The Grim Reapers Apprentice Chapter 2034

The Grim Reapers Apprentice Chapter 2034

Thinking for a moment, the elder then shook his head, "His body and the special characteristics of the wargods of the past are completely different. He must have used some sort of secret technique to gain such a strong physique. If a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler is unable to inflict a mortal wound on him, then it seems that I'll be able feel at ease while Little Fatty travels with him. He will be able to achieve the goals I have for him soon enough, I hope." At this, the figure of the elder gradually faded away from the world.

Big Yellow tried arguing.

But that wasn't the most important aspect. The bigger matter at hand was that if word got out that an upper classman like Ka Di Yun was bullying one of the freshmen, then he would become the target of ridicule. Furthermore, if the headmaster heard about this, then he would definitely receive a strict punishment.

In an instant, all five men fell down and died with blood spilling out from their foreheads. It was a frightening scene.

Wu Cong greatly understood the Crown Prince. Jiang Chen alone was not enough to attract his interest, but with Yan Chenyu, Wu Cong believed that she would definitely attract the Crown Prince's interest.

Yang Shuo shouted out lightly. All 108,000 Swords turned into trails of bright beams as they forcefully thrust towards Jiang Chen.

Big Yellow immediately became unhappy.

Outside Palace Black, Guan Yi Yun was still waiting for Jiang Chen. When he saw Jiang Chen walking out, he hurriedly walked up to him.

"You're right! This square is really big, it's so huge!"

"Hmph, old devil Ping Yu, I have not forgotten about that time 5 years ago. With this opportunity, why don't we end this once in for all." Huang Pingshu stared at the elder Ping Yu and spoke in a cold tone that clearly expressed his killing intent.

"What is the meaning of this, how did the stones suddenly fly up into the air££?"

About ten Combat Soul warriors stood at the front with frowns on their faces. They too had many doubts regarding which path they should choose. Soon, one of the Combat Soul warrior's eyes lit up. In the end, he couldn't resist the temptation of treasure, so he finally picked a path and started walking toward it.

"Hahaha, good, perfect! Brother Jiang, you really are a peerless genius! You have helped me solve all the problems that have troubled me for so many years! Accept mine, Guo Shan's gratitude!"

The Flood Dragon was extremely brutal. The Flood Dragon unceasingly attacked with its gigantic body, and was locked in a fierce fight with Mao Fang. It was only locked in a fierce fight because it was weakened. If it was in top shape, Mao Fang would be no match for it.

Jiang Chen pulled Big Yellow's ear, and with extremely fast speed, he dashed into the crack on the natural defense mechanism. Wu Jiu followed closely behind.

Han Yan sarcastically answered.

Jian Chen continued to run in an S shaped trajectory while looking for obstacles in hopes that the Silver Striped Golden Snake would be blocked.

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