A Hand-Woven Universe Chapter 1104

A Hand-Woven Universe Chapter 1104

Once he reached the foot of the mountain, Qing Shui sensed a spiritual sense scanning in his direction but since he couldn't avoid it, he naturally let the spiritual sense hit him but still tried his best to conceal his abilities.

"It's late. Let's go back!" Wenren Wu-Shuang said when she realised that they had been walking for quite some time.

"What kind of devilish technique does this Bai Hao cultivate?!?!"

He knew that he couldn't afford to stop for even a moment. After all, the whole crux of his plan was to get the Luochen Clan members to follow him. As he changed directions, he could see a sprawling mountain range off in the distance.

"Chen'er, I was useless. That's why you had to suffer." the man said gently.

As for Demon Gate, Qing Shui was confident that he could run away from their grasp. As long as he could run, they would not trouble him any further.

The best thing that could accomplish this deed was kinship. Kinship could fill up one's heart. However, since she was already alone, the best method she could choose was to get married, and it would be even better if she could have her own kid.

When Qing Shui heard the old man's words, he smiled. The old man had already shrunk back. Qing Shui knew well what his words had meant, telling him that they had more people. Even if he could defeat the few of them alone, would he be able to defeat all of them? Getting him to think before he takes any action was to get him to think about himself and the people behind them, to see if everything was worth it.

His eyes were sharp. He could see through the severity of the injury as a result of that thrust. If it had been an ordinary warrior, their strength would definitely drop significantly, so much so that if they operated their martial art, they would increase their blood flow and as a result die of blood loss.

After an entire night passed, it was only about twenty percent complete, and he was starting to get a bit anxious. However, there was nothing else he could do. Patience was required when it came to provoking changes in the fourth spiritual sea.

That shield couldn't have made it more obvious that the Celestial was intent on wiping out the heart and soul of the Wildlands.

When Bai Xiaochun heard that he was being made a majordomo, he wasn't quite sure what that entailed. However, he was already excited, and feeling a bit more at ease.

Only now did Qing Shui remove the long sword that pierced his body. He took a look at the traumatized Jin Guyao who left and shook his head. Qing Shui despised these kinds of women. In his previous incarnation, he had also run into a few women like this.

"Greetings, Celestial!"

He felt extremely comfortable after taking a shower.

Vajra Subdues Demons!

[TL Note: Baima also means White Horse]

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