Dao Is But a Limit Chapter 1427

Dao Is But a Limit Chapter 1427

¡ú 9000-9999 years = Saint Grade

But this did not actually mean that Qing Clan, Hai Clan and Academy of Demon Refinery would not go up the battle stage. They were still beating the exchanging fist sign and challenging one another. It may seemed like they were interacting with each other, they were still taking responsibility for their own life and death.?

"It seems the rumors are true!"

"This is what they said too, but as long as there is a bit of hope, I want to try it." the lady's eyes were reddening, her tone resolute.

Lion dances, playing with fire torches...

Moments before, the pressure surrounding him had been sealing him in place, but now, fissures spread out in the air around him. In almost the same moment that the eight golden-armored giants arrived, he looked up and roared, simultaneously flying backward at top speed.

And yet¡­ in the middle of such a dramatic and bitter struggle, Bai Xiaochun showed up¡­ yelping in exaggerated fashion as he crawled along underneath a turtle shell. It left everyone completely flabbergasted.

"Milord--" he began.

Tier 2 () :?Canghai Mingyue,?Shi Qingzhuang

Qing Yi had a very lonely expression on her face. She walked to Qing Shui's side and embraced him, "We'll all listen to you, but you have to be honest with your mother. What are the odds of your success? Why not hide with us? A lot of things may change over a year and a half."

After Li Hong looked at Qing Shui who was sitting there and holding on persistently, he smiled and said to the mighty and valiant Boss, "It's also because the poison of the Boss is good. Otherwise, even if we really did get to invite him over, we would just end up being destroyed by him."?

"He is the one who killed a Xiantian Cultivator, Qing Shui from the Qing Clan." It was unknown who had spoken.

"Qing Shui, I know you are mad at me right now." Qing Hanye said in a beautiful, mellow voice that could tug at any man's heartstrings. Her expression seemed a bit flirtatious yet frightened. He felt crazy looking at how her soft lips moved.

Inwardly, he sighed as he thought about how high Bai Xiaochun's position was in the Spirit Stream Sect, and how the mysterious, unfathomable figure that no one else knew, actually had dealings with him.

Instantly, the hundred or so remaining survivors in the Fallen Sword World all sprang into actions. Hoarse shouts rose up as they flew into the sky toward the descending strand of golden heavenstring energy.

"They deserved to be wiped out. This time around, they were determined to enter the spiritual herb sacred land and was confident that no one would be able to stop them. Therefore, all the powerful experts in the clan had come, leaving only a few others who aren't worth caring about." Ji Yunlang let out a few laughs and said.

"Gentlemens, please sell these these two Crystal Lions to me, just state a price, or anything items you would like to exchange for, both are alright." Qing Shui smiled, he saw the scene from outside and went over.

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