Vampire Chronicles Chapter 1865

Vampire Chronicles Chapter 1865

A voice sounded out from within the crowd, instantly stopping all laughter. Everyone threw their glance at the young man in white. When they saw the face of this young man, they immediately swallowed their mocking words. Because, this young man in white was none other than Jiang Chen!

After a portion of the energy from the substance was assimilated, Jian Chen didn't know how much time had passed, but the gall bladder he had digested had shrunk a bit.

"Having such achievements at that young age££ The entire Eastern Continent has been flipped over underneath brother Jiang's feet; he has just toppled a dynasty! It truly is an amazing achievement!"

"Do you think I care about the Heavenly Sword Sect? Duan Jianhong, you are a smart guy, but usually, a smart man can easily be ruined by his own intelligence. You have to bear the consequences of your mistakes. I'll give you the same chance, just kill yourself."

Yan Zhan Yun was happy, but Lee Shan Yue was completely different. He could only feel the world spinning around him. Everything he saw was blurry.

Jiang Chen said.

After another few days, Jian Chen continued to find and capture any mercenary group that came across him. The amount of monster cores on him could be said to number up to a high amount, and whenever he saw a group of mercenaries he found interesting, he would let them go. For those who weren't pleasing to talk to, he would kill them. In those few days, the amount of mercenaries killed by Jian Chen couldn't be counted, and the amount of bodies that littered the Magical Beast Mountain Range was enormous. The scent of blood and death wafted throughout the mountain range, almost as if the scent of blood covered the entire area like an ocean.

Xuan Ye walked into the room and looked at Yan Chenyu. He immediately nodded his head when he saw Yan Chenyu's beautiful and gorgeous appearance.

"Leave some room for others? When you arrogant guys who have always thought that you are above everyone else decided to imprison my family, did you ever think about leaving some room for me? A bunch of Combat Soul warriors went straight to bully my friends and family, do you feel no shame? Where is your sense of shame? If not for the fact that you guys are scared of me taking revenge, all my family members might have died by now! If I spared you today, how would those who have already died because of me be able to forgive me?"

At that moment, the doors to the room opened up as a simple looking fat man around twenty years old came walking in with simple clothing.

Taking the book from the elder, Jian Chen began to flip through the pages. Indeed, what the elder said was correct. The book was a catalogue of every single Heaven Tier Battle Skill or Cultivation Method. This was especially surprising for Jian Chen, since he was able to see hundreds of battle skills and cultivation methods. He became tongue tied when he began to read through the list.

"Ye-yes my lord, We came across a Class 5 Magical Beast in the Magical Beast Mountain Range." The soldier's voice began to tremble as his face drained with color.

"Does that mean our army will be garrisoned here then?" Qin Wujian asked.

Several of the Earth Saint Masters didn't have enough time to react to the gust of wind and were promptly speared through the chests. With a miserable howl of pain, they fell to the ground without a sound or any further movements.

Besides, the Qian Province was almost identical to the Qi Province. Even if the Green Sanctuary Sect was the biggest sect in the Qian Province, its strength resembled the Black Sect at most. A Firethorn Savage at the peak of the Mid Divine Core realm, even the Black Sect wouldn't dare challenge it, as the consequences would be really devastating.

As expected, right after Big Yellow's words left his mouth, the group attracted even more eyes. Those eyes looked at Jiang Chen as if they were looking at an idiot.

Guo Shan had regained his consciousness, this allowed him to control the energy in his body. Therefore, Jiang Chen sped up his pace, crazily injecting the energies of the healing pills and the energy vein's heart into Guo Shan's body.

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