RE : Transport to Another World As My Game Character! Chapter 1348

RE : Transport to Another World As My Game Character! Chapter 1348

"Chief Yu, since we have completely resolved the problems regarding the Blood Devils, I'll return to the Black Sect tomorrow. I'll take my leave now."

Zhang Zhen didn't ask why Jiang Chen wanted the chief of the Yu family to come here, he just turned around and instructed an old man. This old man's name was Zhang Quan, and he was a peak Mortal Core warrior. With his cultivation level, it would just take him two to three hours to reach Yellowstone City. Besides, Blood Devils only strike at night, and they wouldn't come out during daytime. And even if he did bump into some, with his peak Mortal Core cultivation base, he could easily escape from them.

Immediately rising from the bed, Jian Chen began to stretch his limbs, "Honored Radiant Saint Master, your ability is really too profound. What would have taken me many days to recover from has only taken two days. This was all because of your treatment."

The Blissful Island's atmosphere was extremely panicked. Everyone were fully unleashing their Yuan energy, and injecting it into the gigantic golden net, trying to block the gigantic waves that were repeatedly slamming into the island.

Qin Ji put away his Ruler Armament as well as he shook his head and sighed. Even the longbow wielder had put away her own bow.

"All of you, do not worry about the Lee family. No matter who they are, if they come into this town, I'll send them back the same way they came."

At the same time in the Mayor's mansion, they had heard the news of the Lee family arriving. Even though they were all prepared, they were all frightened upon hearing that the Lee family had arrived.

The man seemed like he was in his mid-twenties, but his cultivation base was extremely strong, it was at the Late Divine Core realm. Having such an incredible cultivation base at his age proved that this man had extraordinary talent.

Old Man Ling Shan burst into laughter. He did not want to let go of this opportunity to mock Mao Sheng.

"Jian Chen, just how strong are you now for you to be able to break the Saint Weapon of a Great Saint Master with one strike? This is something only an Earth Saint Master could do." On the road now, Ming Dong finally asked the question that he had been holding in for so long.

Numerous gazes and praises, Jiang Chen couldn't help but let out a sigh. A girl like Yan Chen Yu, no matter where she went, she would always be the center of attraction. Not only in this tiny Silver Moon City, even those female Saints from the big sects in the Divine Mainland a few hundred years ago didn't have the innate beauty Yan Chen Yu possessed.

Another hour later, a loud roar sounded out from within the cave. After that, three lively Flood Dragons suddenly rushed out from the cave. Each Flood Dragon was 3 meters long and tall, and their appearance was extremely terrifying. The Flood Dragons flew around the entire valley once, then they disappeared; stunning both Han Yan and Big Yellow.Chapter 279 Ă¿ Not a Good Man

"So comfortable, I can feel my soul being nourished££ what kind of pill is this?"

"Jiang Chen, you're dead meat today! Now it's time for you to pay back!"

"Don't worry. Since it's my prey, I will definitely capture it sooner or later. After all, Big Yellow is in a stable condition right now."

The magical beast stables were an unfrequented place. Almost as if it were a big shack, there were only thirty or so magical beast mounts laying about.

Jiang Chen said.It was wise to never let your opponent know what you got.

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