Triplets Naruto Brothers Chapter 2679

Triplets Naruto Brothers Chapter 2679

Sneering, Jian Chen waved his fingers, allowing Sword Qi to gather once more. Even against such a formidable amount of Sword Qi, none of the soldiers had any hesitation and continued on. But before they could respond to Jian Chen's next move, he had already stabbed several of them through the throats.

Xuan Ye and Wu Jiu exchanged glances. Both could find shock in each other's eyes. They thought Big Yellow's only ability was the treasure hunting ability, but it looked like they were completely wrong. The man and dog in front of them were the most abnormal beings they had ever met.

"Eh, I still have 2 Class 4 Monster Cores; one is from the prize given by Kargath Academy, and another is what father gave to me. Since the Class 4 Monster Core has way more energy inside it than a Class 3 Monster Core has, I don't know how long a single Class 4 Monster Core will last me." Jian Chen thought. He didn't realize that the amount of monster cores within his possession was considered a massive pile of wealth. To Jian Chen, it was just a way to sustain his cultivation for a mere 10 days.

Within Lore City, there was a total of four great powers. The Changyang clan, the Tianling Clan, the Cheng family, and the Yanshi clan. These four powers represented Lore City's strongest and were all separated within the four cardinal directions of the city. Out of the four of them, the Changyang clan had the grandest history. Going back to when the Gesun Kingdom had been established with the Changyang clan making their home here.

"Who is that young man, and why is he so strong? He's only a Divine Core warrior, not yet a Combat Soul warrior, so how can he kill a Mid Combat Soul demon with but a single strike? This is too unbelievable!"

"Hold on."

Even Nubis and Ge Qiu ceased their fighting with so many people appearing out of nowhere. Sensing the strength of these figures, even they grew tense.

Of course, there was one person who had a smile on his face, Jiang Chen. He had changed into a clean white outfit, and he sat comfortably in his chair with his legs crossed. A smile could be seen on his mouth, and a large amount of confidence was visible on his face.

"Wang Yun, you guys are looking for me?"

Jiang Chen said as he turned around and walked into the room.

As Jian Chen flew, he looked at the golden desert below him. He mumbled, "According to the distance on the map, there should be another two hours before I pass through this desert. Afterwards, I need to travel for another two days before arriving at the Holy Empire." No matter if it was from the Qinhuang Kingdom or the Gesun Kingdom, the Holy Empire was extremely distant. Even with Jian Chen's speed, he needed to spend a dozen or so days on the road to reach the empire from Gesun Kingdom.

Chang Bai's words caused the entire room to go silent. Everyone could only look at Jian Chen¨•even Changyang Hu who was on the bed looked at Jian Chen in utter shock.

"It's an illusionary realm! Yang Shuo really did have skills that were even more powerful! He could really create an illusionary realm which can confuse the mind of his opponent!"

Shangguan Yilei didn't want to delay any longer, so he attacked in a resolute manner. The lightning that burst out from his body caused him to look very mighty. He unleashed a massive thundercloud that brought forth a violent storm, and sent them at Jiang Chen.

"Older brother, I have a skill that can help with soul cultivation. I wonder if you are interested."

The Gilligan Clan member was trapped, unable to move at all. As a result, he could only watch helplessly as the hoe struck him in the chest.

"Damn it! Buddy, don't hit this master dog's handsome face!"

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