Little thief? NOT anymore~~ Chapter 2285

Little thief? NOT anymore~~ Chapter 2285

From far away, it was almost as if two incomparably large swords had stabbed into Jian Chen's head. At the same time, a strong amount of Sword Aura condensed outside of his body and covered the sky, yet it was also transparent enough to look like a cloud.

"Heavens, this damn heavenly bastard! Why! Why! Is he still a human?!"

"Ruler's Armament? Could that longbow be a Ruler's Armament?" Jian Chen was filled with confusion. A Ruler Armament was something he was unfamiliar with since this was the first time he had heard of it.

Counting up the coins to make sure there wasn't any shortage in the stack, the men left without any further trouble.

"Sigh££ One of the tigers disappeared just like that££ From now on, the Yan family will be the sole ruler of our Red city. They no longer have any opponents."

"Fourth brother, you're seriously amazing! You really did win first place in the competition; once father hears about this, he'll definitely be very happy about this." As the two walked towards his dorm, Changyang Hu kept chattering away happily with Jian Chen.

"Illusion of the Thousand Swords!"

"No worries. As demons, our bodies are much stronger than that of humans at the same level. I'm able to suppress that Daoist Profound River, and that Great Elder shouldn't be a match for you either. As for that young man, I don't believe a young Combat Soul warrior can be so heaven defying! I'll kill him personally and avenge third brother!"

Bi Yuntian nodded her head slowly. Since the emperor wasn't willing to help them publically right now, how could she not understand this reasoning?

The fighting stage was rumbling. Li Wu Shuang portrayed a very powerful and imposing aura. The golden shield formed from powerful energies had tremendous power as it pressed towards Jiang Chen like it was a mountain.

Three warriors approached Jiang Chen with smiles on their faces and asked. One of them was the warrior who scolded Jiang Chen and Big Yellow as fools earlier.

This single step nearly poked a hole in the skies. With incredible speed, Jiang Chen arrived above the Old Great Emperor's head, causing him to turn pale with fright. This skill used by Jiang Chen was incredibly terrifying, and each step was stronger than the previous one. This third step was twice as strong as the second step, and there was no way the Old Great Emperor could defend himself against it. If this step really reached his head, the consequences would be devastating. Perhaps his head would simply just explode.

"He's so arrogant! I never knew he was a guy like that! That bastard, he always acted like a yes-man and was as cowardly as a mouse! But now, he has actually broken through to the Late Divine Core realm! It's just like the saying, £Ĥevery dog has its day!' And, he really is aiming for the first place in the outer circle competition! Perhaps he'll be killed without knowing how it happened."

Meanwhile, a faint golden glow was being emitted from Big Yellow's body. He had obtained a lot of benefits from this battle, as he had eaten quite a lot of demon souls and turned them into the energy he needed.

Whirling her head to look at the little tiger on Jian Chen's shoulder, she spoke with a mischievous smile, "Could you leave behind Xiao Bai, I want to play with it."

"What a powerful devilish energy! The Ancient Divine Devil's bloodline is really terrifying, Brother Yan looks like the Ancient Divine Devil right now, truly frightening!"

"Who are you? I advise you, you better not put you hand in the Myriad Sword Sect's matters!"

Little thief? NOT anymore~~ Chapter 2285 End!

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