Reborn: Goblin With Evolution System Chapter 1970

Reborn: Goblin With Evolution System Chapter 1970

A couple of minutes later, the lightning sea had finally disappeared, revealing the youngster to the crowd. This youngster was no longer in his previous chaotic state; he was actually brimming with energy, looking much better than he previously did.

"The Flame Mercenaries?" The man muttered under his breath as his eyebrows furrowed together. This was a foreign name to him, and there was no faction called the Flame Mercenaries from what he knew about the Cloud Capital.

"Great Master, we're leaving now."

Jiang Chen smiled, then he slowly walked towards the herb plantation. When he looked at the Flaming Angel and the Glory Lotus, he shook his head.

The young man's name was Lee Chang Hong, the young master of the Red City's Lee family.He was only 20 years old, but he had already reached the Early Qi Hai level├┐he was truly talented.

The sword separated from Jian Chen's palm almost as if it had turned into an intelligent Immortal Sword and flew toward the Golden Fur Tiger King's head.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows.

"Nephew Jiang Chen, we really can't underestimate this Lord Nether. Although he only broke through to the Demon King realm a few years ago, and was promoted to Third Palace Chief not long ago, he is a sinister and ruthless demon, and his body carries a deadly venom. When he was a Mid Combat Soul demon, no Late Combat Soul warriors were willing to fight him."

Jiang Chen paused for a moment, then he said, "Can you do it or not? If you can't, I'll go myself. Your father can't bring any humans along, not even a dog."

"So there was even beings of the sea that we didn't know about. If not for you mentioning them today, I never would have known about their existence in this world." Huang Tianba remarked in surprise. The things he learned today was astonishing to say the last. It was like discovering a whole new continent itself.

Han Yan stuck his thumb up and showed it to Big Yellow!

"Big Yellow, I need you to set up some formations. The best are those killing formations and trapping formations that synergize well together. Let all those Combat Soul warriors join the formations; we'll fight tomorrow's war with these magnificent warriors."

"What is Jiang Chen trying to do? What's the point of fighting like this?"

Right now, everyone threw their glances at this fairy in white who had appeared out of nowhere. The sudden change from ultimate despair into hope, the dramatic fluctuations in their emotions, from great grief to great joy, those feelings caused these people to feel as if they were dreaming, as if life had just played a big joke of them.

All these four men kept begging for forgiveness. If they didn't do it now, they might lose the chance later.


Jian Chen was an expert with the sword, when he made his move he did it fast, the bandit's had no time to react. He could only see the bloody flash come towards his neck, then the next thing he knew, he couldn't breathe. It was almost as if something was blocking his throat, so he couldn't yell either. Immediately, a trickle of blood came flowing from his neck as the bandit fell to the ground without making another sound.

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