My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 1373

My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 1373

Everyone from the Lee family was furious. They had never expected that Jiang Chen would be so strong that Lee Chang Hao, who was at the late Qi Hai realm and who had the help of a low rank combat weapon, would be defeated by him. This was just too horrifying.

After a small amount of hesitation, the white robed man next to the young master said in a low voice, "Dear fellow, I don't know where you came from or what teacher you are taught under, but why must you oppose the Tianxiong clan?"

Her words immediately caused Wu Jiu, Han Yan and the others to cry out in shock. They all looked at Yan Chenyu, shocked.

"Hmph! Xuan Yuzi, I'll just kill you first!"

Hearing this, everyone simultaneously nodded their heads as Deere said, "Jian Chen, is your strength really at Middle Great Saint? Seeing how easily you killed this Class 3 magical Beast, I'm having a hard time believing you're not at the Great Saint Master level yet." Deere looked at Jian Chen with a complex stare mixed in with a look of envy. After all, Jian Chen was much younger than him, so who wouldn't be envious of his strength?


"How fortunate that my body was tempered by the Chaotic Force to become far stronger than before. If not, then I would have most likely not the strength to stand out anymore after that." Jian Chen muttered. Placing down the tiger cub, he allowed for it to continue sleeping in peace on the bed.

Looking at the dragon and phoenix pattern on the wood, Jian Chen's eyes flashed with light. He could distinctly tell that the pattern contained the essence of the world that was particular hard to fathom and extremely profound in nature. It was almost identical to a Saint Tier Battle Skill, and seemed to just contain every part of the world within its secrets.

Chen Shuang said while smiling.

"Chen Gege, let me go with you! With my current strength, I'll be a great help!"

"Alright, let's begin our journey in Inferno Hell. I suppose this place is only the outer perimeter, so let's move out from this abyss and start going towards the depths of Inferno Hell. It's better if we could bump into someone so we can learn more about this place."


Half an hour later, the Firethorn Savage opened its mouth and swallowed the Energy Spring Water that had merged with its life-force essence. After that, it jumped up into the skies and flew back to where it came from with great speed, causing some huge waves to appear in the pond.

A Divine Core disciple from the Myriad Sword Sect said with a laugh. He led all the disciples from the Myriad Sword Sect to the girl, then he casually tossed seven Earth Restoration Pills to the girl.

"Listen to this command££ This is the Sect Chief's voice!"

Tian Yishan worriedly said.

All sorts of dishes were placed in a beautiful arrangement on top of the table as Jian Chen, Changyang Ba, Bi Yuntian, and the other three wives of his father sat together and talked. The fact that Jian Chen was the captain of the Flame Mercenaries had already been revealed to his aunts, but it was still a very puzzling thing to think about how he was also the Imperial Protector of both the Qinhuang and Gesun Kingdom.

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