Living Behind A Mask Chapter 2959

Living Behind A Mask Chapter 2959

From a distance, the Huang Village men were all coming out of their houses with confusion.

Experiencing this fierce impact, the entire mountain shook for a moment and emphasized just how strong of blow it had been.

Arriving at the house, Jian Chen tied his horse to a fixed fence post and prepared to knock on the door. Before he could knock, a weak looking youth suddenly opened the door. The moment he he saw Jian Chen, his eyes loosened in intensity as he backed away from the door, this was the second youngest member of the mercenary groupĆæ Xiao Dao.

Changyang Ba nodded with a smile, "Definitely, definitely!"

Saber! It was the most commonly used weapon in a battlefield, and it was also the sharpest weapon; a symbol of war, as well as the most formidable existence within the Dao of War. Now, just from having focused on cultivating this single weapon, Wu Jiu had been able to break through his bottleneck and become a Combat King warrior in a single go, causing the Dao of War to become even stronger.

Laughing, Jian Chen said, "Uncle, if your caravans are leaving Gesun Kingdom, might I join you? Although my strength is not all that strong, I am still a mercenary nonetheless. I don't need a reward for this either, how about it?"

"You££ You££ You just wait here! You just wait!"


As expected, the Combat Weapon was cut into two halves following a loud £¦clang' sound. The longsword continued moving forward just like a dragon, and it did its job; piercing through the man's body.

Jian Chen calmly stored the monster core into his Space Belt before raising his head up to look at the Black Leopard Mercenaries to say calmly, "Who are you? How do you know my name?'

Aside from that, there were a few other strange crystals that glowed brightly along with a few ancient looking pottery vases.

Soon all the men from the Jiang family had arrived at the entrance. Looking at the front door which had been broken into pieces, everyone was startled. They looked at the men from the Lee family and saw a man who stood in front of everyone wearing a yellow robe. He looked like he was in his forties, and he had a sturdy body that could be compared with Mu Rong Zhan. A vicious scar crossed his face, frightening anyone who saw him for the first time.

Sensing the increase in the Saint Ruler's aura, Jian Chen thought to himself, "Did he breakthrough?"

Han Yan said with a pale expression. The situation was now clear to him. Since the Imperial Emperor failed to have Jiang Chen killed when he sent Jiang Chen to repair the Dimensional Crack on Mount Origin, these enemies would never let this matter off so easily. Therefore, they dragged the Crown Prince into their plans.

Chang Bai looked at the silent Jian Chen and said, "Fourth master, your older brother Changyang Hu is also at Kargath Academy. It has been a few years already, so becoming a Saint isn't too far away for him. If you ever come across a problem at the academy, don't be afraid to ask your older brother to help solve it."

The male had violet hair that seemed to droop all the way down to his chest. He wore a classic violet changpao and had eyes that glowed with a curious violet shade.

Soon after, many disciples emerged from the Black Sect. All inner circle disciple were flying towards the scene, and the outer circle disciples were sprinting towards the scene.

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