Beyond Gods Chapter 811

Beyond Gods Chapter 811

Bai Xiaochun dodged out of the way, his fury burning. The two of them faced off angrily for a long moment, until finally Bai Xiaochun pointed at him and said, "Alright, you're forcing my hand, Mr. Zhou!"

It was bizarre in appearance, with a patch of human skin held in one hand, and a steelyard balance in the other. A monstrous smile covered its face that made it seem as if it were sneering at the world.... When Bai Xiaochun looked into the scarecrow's eyes, that smile seemed to fill his entire heart and mind.

Qing Shui bid goodbye to his family since he had some business to attend to. He allowed the members of the Qing Clan to choose to stay for two days, or go back to the Heavenly Palace if they preferred. In any case, he would go home soon when he was done with his matters.

Qing Shui was now practicing the > given to him by Misty Hall's Palace Mistress. Till now, Qing Shui had yet to reach the small success stage. This made him a little depressed, but at least he was still gradually progressing.

Both swords had sixfold spirit enhancements, and thus, Bai Xiaochun was very well aware of how dangerous they were.

After which, Qing Shui wished to proceed to the 2nd level. After all, there was nothing that caught his eye on the first level. As he stepped onto the 2nd level, Qing Shui gasped in surprise. The items here were higher in quality and grade by at least one level compared to those furniture on the first level. Not only that, an exceptionally conspicuous screen caught his eye!

He was able to conclude that this man's cultivation had never reached the Xiantian realm before after he sensed his aura. Thus, he also came to the conclusion that he wasn't the son of an aristocrat clan.

"Complete and utter bullying!" Bai Xiaochun said through gritted teeth. With that, he pondered the mission the Grand Heavenmaster had given him, and then thought about how all of these aristocrats and nobles had sought to kill him, and his eyes began to shine with cold light.

"This sly bugger was obviously pissed off, and believes that I screwed him over. Therefore, he used this method to screw me backˇ­. Furthermore, he didn't kill anyone. No matter how you look at it, it really is a meritorious serviceˇ­." His heart was pounding, and he could feel a massive headache coming on. Obviously, this was a very important matter, and it was clear that Bai Xiaochun was intentionally doing it to cause problems for him.

Zhou Yixing was similarly shocked. He had known before that Bai Xiaochun could conjure ten-colored flame, and yet, the flame currently dancing in his palm caused Zhou Yixing's heart to pound wildly.

However, as soon as the fluctuations reached them, their expressions flickered dramatically, and they retreated at full speed. After they were out of the range of the fluctuations, it was impossible for them to conceal the shock they felt.

Soon, over two thousand people were gathered around the main gate, all of whom wore grim and somber expressions.


Hearing Qing Shui's words, Huoyun Liu-Li's eyes flashed and she nodded, "Alright, that's fine. How much does each fruit cost? What is a suitable price for us to sell it?"

After he ate some food, he started his training. His training list was now extremely long but he managed to do each of them orderly and sequentially. From talisman drawing, drawing, upgrading weapons and practicing his various techniques...

The flying tiger leapt to its feet and let out a roar as powerful as thunder. When the shamanic power hit it, the power instantly dispersed. However, the tiger's eyes turned bright red as it shot toward the group of three.

"This guy is a shameless cheater! This Bai Xiaochun, h-h-heˇ­. Don't tell me I really am powerless to do anything to him!?" The spirit automaton only continued to edge closer to madness.

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