My life revolves around you Chapter 164

My life revolves around you Chapter 164


"There is no need for lord Xiao to be so courteous. This one is Changyang Xiangtian. I came here today to discuss business with the house of Xiao." Jian Chen spoke in a moderate manner.

Afterward, Jian Chen left the area without another look back while the mercenaries all stared at him, as he left, in mute shock.

Zhang Feng and Li Gai suddenly burst into loud laughter, as if they had just heard the funniest joke under the Heavens. It was to the point where tears almost burst out from their eyes.

While transforming the Saint Weapon looked to be a simple task, in actuality this process was one of extreme difficulty. If one's control was insufficient, then the Saint Weapon fragments would disappear from one's body and turn them into a cripple. In some serious cases, when the Saint Weapon exploded, the amount of energy would be enough for the cultivator to find himself waking up by the yellow river with no life to return to.


Upon the new voice, everyone on the fourth floor immediately looked toward the stairs with a pitying glance as they whispered to each other.

Everyone was shocked as they stared at Jiang Chen's face and his harmless smile. All of them took a deep breath. This youngster has guts of steel.

"It's fine, I enjoy sitting out here." Jian Chen spoke.

Right at this moment, an inner circle disciple flew in front of Jiang Chen. He was a good-looking guy with a cultivation base at the Late Heavenly Core realm, and he held a minor position in the inner circle. On normal days, he would help the Sect Elders manage some minor issues within the inner circle.

At the same time, Xuan Ye too let out a violent shout and unleashed his ultimate attack. It was a shining gigantic fist that carried a tremendous force, almost enough to cause the air to explode.

Picking up the stone slab from the table, Jian Chen blew off the dust to reveal the patterns etched underneath. However, the pattern was incomplete on the slab. All that could be seen was a single palm holding a blade as it chopped down. The blade was not completely visible because of the small dimensions of the slab, so the blade point could not be seen

Actually, a long time ago, the city's name wasn't the Nangong City. It was only renamed to Nangong City after the Nangong family gained power. Within the city, the Nangong Family was the ultimate ruler. Put it this way, if the Nangong family casually farted, the entire city would be in turmoil for three days.

Liang Dong asked.

Zhao Chongyang's death didn't cause Jiang Chen to have any change in his expression. In the next second, he turned to Duan Jianhong. When Duan Jianhong sensed Jiang Chen looking at him, he lost control of his body, and his soul trembled. He didn't want to die! The more intelligent a man was, the more scared he was of death. When death arrived by his side££ that sensation was extremely terrifying.

This young lady was the young lady of the Yan family, Yan Chen Yu.

Jian Chen felt a wave of warmth encompass his body as he listened to his brother back him up. "Big brother, you should head back down, I can handle this myself."

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