Naruto: Tales of Heroes and Monsters Chapter 1811

Naruto: Tales of Heroes and Monsters Chapter 1811

"Hey, Xiu Mi has returned££"

Jiang Chen said.

"Jian Chen, shall we go or stay?" Qin Xiao spoke, clearly showing that Jian Chen was the leader.

"Wakaka, this journey to the Island of Ice was amazingly exciting!"

"Where are we right now?"


"Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters are actually so heaven-defying. I wonder if I can reach such a level in my lifetime." Jian Chen thought to himself.

"This is ridiculous, how dare a tiny little outer circle disciple do this to inner circle disciples? He even hung them up, this is ridiculous!"

Duan Li gazed at the disciple and said, "I can't say for sure who would win if you fought Jiang Chen, but let me tell you this; do not provoke him, this man is not simple."

The recent matters in Fragrant Sky city were all related to this young master;he had become the man of the moment.No matter where he went, he was certain to become the center of attention.

The Mercenary Union had many people inside, and the business window had a long queuing line. All of the sales windows were filled with people trying to hand in their missions. Yet in the deepest part of the building, there was a mercenary enrollment window with a cold and desolate ambience.

The Mid Divine Core Black Crow was incredibly fast, and it was only because both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were abnormal monsters that they were able to flee. If it was some other ordinary man being chase, he would have already been killed by its sharp beak.

"That'll be good. With your Bloodsword sect helping, our power in resisting the Beast God Continent will increase quite a lot. Although we know that the Beast God Continent is coming for the Winged Tiger God, we definitely can't let them obtain it. I think that the king of the Beast God Continent wants to seize the growing Winged Tiger God and forcefully possess its body."

"Oh, then how much do you think this white stone is worth?" Jian Chen asked with interest. He was already completely determined to buy this white stone regardless of the price or the true use of it. If it could provoke such a strong reaction from the azure and violet glow in his dantian, then this was no ordinary item. He couldn't say for sure, but this white stone could possibly solve the mystery about his dantian problems.

Soon, more than a dozen geniuses were killed by Jiang Chen. He was like a devil king that came straight from hell. Wherever he went, someone would be killed.

Qing Styx's face turned stern, and he instantly disappeared from the scene.

Tyrant cursed. His mood became really bad upon seeing this guy. This was the guy who tried to attack Tyrant before entering the Devil Realm.

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