Super Electric Eel Avatar Chapter 174

Super Electric Eel Avatar Chapter 174

Tap, tap, tap...

"There's only one way to heal young lady Yan completely, and that is to get rid of all the Fiery Dragon fruit remains in her body.I will also need to cleanse all the Pure-Yang materials in her body which you have been feeding her for all these years.Then we will let the ninth meridian develop on its own."

Yan Chenyu didn't care about how formidable the enemy was, or how they were going to face them in the future. She only knew that no matter how invincible an enemy was, Jiang Chen would always find a way to deal with them. Back in the day, Nanbei Chao was a mighty warrior, and Jiang Chen was just a tiny ant he could easily kill, but in the end, he was still beaten by Jiang Chen, and could only flee with his Immortal Spirit Body, severely wounded.

"Afraid?Damn it, you little scumbag.How dare you look down on your dad, let's go."

"The Primordial God Silkworm is a spiritual object of the world, created from the laws of the world. It is born because of calamity and formed from fortune. Once the god silkworm is born, it will use all its three vital energies of life to weave the godsilk and leave it behind, before turning into ashes."

Just then, Jian Chen looked away for a moment with a smile, "An acquaintance has stopped by. Let us go greet him!"


Yin Zhong Cheng had a sneer on his face. That day when Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had escaped, he had found a few of his close friends and started searching everywhere for Jiang Chen. His own son was killed, and all buildings with the mayor's mansion had been ruined. All of this was because of the person and dog in front of him. Such profound hatred made Yin Zhong Cheng dream about killing Jiang Chen in his sleep.

£¦What is happening? This little demon lord is going to let us go? Why doesn't Jiang Chen want to kill us? Don't tell me he suddenly became merciful and purposely spared our lives?' Whatever the reason it, they didn't think too much about it. They were happy that they were able to live, that's all they wanted.

As the bandit boss reached the end, a few more Heaven Saint Masters gathered together behind him with the fourteen elders. Shortly afterwards, a great presence emanated from their bodies. The presence of over twenty Heaven Saint Masters fused mid-air, forming a great pressure which gushed towards Jian Chen.

"Help think concisely!" Jian Chen immediately grew happy. To be able to have such an effect like this was something he desperately wanted to help impact his strength for the better.

Jiang Chen's lip curved upwards. No matter what situation he was facing, panic could never be found on his face. His mentality was so strong that he wouldn't be distracted even if heaven fell down. When he attacked, there was only confidence on his face.


The other 3 people couldn't believe what Jian Chen said either.

"You must be Jian Chen. Relax, I won't be troubling you. Just hand the small tiger to me and nothing will happen." The man said with an extremely cold tone as he stared at Jian Chen expressionlessly.

Jiang Chen believed in Big Yellow's ability, this dog would never fall in love with a piece of scrap metal.

The Sect Elder became angry. He waved his hand and unleashed a bright beam of light which pierced towards Jiang Chen's True Dragon Palm.

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