Age of Adventure Chapter 784

Age of Adventure Chapter 784

"You old senile fool, you don't even know how strong a Saint King is. With your strength as a Saint Ruler of the Fifth Heavenly Layer, you can't even change anything. If a Saint King wants to kill you, it's only a matter of the twitch of a finger. Even if you go, you'll just die for nothing." Nubis scolded.

"Big brother, we were just born in the wrong time. Otherwise, we would have been able to participate in the Gathering of the Mercenaries as well."

The giant body of the tiger shook slightly as its eyes stared fearfully at the still unconscious Jian Chen. At that moment, with Jian Chen at the center, all of the grass and trees within 100 meters had been cut into countless pieces that floated in the air, filling the sky with a powder that literally covered the sight of the sky from the earth within an 100 meters circumference. The sky was so densely covered that one's line of sight within would have been completely blocked off if one tried to look around.

Jiang Chen placed his hands behind his back and walked two steps forward. With an indifferent expression, he looked towards Lee Shan Yue who was standing opposite of him, "Lee Shan Yue, have you ever heard of this saying: picking up a rock and smashing your own feet?"

Laughing, Tynes spoke to his men next, "Scatter yourselves and hide once more. But keep a watch out for anyone else that approaches. Kill them on sight!"

In fact, after Jiang Chen broke through to the Combat King realm, he became able to take the fourth step.

Shaking his head, the elder replied, "That matter has already been settled and dealt with. I won't even bother to try and harangue the matter any longer. Instead, I came here today to talk about her future."

Uncle Yun nodded his head slowly, "This wound was given to me by that 20 year old youth."

The lights in Jian Chen's eyes began to recede as he looked at the sight dumbfounded. Both of his eyes had a look of disbelief to them as he slowly dropped his hands.

The trio immediately cried out in surprise. The way they looked at Jiang Chen changed once again. They knew Jiang Chen had defeated Wu Cong, but they hadn't witnessed it. Also, defeating a Mid Combat Soul warriors and killing one is two completely different concepts.

Of course, wanting to rule the entire outer perimeter just to show off his mightiness, this reason would just make anyone become speechless.

Right at this moment, a figure landed in Jiang Chen's courtyard from above. It was Guo Shan who came with a panicked expression.

"Don't worry. I, Nangong Wentian honor my own words, I naturally won't deny our deal."

By now, Jian Chen was nearing the border to Cross Mountains. Underneath him, a group of Spirit Apes were gathered nearby. Standing on top of the tall trees, they gnashed their teeth as they howled at the floating Jian Chen.

On the other side, Wu Lang threw his glance onto Jiang Chen as well. When he thought about Jiang Chen's imposing manner just now, he secretly nodded his head. But, what was happening right now made him furrow his brows.

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