space days Chapter 745

space days Chapter 745

The three of them said at the same time. The Martial Palace was a gathering place for all geniuses in the entire Eastern Continent. Those who entered the Martial Palace were all favored children of the heavens. Not only were the best geniuses from all different provinces there, there were many geniuses who came from the Martial Saint Dynasty itself. Therefore, being able to enter the Martial Palace barely meant they had stepped over a door with higher requirements. In order to get the most out of it, it all depended on their effort.


"Nephew Jiang, welcome!"

Big Yellow continued asking.

At this moment, Kai Er walked up to where Jian Chen was. "Captain, the Xia clan is very strong and this is the son of the leader of the clan. If he were to die here, then the Xia clan would go berserk."

"What, your Saint Ruler isn't here?" Jian Chen spoke with a heavy look.

Now that his investigations was completely over, Jian Chen and Tynes returned back to the headquarters of the Bloodmoon Mercenaries.

Zhang Wei looked at Jiang Chen and said.

"I need to leave this world of glaciers first, only then will I find a way to forge the new Heavenly Saint Sword."

Seeing Jian Chen looking at the Space ring adorned on his middle finger, De Shu laughed. Whenever he had summoned the white stone for the Saint Test, everyone around would give him the same exact look. In fact, he had seen the look so many times, he had lost count.


Big Yellow nodded his head in agreement. After having spent some time here, he finally understood how dangerous this place was. Since their arrival, they had bumped into three strange creatures; the Evil Devil, the Nine Life Crystal Beast, and the Double Headed Black Crow. They might even bump into weirder and rarer creatures soon. But, no matter how many incredible the demons and devils were, Big Yellow wouldn't feel shocked anymore.

A man in black suit held his sword and swung it towards Jiang Chen, the reflection on the sword shining brightly. He was trying to cut Jiang Chen into two.

"F*ck, this brat's getting more and more arrogant. Boss, please allow me to fight him and teach this ignorant brat a solid lesson." One of the elder men beside the boss could not help but ask for permission. He was an elder of the Flood Dragon Bandits and well-known in the bandit group for his hot-headedness and ill temper. He was already a peak Third Cycle Heaven Saint Master.

"Young master, we have plenty of money, but your Silver Moon Restaurant is preventing my friend from entering. What does this mean?"


"This officer will do as instructed!" Tu Fu cupped his hands before giving an order to the people behind him. With Jian Chen's status as an Imperial Protector of the Gesun Kingdom, he had full authority to command the commanding officer of Lore City.

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