Good Girl Gone Bad: Queen of underground world Chapter 1779

Good Girl Gone Bad: Queen of underground world Chapter 1779

Not only this, the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill was also a holy grail of medicine, and it could even make a dead person become alive. Although it was somewhat over exaggerated, it also told how frightening this pill was. In other words, a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill could easily produce a peerless genius.

"A youngster with the ability to kill a late stage Qi Hai warrior, there's only a few of those in the 28 cities.You guys should remember Jiang Chen from Fragrant Sky city?The little bastard who killed Hong'er!Someone told me that Mu Rong Hao was killed by this youngster as well, and since he was able to kill Mu Rong Hao, killing someone like Lee Long shouldn't be an issue.I guess this youngster is probably Jiang Chen!"

In the end, the Gigantic Tornado Palm was no match for the Six Solar Finger. Lee Chang Ming's body fell down from the air and crashed into a big tree, breaking it with his fall. His body was shaking, and some blood could be seen on his lips.

Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen shook his head.

"Captain Kasa, the cub is already in our possession."


A bright smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face. This really was a massive amount of wealth. However, getting the crystal cores was no easy task.

"That's right, the decorations I put around back home would be better than the items in here by several amounts." Qin Wujian spoke. As a Heaven Saint Master and general of the Eastern Deity Swords, money and items like this weren't worth much in their eyes.

Jiang Chen's words immediately caused Yu Zihan and the other two's eyes to light up. They had been in restless state for these past few days as their families were imprisoned. However, there was nothing they could do about it. If not for the fact that there still was some rationality left in them, they might have risked their lives to save them by now. With Jiang Chen's return, their backbone had finally arrived, and it hard for them to remain calm after finding out that they were about to save their families.

Many people had recognized Big Yellow, and some even recognized the aura of the treasure.

Jiang Zhenhai said in a solemn tone. Hearing something like this from his father brought him great warmth. This was the feeling Jiang Chen enjoyed the most after his reincarnation.

"Spare my life! Spare my life!"

"So that's it!" The elder suddenly came to a realization. "Youngster, right now you are primarily focused on using your thoughts to attack. In regards to your cultivation path, you will have to continuously practice with your mind. Right now you can easily control tiny objects without a problem, but if you wish to push a giant mountain with just your mind alone, this will not be an accomplishable task."

The two Saint Rulers already knew that the arrows shot by the Solunar Bow could not be dodged. Their reactions were not slow, drawing their Ruler Armaments at the same time. The two Ruler Armaments radiated with a dazzling light, and the ripple from the great energy that flowed out from the Ruler Armaments caused the surrounding space to greatly distort. Closely afterwards, the two swung their Ruler Armaments simultaneously, shooting out two great streams of energy to block the incoming golden energy arrow.

In regards to Jian Chen's strength, everyone had only thought that he had the strength of a Saint. If a Great Saint had difficulties fighting this Black Tiger, then a Saint would definitely have no chance of resisting it. Even though the Black Tiger had already sustained plenty of wounds, the serious state it was in had aroused its ferocious nature. Its fighting strength hadn't taken a decrease in intensity, instead, it had only grown stronger.

Nangong Wentian shouted out loudly as well. Then, he jumped into the sky. After that, an illusionary image of a barbarian elephant appeared outside his body. It was a gigantic golden barbarian elephant, and it had completely overlapped and merged with Nangong Wentian; giving people an impression that Nangong Wentian was now the barbarian elephant.

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