In Marvel Live As An Ultra-Saiyan Chapter 1266

In Marvel Live As An Ultra-Saiyan Chapter 1266

The unbelieveable scene attracted the attention of bystanders. They were all rather surprised and stared at the tiger cub. No one thought that such a harmless-looking tiger cub could actually bite and break a person's finger so quickly. Especially a Great Saint Master's finger, which made it even more unbelievable.

"Let's just wait until the training ends. If that young man still hasn't come out, then there is no point for us to keep waiting."

The trio were all busy with their own matters, and none of them had any idea about what was going on outside. They didn't know anything about the chaotic situation that was playing out right now. Time passed, day by day, both men and the dog had experienced huge transformations.


The assassin's clothes had already disintegrated into ashes so that he was almost naked. Even his hair had been burned away and his skin was a darkened hue. His face had been disfigured, and with the injury given to him by Ming Dong, his appearance was already far too long gone to know who he was.

Someone agreed.

"En!" You Yue gave an answer that was no louder than a mosquito's buzzing. Her face was completely red as she refused to look at Jian Chen in a manner typical of a shy woman.

"However, what is the usage of this bronze plate? Can it point us to the Island of Ice?"

Even the Imperial Protector in the room felt qute indignant after listening to Qing Shaofan's story. "The Sect of Dragon and Tiger knew that Jian Chen was an Imperial Protector for our Qinhuang Kingdom and still dared to attack him. This is simply an act against our Qinhuang Kingdom. Qing Shaofan, you acted appropriately. We of the Qinhuang Kingdom must protect the millennia of honor our country has built up. We will simply not allow anyone to challenge or make an enemy of our Qinhuang Kingdom. You may leave first. I will go discuss with the other three."Chapter 512: The Personal Arrival of a Saint Ruler

Both of Jian Chen's eyes shined bright with an azure and violet glow. The left eye flashed with violet and the right azure. Suddenly, countless blades of grass flew up around the wolf and instantly transformed into sharp sword like shapes before flying into the wolf's body.

"Those two are really reckless, to want to go to the third region."

All of the men from the Mu Rong family were surrounded and lost all of their hope, faces pale. Even Mu Rong Zhan was defeated by Jiang Chen. The Mu Rong family had lost their pillars, and they were no longer a match for the Jiang family within Fragrant Sky city.

"Right now I've only about half of my Saint Force left. If I were to go all out right now, it won't take too long for me to run out. I need to hold on until I can escape but I have to avoid fighting with them as well. If I run out of energy while trying to escape, then today will be the day I die." Jian Chen planned to himself mentally. Now that everyone was prepared for an attack, he had lost the element of surprise.

"I have no idea."

"With just these two Class 5 Monster Cores alone, I suspect that they will last me a very long time as I cultivate with them." Grasping both Class 5 Monster Cores in his hand, Jian Chen couldn't help but feel happy. In his heart, this was nothing but good fortune.

At that moment, Jian Chen's eyes sparkled with interest. He could clearly sense that a special power was gradually gathering in his mother's hands, forming that faint white glow. Moreover, this type of special power was the exact same power that he was able to contain inside the ball he had made earlier.

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