For Her, My Warmth Chapter 1462

For Her, My Warmth Chapter 1462

As soon as that white shadow appeared, Zhao Tianjiao, being the one with the highest cultivation base among the group, quickly took action. He was not acting in the heroic way that Bai Xiaochun had asked him to, but instead, was immeasurably grim. A murderous aura burst out from him, making him look like a god of death as he strode toward the white shadow.

It was because of all that experience that he actually didn't feel very apprehensive when facing devas. Furthermore, as he prepared to fight these two devas, his mind was alive with various thoughts.

"The east, south, and central districts are off limits. But go ahead and select any open land in the west or north districts. Plant that flag in the ground, and that 5-kilometer area will be your personal property!" With that, the Sky Quarter peak lord sighed in relief, then sent a wave of seven-colored light to push Bai Xiaochun and the cold-faced female cultivator away.

Canghai Mingyue looked at Huoyun Liu-Li, finding it funny. She knew that the latter was very headstrong and seeing Qing Shui's performance made her feel a sense of failure and frustration.

"Don't listen to him, Grandmaster Bai. Why don't you join the Bane Stars? Not only will I offer you ten times your current compensation, but I can also guarantee that you won't be injured by the Wildlanders even a single time. I definitely won't let you end up in any critical situations such as those which unfolded before!" Even as the words rang out, a middle-aged man in a crimson robe appeared.

A sensation of grief spread out from all living things, even the plants and vegetation, as Song Que and the Saint-Emperor closed in on the hand of the Mortal Renegade!

An unsightly expression could be seen on Mistress Red-Dust's face as she realized that she was trapped. At the same time, her hatred for Bai Xiaochun grew stronger. Calling upon the power of her red lotus, she managed to break an opening into the lines of corpse troopers, and yet the moment she did, the backlash from her failed breakthrough worsened. Her divine sense didn't seem capable of keeping up with her desire to fight, which also caused her red lotus to lag.

He had achieved a cultivation base breakthrough, and was currently in late Core Formation. Furthermore, thanks to certain secret magics of the Blood Stream Division, he now possessed enough battle prowess that he had been able to kill a soul cultivator in the great circle of Core Formation.

Eventually, the fifth young lady rose, bowed, and then gave a simple answer that attracted a lot of attention.

However, it was at this point that someone in the crowd with sharp eyes happened to notice the little turtle etched into the side of the pill.

But now everything had changed. The Dire Skybanyan roared as its enormous frame rose up over the Heavenspan River. Countless roots were connected to either side of the river bank, making it look almost like a giant.

"Of course. I can't bring myself to bully her. Without your mother, the Qing Clan and I would have perished long ago." Qing Shui laughed while he hooked his pinky with Luan Luan's.

And that was not to mention his fleshly body power, which was in the great circle of the third level of the Undying Live Forever Technique. He was already at the point of making contact with the third shackle, giving him access to monstrous force!

Various precious medicinal herbs of the best quality were placed around Qing Shui. After a fixed period of time, he would throw some of them into the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron and would also change the degree of the primordial flames as required.

The head of the Dongfang Aristocrat Clan was an old man of the second generation. He addressed the crowd for a few moments after he came out and proceeded to raise a toast. He announced that it was his grandson's wedding and urged everyone to enjoy the food and drink.

Elder Sun seemed quite pleased, and was even considering taking Du Lingfei on as a personal apprentice.

Looking at Qing Shui who was emitting an air of certainty, Qing Zi could feel that Qing Shui was special. He was one of a kind, different from the majority of the 3rd generation disciples. Especially when looking at that pair of beautiful eyes, Qing Zi could see traces of coldness, disregard and competitiveness hidden within them.

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