The Birthday Of a Special Stranger Chapter 1596

The Birthday Of a Special Stranger Chapter 1596

"Imperial Emperor, you should not have provoked me; that was your biggest mistake. We could have gotten along just fine without any trouble, and I would have no issues with your Martial Saint Dynasty either. It is you who brought all this upon yourself. The moment you passed down the Imperial Decree to kill all my family and friends, the destiny between us was decided; the Martial Saint Dynasty was destined to be destroyed by my hands. As for the Old Great Emperor, he will follow your steps."

Afterwards, Lin Bai followed closely behind Jamie with his two bodyguards.

"That concludes our discussion for now. Our next step is for you five to subjugate the powers with the Earth Saint Masters in the name of our Flame Mercenaries." Jian Chen spoke. With Zhan Tian and the other four, there was no need for Jian Chen to personally take part. Those five would be more than enough.

"This guy."

"Wu Yun, he has to be Wu Yun! Bah, that Wu Yun knows how to change his face. Don't think you can trick us by hiding your face, Wu Yun!" One of the middle-aged man from the Youlan clan glared at Dugu Feng with a furious look.

Yan Zhan Yun sighed. In fact, he was wrong this time. Maybe some parts of what he said was right, but Jiang Chen had a bigger plan for this.

"Everyone from the Martial Saint Dynasty, Shangguan Clan, and Myriad Sword Sect; withdraw from the Black Sect at once, no delays!"

From this box, Jian Chen only grabbed several hundred cores for his own personal cultivation while the rest were immediately absorbed by the Sword Spirits.

"I appreciate your help, Miss Xiao Wei.

Noticing that Jiang Chen and his friends had finally disappeared from their line of sight, the Fifth Grade Combat King hastily took out another set of clothes and put them on his body. His expression was extremely unsightly, and with a fierce voice, he told the other two disciples, "Listen, if any of you tell anyone what happened just now to another person, I will skin you alive!"

"Haha, princess You Yue, you needn't worry. I've already notified his Majesty. I am sure his Majesty will be coming over soon enough." Jian Chen smiled.

What Lin Bai had said caused Lei Mingao and Lei Yin's expressions to change again. A Class 6 Radiant Saint Master was already a core member of the union. They definitely could not afford to offend one. Even their clan, the Lei family, did not dare to offend a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master so easily.

"It's the captain! The captain has returned from the Gathering of the Mercenaries££"

Another thing that had startled Cheng Mingxiang was the sword in Jian Chen's hands. Because the sword had been so tiny in comparison to his, he had thought it was merely an embroidery needle. It was four feet long and 2 fingers wide, so it looked quite frail in his eyes. It looked as if the moment a large amount of strength was exerted onto it, the weapon would snap in half.

It had been unknown just how much time had transpired, but the core that was growing within Jian Chen's body had only grown bigger and bigger. It was by now already the size of his thumb and was still accumulating energy to a degree where Jian Chen had previously thought to be impossible.

Xuan Ye bowed deeply toward Wu Jiu. His eyes turned red, and he was almost in tears. It had been seven years, and the main reason why he came to Inferno Hell was to find Wu Jiu. Just as he had almost given up, he had finally found Wu Jiu.

The Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect were behaving much better than previously. There was after all a prince standing behind them. On the other side, Wu Cong was extremely furious! He was clenching his teeth so tightly that even cracking sounds could be heard. He almost leapt onto Jiang Chen with the intention of tearing him to pieces.

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