Beauty is a Beast Chapter 1954

Beauty is a Beast Chapter 1954

Jiang Chen suddenly opened his eyes, and two bright lights shot out.

"Duo Ji!"

But when Jian Chen's omnipresence reached one of the mountain peaks, a transparent barrier blocked its path, rendering him unable to sense what was past it.

Witnessing this, Yu Tian Long and the few other couldn't help but quietly let out a sigh. Obviously, Jiang Chen's brave moments had left an everlasting impression in Yu Zi Yan's heard. All girls dreamt romance, and a man like Jiang Chen was hard not to love.

Nangong Wentian started laughing in joy. The group continued moving forward with great speed. In the blink of an eye, they left the path and arrived at the mountain range.

The group was still feeling somewhat doubtful about this. They felt that is was impractical to call upon great warriors to help them in the upcoming battle. However, when they turned to Jiang Chen, they saw a joyful face, and a completely confident attitude. None of them had any clues what Jiang Chen's real plan was.

"Rest assured!"

"Don't think of this situation so pessimistically, as the proverbs say, £¦To find treasure, you must take hold of it from the jaws of trouble." Just how do you expect to catch the cub of a tiger without ever entering the cave? If we do not take this risk, our Lanming clan will forever be holed up within this small Thacia City. This is an opportunity for our clan. Young individuals with a strength like this are rare to see on the continent, but each one of them are unparalleled geniuses with a future like no other. This is the Lanming clan's chance to rise."

"Buddy is in secluded cultivation again, don't tell me his cultivation level is going to increase again? If that's the case, how is daddy going to find the opportunity to get revenge?"

Jian Chen continued to walk toward where the Flame Mercenaries were. Very few people were moving about, and not too far away, the sounds of pain and suffering could be heard loudly.

Guo Shan eagerly asked.

"I'm Jiang Chen from the Black Sect. The reason why I'm here is to kill these Blood Devils. I'll follow you to Redsun Town and get rid of those bastards."

Jian Chen's sudden burst of speed caused the distance between him and the Heaven Saint Master to increase by a large amount. However, the Heaven Saint Master began to increase his speed as well, following close behind Jian Chen and trying to close the distance.

"Looks like we won't be able to catch up to you for the rest of our lives, junior disciple Jiang."


The entire Yangji Sect began to grow restless now as each and every disciple throughout the mountains headed in the direction of the whistle.

As for the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, they were now another headache to deal with because of the mess that had occurred from the matter with the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. The Sect of Dragon and Tiger also had hidden hermits that did not fear the Qinhuang Kingdom. Although Jian Chen's status as the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom gave him some protection, there might be some Saint Rulers that were willing to give face to the Qinhuang Kingdom, but there could possibly be some that didn't. People who would actively chase after Jian Chen.

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