that Jian Chen had a chance of beheading and killing the snake.

Jiang Chen said with a laugh. Now, no matter where he went, he would be able to find some enemies who wished to eat him alive.

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