I Just Came back from Cultivator World Chapter 2842

I Just Came back from Cultivator World Chapter 2842

Without any more hesitation, Jian Chen wrapped himself with the wind element before continuing to fly farther into the Gesun Kingdom.

Jian Chen quietly nodded without saying a word.

"Then let's not delay any longer, let's go now."

But in the Southern Continent, the demon beasts had a quite mature colony, and they were much more terrifying. The battle between humans and demon beasts had reached a stage where they were like fire and water. There must also be more than one demon power like the Demon Palace in the Southern Continent.

"Your family is really rich!"

"That's Primordial Godsilk. Master, that personally is actually wearing Primordial Godsilk. That's an extremely rare, high-quality material. Quick master, you must obtain it." Zi Ying's voice resounded his Jian Chen's head. At this current moment, Zi Ying was shouting wildly in Jian Chen's mind, as if it had just seen some exceptional treasure.Chapter 706: Primordial Godsilk (Three)

That afternoon, Jian Chen walked out of Changyang Manor into the streets. He was headed to where Shen Fang and Sans were staying. After taking the two out of the inn they were in, he headed back to the Changyang clan.

"There are a lot of demon beasts in the Myriad Demon Mountain, and as long you have the ability, there won't be any problems for you to continue training here. But, by absorbing demon souls repeatedly, trying to force yourself to break through in such hurried ways, won't it affect your foundation?"

Yan Chen Yu patted Big Yellow's head and reminded him.

Hearing Jiang Chen's name, the crowd instantly jumped up from their seats, including Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi. The sword that was next to Xuan Yuzi was now held in his hand, emitting a cold and bright reflection.

Luo Jian wasn't slow to react however, as soon as he hit the floor, he rolled sideways away from Changyang Hu, causing the Saint Force enhanced fist to miss.

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

"I've found some useful information. The captain of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen, actually has another important identity, and that's the fourth young master, Changyang Xiangtian, of the Changyang clan. Also, he's a new Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom.

"Lord Yun Li, what is the situation looking like now?" Jian Chen spoke softly to the lord.

These next two days were relatively peaceful as the entire Tianqin clan all behaved themselves while resting within the courtyard provided to them by the imperial palace. Not a single one of them left the courtyard in fear of causing unneeded trouble. Although the Dazhou Kingdom was stagnating, the kingdom was still capable of making the other kingdoms feel fear.

Shortly after that, Jian Chen arrived at the clan's manor. There wasn't any noticeable changes to the Changyang Manor from a few years back. The same red wall continued to circle the Changyang Manor with several trees planted around it. Their lush green leaves fell at random intervals, painting a beautiful scene.

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