Flash System Chapter 891

Flash System Chapter 891

Jiang Chen's energy was getting stronger and stronger, the natural energies within a few miles radius had been completely depleted, amazing blood colored Dragon Marks were flying and hovering around him, as if they were real.

Big Yellow impatiently asked.

Hearing his question, the midwife's face went sour as she looked at him, and said respectfully, "My lord, the young lord has no problems that I am aware of, but according to my 10 years of experience, every newborn child will start to cry. But this young lord is different; look here, ever since his birth, he hasn't uttered even a single peep of sound. This is an extremely strange situation."

"Kill! All disciples and elders of the Black Sect, listen up! We will defend the Black Sect's honor with our own blood!"

All three Sect Elders had their eyes went wide, only now they managed to pull themselves out from the shocking emotion. They couldn't believe what just happened, and felt like this was the first time they knew this Zhang Yang.

"Look! It's senior disciple Jiang! Senior disciple Jiang is back!"

"Lord Jiu, don't be so na?ve. Today's Imperial Decree was clearly a trap set specifically for you. I'm certain the Imperial Emperor wants to do something to you, because you've offended his sovereignty."

The black robed youth's speed was almost inconceivable. In a moment he had traveled several kilometers, causing both Jian Chen and Dugu Feng to be shocked. The moment Jian Chen saw the youth's face, he went still as a surge of emotions swell up in him.

Even if Jian Chen had no background to support him, for a youth like him to be able to kill a Great Saint master, this was a talent that transcended the heavens! With some time, his achievements throughout the Tian Yuan Continent would be known to all.

By afternoon within the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom, the prime minister of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had once more seeked out the king. And once more, he had asked for the two kingdoms to be united through marriage with a respectful plead.


"It's surprising that Lee Chang Ming has broken through to the Mortal Core realm, exceeding my expectations. But, Mortal Core warriors shouldn't be taking the exam together with the others as it is really unfair. I believe the trio from the Heavenly Blade Clan knows what to do."

"What Seventh Emperor said is right. I think we should start from the Black Sect. Let our Shangguan Clan handle this. Within two days, I will come back with all details about them, and none shall be spared from their fates."

Suddenly, Jian Chen's eyes hardened as he turned back to look at the lush tree. His eyes gleamed as his mouth also rose up to show a hint of a smile.

"Don't get overexcited, older brother. I was just throwing some wild guesses. In fact, I have only been in the Black Sect for a few days, and Nan Bei Chao is the only person I have offended since I came to the Qi Province. That's why I made this guess. If it isn't this, then I can't really think of a reason why Fan Kun would want to kill me."

Without saying anything, Jiang Chen swung the Heavenly Saint Sword forward. In an instant, Elder Yuan who was emanating his powerful aura was trapped by an invisible force, preventing him from moving even a bit.

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