Cultivation at Home!? Chapter 112

Cultivation at Home!? Chapter 112

He never expected to see a Dragon Horse heir here. No wonder this dog looked like a horse. Dragon Horses resembled dogs more than horses or dragons.


"Indeed, brother Jiang is a man full of mysteries. I hope master can keep this secret for brother Jiang."

"Precisely what I'm going to do."

Someone said.

But it was a pity that all these herbs were useless for Yan Chenyu. However, this actions did touch Jiang Chen's heart.

Xu Neng burst into laughter. He placed the scroll on a golden place, then handed it to Xiao Wei who stood next to him. After that, Xiao Wei carried the golden plate and walked toward the Myriad Sword Sect's private room.

As he consoled his granddaughter, he turned his icy eyes toward the middle-aged man who was in charge of protecting her. "Guard Yun, just what in the world happened on the road? Who would dare cross paths with our Lanming clan?"

"No££ please, don't kill me."

"Not good, he's planning to attack the imperial palace, call out the Imperial Advisors!"

Hit by the Heavenly Imperial Finger's tremendous force, Jiang Chen was forced to take a few dozen steps back before he could stabilize his body. He could feel his qi and blood violently trembling within his body; causing him to feel unwell. After merging with the Nine Stars Killing Formation, although the Third Emperor's strength wasn't at a Combat King's level, he had the combat strength of someone just half a step away from the Combat King realm. Jiang Chen was only an Early Combat Soul warrior, so of course, he was no match for this attack.

The army of a million had finally begun to slow down their pace. Not too long after, the distance between them and the Andreas Kingdom became twenty meters apart.

"Too bad we're not eligible for such preferential treatment. If we were, we might be able to befriend the Manor Master. With that relationship, we might even be able to enjoy some advantages during the trade fair."

"I'm sorry, daddy doesn't know how to write afraid. I'm just worried you don't have to guts to kill us, take a look at what this is!"

With wide eyes, Ming Dong said, "Don't tell me you're selling it for three hundred purple coins. That's a huge price for a single block of wood."

"About fifty kilometers south from here, the cave lies at the bottom of a great valley." Tian Xuzi did not hide any details from Jian Chen and told him the exact coordinates.

Big Yellow's words made these men become panicked once again. It looked like there was still doubts about whether or not their lives would be spared today. They had all witnessed how ruthless this dog was, Big Yellow would really bite them to death!

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