The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich Chapter 1907

The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich Chapter 1907

Currently, Big Yellow's only good ability was his treasure hunting ability. As far as combat went, his best quality there was his head. However, it would all change after breaking through to the Divine Core realm.

Big Yellow joyfully laughed out. If he had a chance to communicate with this monk, the two of them would definitely make a perfect team.

Slowly opening his eyes, Jian Chen looked at the two Saint Rulers with calm eyes.

Unfortunately, the Bloody Combat Wolf had met Jiang Chen. This encounter removed its destiny to do as it wished. Perhaps no one could figure out which the real Combat Wolf was, but not Jiang Chen. He started circulating the Great Soul Derivation skill, and threads of soul energy began flowing out from his body.

With the appearance of Jian Chen, Tie Ta's pressure was alleviated by quite a bit. Jian Chen's strength in battle was extremely strong, and even normal Saints wouldn't be able to fight him on equal footing. After a few seconds of close combat fighting against Jian Chen, the three that had surrounded Tie Ta had already started to lose. Each of them were sporting new injuries, and soon after, all 5 of them were writhing on the floor in pain, no longer having the energy to move.

The crowds were gnashing their teeth in anger, and they were close to leaping onto the old man and tearing him into pieces. This old man just didn't know when to stop. Once again, he was bluffing with some trash. Perhaps he knew young master Chen Jiang was filthy rich, and wanted to try and con him for all his money.

After he said that, Kendall slapped his forehead as he turned to Jian Chen with a smile, "Ah that's right, brother Jian Chen, I still don't know what type of strength you possess right now." Although Kendall's heart could only guess that Jian Chen was only at the Saint level due to his young age, but this was only a guess. Until he got a straight answer from Jian Chen, he didn't dare to make a rash conclusion.


"Fourth brother, you've come! I knew I heard your voice just then! Come, someone help me up!" Changyang Hu's voice shook with a nervous excitement.

"There are many big provinces in the Eastern Continent. The Qi Province and Qian Province are both ranked the lowest. Putting aside the Jian Province which is ranked the second largest, even the Qing Province who is ranked fifth has countless Combat Soul warriors."

The first seal Jiang Chen wanted to cultivate was the Fire Dragon Seal. This was because he possessed the Fire Spirit of the Five Elements. The True Dragon Flame and True Lightning Flame, both of them were kings of fire. The combination of the two flames was more than enough for Jiang Chen to cultivate the Fire Dragon Seal to its peak level.

"Although a Flaming Stallion is rare, I don't think its demon soul is worth 500 Earth Restoration Pills; that's equal to 5,000,000 Mortal Restoration Pills! Old man, your price is really expensive."

"He is the captain of our Flame Mercenaries!" Before Jian Chen had even said anything, Zhan Tian had introduced him first. He knew that Jian Chen was a Heaven Saint Master with unlimited potential, so he would naturally want to curry favor with him.

Hearing that, Jian Chen was slightly surprised, He pondered over it shortly before asking Qin Wujian with bright eyes, "Qin Wujian, do you know just what the four Imperial Protectors want to discuss with me?"

After the date had been discussed, Jian Chen and Qin Xiao separated from each other. Leading Ming Dong back, Jian Chen returned to his own room.

"Wakaka, old fart, if you really want to catch this master dog, you better go back and train for a few more years!"

Afterward, the ten Heaven Saint Masters brought the king and Bi Dao into the sky, leaving thousands of the Black Armors and the heavily injured Ye Ming to watch in agony as the group of now twelve flew away.

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