in the dark of the mind Chapter 988

in the dark of the mind Chapter 988

Growing even more serious than before, he didn't even have enough time to wipe the blood from his own face as he stood his ground against Jian Chen. After suffering from Jian Chen's hand twice now, Elder Wu was afraid of his sword and the consequences it would bring. Just a single stroke of the sword was enough for him to feel panicked, so this fight was starting to rethink all of his possible choices.

After that, Jiang Chen calmed his mind down and began focusing on the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal. According to the description, in order to cultivate this skill, Jiang Chen would have to find spirits of the Five Elements, only then could he master the skill. However, spirits of the Five Elements were extremely hard to find, and he might not be able to find them all even if he searched the entire Saint Origin realm.

"This is awesome, chief Jiang is really a peerless genius! With only his Late Heavenly Core cultivation level, he actually killed Yang Shuo! If chief Tian hadn't told me personally, I wouldn't have believed it at all!"

Jian Chen stared at the old man astoundedly. In that moment, he basically doubted whether he was seeing properly or not. Shortly afterwards, he used his hands to rub his eyes before looking again. The shock had completely flooded the depths of his mind.

Tianxiong Lie flew backward with a cry as his earth Saint Force surged out of his body once more. As it enveloped his body, his hand reached out to touch his neck subconsciously. Looking down, he saw that his hand was already nearly completely wet with blood.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes.Chapter 488 - This Dog Is Not To Be Trifled With!

Qing Shaofan took the map and observed it for a while before putting it away and leaving the palace.

Jiang Chen only needed to use the Dragon Transformation skill to continue absorbing rare bloodlines and inherit their strong innate abilities. He would then be able to reach a level that no one could fathom.

"Little Spirit, what happened?" He asked in confusion.

Jiang Chen's eyes shone brightly, showing that he had extreme confidence. Although he was not a match for Combat Soul warriors, it was also impossible for ordinary Early Combat Soul warriors to kill him with ease.

When mentioning Wang Yun and Huang Zheng, everyone stopped talking, then they made way for Jiang Chen to go through.

On the other side, Old Sixth brought a few dozen of the people from the Shangguan Clan to greet the intruders.

Everyone was receptive to Bi Lian without a single objection. Everything was all due to the outstanding son of Bi Yuntian after all.

There would always be sad moments in one's life, and departure was amongst those. Jiang Chen didn't want to be too sad, so he determinedly left.

The remaining Great Saint mercenaries began to gather behind the middle aged man. Each one of them snarled at Jian Chen with an angry look.

"Nangong Yunfan, do you know what you just said? That is the treasure left behind by our father, the foundation of our family! If our foundation is taken away by someone else, how is our Nangong family going to sustain itself in the Southern Continent?"

Jian Chen let out a sigh as well after seeing the pained look on Bi Hai's face. The fate that befell the Bi family was simply far too tragic.

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