Where you are Chapter 1263

Where you are Chapter 1263


When the Big Dipper Sword lashed out and attacked his opponent, Qing Shui attacked immediately used the Shield attack. The power that could penetrate through everything would inflict more damage.

"Bai Hao tampered with the soul medicine?"

"Little brother, you can't be like this! We're the same person¡­."

Next, the Spirit Stream founding patriarch appeared in person. Bowing, he said, "I, Frigidsect, offer greetings to the presiding sect!"

As for everyone else in the Fallen Sword World, it didn't matter what they were doing, their hearts trembled, and their jaws dropped.

He performed a few more tests before giving up on the fifty-first level. "Ah, whatever. I guess I can only pass the fiftieth level in my current state."

A rare situation was playing out in this battle; the fact that the Wildlands had chosen not to use vengeful souls made the five legions' Soul Convergence Pills relatively useless. Furthermore, exploding pill furnaces were only of limited use, and this battle was so huge that they weren't effective on a large scale.

Although the strange moment soon passed, all of the living beings had been touched, marked in a way that would stay with them and their descendants forever, even as they went about their lives of eating and hunting for food.

The expression on his face was very pleasing to Song Junwan. In fact, if he had looked any other way, she might have become suspicious. Adjusting her clothing, she smiled and said, "Alright, hurry up and put some clothes on. Don't worry, I'm not going to abandon you now or something."

The turtle-wok immediately began to tremble, and the designs on its surface shone even more brightly, almost as if they knew what was happening. Then, the designs shot toward the Eternal Parasol, transforming into the ninth spirit design on its surface! A tremor ran through the Eternal Parasol, and Bai Xiaochun was almost sure he could hear something like an excited cheer. Then, the turtle-wok went calm, and everything went back to normal.

Now, Ghostmother was taking advantage of this critical moment in Gongsun Wan'er's breakthrough to try to defeat her. However, that also gave Bai Xiaochun a rare opportunity.

With every flame that he put into the mark on the back of his hand, Bai Hao's aura grew stronger, and the fluctuations clearer.

The next thing that happened left Qing Shui helpless once again. At the same time, his heart sank to the bottom of the pits!


Qing Shui had seen peach blossom eyes and foxy eyes before in a book, but he had never seen it in person before. He was always of the opinion that they were used to describe women bereft of virtue. Furthermore, he did not feel that they sounded particularly pleasant to be around. However, now that he had seen Qinghan Ye and Gongsun Jianwu, he realized that they were very attractive, to a soul-shaking degree.

The current clan head was the old man's third bother, but he was going to retire very soon as well. Qing Shui could tell from the conversation that the old man's lineage had already became the main branch of the clan. It would eventually be the main lineage while the other family members who were still the current key members would slowly become the auxiliary branch and end up as one of the external clans, just like the current external clans of the Tantai Aristocrat Clan

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