I Kill Monsters For A Living Chapter 1769

I Kill Monsters For A Living Chapter 1769

At the moment, Bai Xiaochun had the beginnings of an idea regarding how to stop the war, but wasn't completely confident in being able to succeed. Whether it was the Celestial or the gravekeeper, there was little he could do other than try to persuade them to agree with his viewpoint.

"Qing Shui, I'm fine and awake. Let go of me, I'll tell you about it later." Hai Dongqing felt a sense of warmth as she looked at Qing Shui's anxious look.

Seeing Zhou Yixing in such danger, Bai Xiaochun roared, "How dare you, Bai Clan lowlife!!"

Clearing the three acupoints strengthened the area between his back and his arm. Furthermore, it greatly elevated the "endurance" and " explosive force" of both his arms.?

Even though he disliked troublesome matters, he enjoyed fighting and was very protective of his own people. Everyone in Heavenly Beast City knew about Hu Wenlong's character and how he dealt with his affairs. There was an occasion when a talented member from the Zhou Clan in Heavenly Beast City maimed the son of the fifth brother, Hu Yanglong, of the Hu Clan. After that, Hu Wenlong directly eliminated the entire Zhou Clan.

Unlike the skepticism of the Pill Stream Sect or the arrogance of the Profound Stream Sect, the looks given by the Blood Stream Sect were fear-inspiring and filled with killing intent.

As for the Violet Qi Heavenspan Incantation, Bai Xiaochun decided it was best not to cultivate it in Blood Stream Sect territory. A signature magical technique like that would be best practiced after he passed over the Luochen Mountains.

And that was when Song Que's eyes opened!

"Something big must have happened, but what?" he thought. "Could it be that they found out one of my ancestors was an immortal? Maybe I'm not from the mortal world after all. I'm... I'm actually descended from some exalted, powerful individual? Heavens! How could I not have been aware?!" Mind spinning, he hurried along until his residence came in view. However, it was surrounded by a crowd of individuals from various cultivator clans, all of whose eyes glistened with hope. It was as if the mere nod of Bai Xiaochun's head would cause them to do anything he wished!

The matter of a celestial being kidnapped was simply too monumental. Even as the five celestials came to understand what had happened, the demigods from the third immortal domain began to use various means and methods to spread the news, leading to even more shock.

When they saw that Qing Shui was beginning his practice, they quietly backed off. It was indeed easy to spot an expert. They were amazed how just his starting stance seemed to hold such depth and profoundness.?

They indeed were a family. Not only was the Sky Tyrant Lord like that, the old bastard who showed up now was just the same! It was a miracle that these kinds of people would still be alive in this world. People who enjoyed involving other innocent clan members and instilling terror in other people. Without enough strength, no one would want to pick a fight with people like these.

However, there was nothing that could be done about the matter. Although the matter would influence the four sects to some degree, it wasn't a huge loss. Furthermore, it was a joint loss to all four sects. What was most astonishing of all was the information confirmed by the voice of the girl... the heavenstring energy had been taken.

"Such a whore¡­¡­" A man shook his head and said softly.?

Just when everyone was still in the middle of the discussion, Qing Shui let out another roar. His silhouette moved with terrifying speed towards the tall strong man with the heavy sword. That speed made everyone speechless, to the point of overwhelming. This hammer strike will count as an interest repayment for Mingyue!

With that, he sat down cross-legged and used Bai Hao's research notes to start contemplating the formula for fifteen-colored flame.

His heart had already gone still in death, but now, it twitched. And then, his bag of holding opened of its own volition, and the two skeletons he had acquired on Ghostmother's battleship flew out into the open!

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