Twilight of the Gods Chapter 1744

Twilight of the Gods Chapter 1744

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He started walking within the sky, and instantly entered the white fog.

Suddenly, the lazy Big Yellow stood up from the ground. Two bright beams escaped from his eyes as he opened them to look at the two men who had suddenly appeared in their courtyard.

"Jian Chen, I didn't think you'd be an expert of such profound strength! Ai, it is truly inconceivable that with your current age you are able to kill a warbeast of this level. However, I as the representative of every member of the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries must give you my thanks. You have solved a major problem for us." Hudolf spoke honestly and respectfully.

Because Wake City was so close to the Magical Beast Mountain Range, the number of mercenaries that stopped to rest here were much greater than any other city. The majority of the mercenaries had their eyes set on the favorable living conditions here, and tended to stay around for a long term period. It was extremely convenient to enter the Magical Beast Mountain Range and hunt magical beasts in exchange for money.

Jiang Chen smiled slightly, he didn't take Li Wu Shuang's words seriously.

"Brat, I don't care who you are, when you dared to come to our Black Sect and started beating our men, you were just courting death! I want you to kneel down immediately and apologize to them!"

After flying 10 meters into the air, Jian Chen crashed down onto the ground and rolled away painfully before slowly reaching a painful stop. His face began to shake and started to drain of blood as a fierce amount of pain could be felt coming from his left shoulder.

Immediately afterwards, the restaurant was filled with gasps of shock. What happened was very different from what they were expecting, causing everyone to look at Jian Chen in surprise. However, those who were slightly more discerning saw Jian Chen use a single chopstick to stab through Gan Hou's hand, their faces became heavy and hardened. The following looks towards Jian Chen also slightly changed; quite a number of them carried deep shock.

"Oh no, there's danger!"

Seeing his attack miss, Luo Jian's eyes reflected a shocked expression. However the next instant, the cyan Saint Force immediately appeared from within his body. As soon as it materialized, mysterious breezes began to surround his body.

"You bastard, don't you even think about it! This miss will definitely teach you a lesson!" Hearing Jian Chen mention that forbidden event, the girl howled in anger. Leaping back, she withdrew the golden longbow on her back and immediately aimed the bow at him.

An uproar immediately rose. Everyone were shocked, and no one were able to remain calm. Killing a First Grade Demon King was completely different from killing a Second Grade Demon King.

Finally, the group woke up from their despair, and began cheering and dancing around. Jiang Chen had returned; the young genius who always did the seemingly impossible had come back to them!

After saying that, Jiang Chen stood up from his seat.

"Hurry, kill that monster first!"

"That's right, I have made up my mind. I must act or perish; I will gamble my future within Inferno Hell!"

In Wu Cong's mind, Wu Lang had just saved Jiang Chen. But, little did he know, Wu Lang had actually just saved his life! That cold aura came from the Ice Demon King, and if Wu Long was only just a little bit slower, Jiang Chen would have unleashed the Ice Demon King. With the Ice Demon King's formidable strength, there was no way Wu Cong could defend against its attack.

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