Reincarnated with a Curse inside a Game Chapter 2245

Reincarnated with a Curse inside a Game Chapter 2245

Jian Chen quickly flew toward the hidden site and quickly grabbed the purple and gold box into his Space Ring. By the time he was done with his actions, more and more secret spots within the walls began to show up.

"Yes yes, I've heard that all of them were Great Saint Masters against a single person. That man must be amazing to go against an entire group of Great Saint Masters while killing a few and ultimately running away."

"Let's give it a try."

The old white-bearded man emotionally said.

Following the death of three great guardians and Tieyi Ying's fleeing, all demons started crazily fleeing from the city. They continuously increased their pace, scared that if they flew just a little bit slower, they would get burned by the Heavenly Tribulation.

Jian Chen quickly calmed himself as he looked at the youth in the eye, "Fine, fifty purple coins it is. Please start to treat them right away. I sincerely hope your ability is worthy of these fifty coins." Jian Chen said with an impassive tone.

"That's right, the line leads to the center of the Saint Origin Realm, the Divine Continent."

Jiang Chen knew that. Although Guan Yi Yun was a rare genius, compared to the abnormal Nan Bei Chao who had received blessings from lady luck herself, there was just a huge gap. Perhaps the gap between them wasn't that wide at the moment, but soon, it would just become bigger and bigger.

Yan Meng was about to turn around and leave, but a Mortal Core warrior stopped him.

With this, Jian Chen's eye gained a killing glow as he didn't spare any more time to talk. The Light Wind Sword appeared in his right hand as he suddenly flew toward the elder to stab him.

Many powers and alliances felt a sense of crisis, some of them had even started preparing to meet up with Jiang Chen to express their friendliness; they couldn't afford to offend a ruthless man like this.

Shortly afterward, the groups began to offer out their prices in hopes of taking a part of the tungsten alloy. Each one of them had originally planned on taking the tungsten alloy by force, but with how chaotic the situation was with so many forces gathering, no one would be able to monopolize it all. So thus, they would have to change their plans.

The seven people looked at each other for a brief moment before shaking their heads. Each one of them had personally seen Jian Chen's strength for themselves; this was not the simplistic situation that Tianxiong Lie had said it would be. In their eyes, Tianxiong Lie had nearly died to Jian Chen, and with this, they had started to fear Jian Chen a bit. Even though they were good friends with Tianxiong Lie, when he was on the verge of death, they could only stand by the side and watch.Chapter 225: The Death of Tianxiong Lie

Seeing how their strongest member Cheng Mingxiang was powerless under Jian Chen, the dozen other students became as quiet as wooden chickens. Seeing how Cheng Mingxiang was endlessly screaming, this had completely overturned what they had thought about him as they looked on with a stunned expression.

When the old man followed who followed Wu Ningzhu saw these four men, his expression changed dramatically.

"I'm quite happy with this situation. Seeing how you are men who are about to die, why do you have so many demands. Seeing my face or not will not change a thing." Jian Chen laughed.

Jiang Chen asked.

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