Dragon King with Seven Stars Chapter 1465

Dragon King with Seven Stars Chapter 1465

"Radiant Saint Sword!" Jian Chen picked up a thick book. After flipping through it, he learnt that it was an offensive Radiant Arte, able to coalesce Radiant Saint Force into a powerful, giant sword, which could be controlled by thought to attack.

Three hours later, the power of the raging waves had reached their maximum level. Master Blissful had left three hours ago, and still hadn't come back. The sky was completely dark, but the gigantic waves still gave light to the Blissful Island.

This was simply just bullying. If it was somebody else, perhaps he would be scared by Ling Ao's imposing manner, but this was not the case for Jiang Chen.

However, he did not respond. He merely wrapped his arms around Huang Luan's back and began to take in the scent coming from her body. Today would be the very first time he was ever intimate with a female, and today would also be the very first time he would hug the delicate body of a young woman. Such an experience left an impact on Jian Chen. The very beauty of the sensation ingrained itself within Jian Chen's soul and branded itself into his mind. He would never forget this moment.

"Jiang Chen, it looks like I have underestimated you."

"What the fuck, such a small world, why do enemies often cross each other's path?"

The monk arrived in front of Jiang Chen. With a serious expression he said, "Mister, thank you for helping me. This poor monk is really grateful for the kindness you have shown."

The old man shouted out in anger.

The Tenth Emperor walked out from the palace with a sneer on his face.

"Shangguan Yihong, face your death!"

When Jian Chen arrived at the grotto, he discovered that his older brother Changyang Hu was already waiting there, and was currently sitting on a tree stump. He had an aimless expression, as he randomly swept his gaze around his surroundings in boredom. As soon as Jian Chen appeared, he immediately stood up in excitement, and jumped up from the tree stump. He happily said, "Fourth brother, you've finally arrived."

Elder Xiu let out a long breath of air as the cold glint in his eyes began to recede. In a flash he had reverted back to his original expression with just a small complicated look as he turned to Jian Chen, "Jian Chen, talk to me honestly. This magical beast you found, was it really found in the forest?"

"Is he joking? Can these two really eat all the food?"

"I've said it before. If you two don't believe me, then my apologies. Your junior still has some matters to take care and cannot accompany you any longer. Goodbye." Jian Chen had no longer felt inclined to talk to them any longer and stood up from the table to walk back to his room. In no time at all, he had disappeared from the eyes of the two saint Ruler.


Immediately the other elder began to write down the record as the first one spoke a confirmation. After taking his name, the second elder wrote the number three.

It also went without saying that the fourth master of the Changyang clan would be the person they respected the most. All Jian Chen had to do was walk on over and every guard would immediately bow their backs with the utmost respect.

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