Diamond Life Chapter 1850

Diamond Life Chapter 1850

When he was absorbing the World Essence two days ago, its state had been much gentler, so the fast rate of absorption hadn't bothered him too much. But the monster core was different; the monster core had the energy of a magical beast condensed within it. No matter how strong the energy or how pure the soul was, it was far superior to the abilities of the World Essence. The monster core also contained a berserk element inside, so when Jian Chen was absorbing the energy from within, he had felt a backlash.

While saying that, Jiang Chen sent out a few messages through his Divine Sense from his sea of consciousness. A few minutes later, a few people arrived from different directions. Han Yan, Yan Chenyu, Big Yellow, and Wu Jiu, all his friends had arrived.

"Xiao San, it looks as if we've stumbled across an easy target." The shriveled youth on the left watched Jian Chen leave the area as he spoke with an excited voice.

"What? No way!"


"You two tiny little things, hurry up and walk into my mouth, and save me the effort of doing it myself."

Jiang Chen led the group toward the dimensional crack above Mount Origin.

In Nangong Wentian's courtyard, Jiang Chen, Nangong Wentian, Han Yan and Yan Chenyu, all four of them were sitting around a table, laughing and talking. A relaxed smile could be seen on their faces. It had been a long time since they were so relaxed.

But he didn't know whether or not it was still his soul or if it was now the Sword Spirits'.

The two men sized up Jian Chen as they looked at him. Giving each other a small look, one of the two immediately walked up to Jian Chen before pushing him out of the way.

"That Heavenhawk Island Master is absolutely disgraceful! How dare he pull out such an absurd lie and defame our Great Tycoon; defame our Asura Palace! I'm guessing this was all purposely arranged by the other three major powers, they want to bring shame to the Asura Palace!"


"Brother Jiang Chen, please consider carefully. Lee Shan Yue had three sons, but Lee Chang Hong is nothing compared to the other two. They are both geniuses. This young man in front is his second son, Lee Chang Hao, and he is an upper tier Qi Hai warrior."

Next, Jian Chen was assaulted with questions by the villagers who surrounded him. With every question, Jian Chen diligently answered.

Afterward, Jian Chen and Dugu Feng swiftly arrived nearby the cave where they saw a large amount of men gathered outside who were cursing loudly.

"Indeed, this isn't right. There are usually many demons roaming about freely in this mountain range, and all sorts of natural resources can be found here as well. That's why many people from all sorts of different background usually come here to train, and a lot of merchant groups would also come here to hunt for demons and natural resources. So, why is it so quiet here now?"

Shangguan Yilei went blank for a moment, then a grin emerged on his face, "Haha, Jiang Chen, don't tell me you're going to use those herbs to increase your cultivation at this point of time? This is funny, don't you think it's a little too late to do this now?"

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