My Ex Next Door Chapter 901

My Ex Next Door Chapter 901

With the cave falling apart, pieces of the mountain came crashing down from the ceiling. With dust and stone everywhere, the visibility was reduced to nothing. There were practically no footholds for the two combatants to stand, leaving them with no other choice but to fly. Holes, that traveled so deep they disappeared into an abyss, littered the area because of the destruction they caused. The night pearls that had adorned the walls of the cave had long since been reduced to dust, leaving the area in perpetual darkness.

"He really killed Lord Blood Moon, he killed all the Blood Devils."

The surrounding guests all stared at them for some time, but they eventually got tired of it. They stopped looking at them and turned around; they continued enjoying their own food and gossipping.

Smiling, Jian Chen replied honestly, "Correct, I am truly able to control both the fire and wind element."

In the quiet and cozy room, Jian Chen sat on his bed cross-legged with a heavy expression. He flipped his hand, and a medal appeared in his hand. In his mind, he could not help but think back to the situation when he obtained the medal.

"Normally when I come across some prey like the wild animals, they wouldn't be able to harm me no matter how much they bite." Tie Ta looked rather pleased at that.

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, Guo Lei and the other three men who had just seen some hope immediately had their faces darken. It looked like Jiang Chen was not going to let this matter end easily. The four of them felt chills ran down their spines when they recalled how Wang Yun and Huang Zheng were wounded.

"Don't mention the reward first, Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan were severely wounded and are now in critical conditions! With Jiang Chen's character, once he returns to the Black Sect, I'm sure he won't let this matter be resolved easily!"

Blanching, Yun Li immediately strode forward to stop Jian Chen, "Jian Chen! What is the meaning of this!? This is the home of the city lord, for what reason could you have to act as you please here!?"

"Uncle Zhou, don't look down on me.There's an old saying that£Ĥone will become a doctor after being frequently sick.'For me it's different, £Ĥone will only become a good alchemist upon consuming a lot of pills.'"

With that in mind, Jian Chen felt a little relieved. Agreeing to Kris' proposal, he replied, "If I don't go, it would appear that I, Jian Chen, feared your Sect of Dragon and Tiger. That's all then. If your elder sectmaster wishes to talk with me, then I will see just what he wishes to talk with me about." Jian Chen turned back to the thirteen Heaven Saint Masters, "Wait here for the moment. I will go in." With that, Jian Chen didn't delay for even a second and flew straight into the interior of the sect.

"Well said. Our clan won't be missing any money even after this, so why not see just how much money they have. Two hundred and ten thousand!" Ankhs called out an even higher price.

"This was completely because of Changyang Xiangtian, for he is also the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom. Those five Imperial Advisors of the Qinhuang Kingdom obeyed Changyang Xiangtian's command to help our Gesun Kingdom." As he spoke, the king of the Gesun Kingdom couldn't help but reveal some excitement in his voice as he himself grew excited.

This time, the Goat Demons were truly telling the truth. If they were given another chance, they would never cause any trouble for this dog again, as it was simply an act of seeking death.

Big Yellow excitedly laughed out. Han Yan and Nangong Wentian were both smiling as well. The stronger Jiang Chen became, the happier they would be.

It didn't matter if it was the enemy's strength or numbers, they were completely outnumbered.

The stall owner bit his lip as he looked at Jian Chen, "Honored customer, if you are this adamant in buying the white stone, then I shall tell you the price. Look here, will this much do?" With that said, the stall owner held out five fingers on his hand as if to give Jian Chen a high-five.

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