Wisdom of a Mage Chapter 928

Wisdom of a Mage Chapter 928

Although Duo Kang had been in many life or death situations, he had never been in such a perilous situation as this one. If Jian Chen was a second too slow, then his life would have been forfeit and his body a corpse.

Jian Chen had caught onto the worry in Tie Ta's eyes, prompting him to immediately ask in concern, "Tie Ta, if there is some sort of difficulty you have, tell me and I will help you through it."

A stick of incense later, Jian Chen followed the two elders into a secret room. The room was extremely large and rather empty, with no one else except for Jian Chen and the two elders. High up, there was a layer of white fog moving about. It did not disperse, giving off a sacred light which illuminated the room.

It was no exaggeration to say that a grand elder was the ultimate ruler of Mercenary City. Not only could they mobilize the entirety of Mercenary City, they were the decided people who had the most authority in it.

A super high pitched scream reverberated out in the valley. With Chen Shuang as he was now, it was obvious that he was no match for Big Yellow. Big Yellow's bite was filled with hatred, and his teeth were razor sharp. After the sound of flesh being ripped apart resonated out, half of Chen Shuang's butt was torn off.

"You're the one that's afraid." Jian Chen said.

"Brother Jian Chen, we have heard that the third lord of the Shi family, Shi Xiangran was killed by you. Is that matter true?" The same elder spoke with a calm tone.

Only Jian Chen understood that it wasn't because he was unable to cultivate Saint Force, it was due to the fact that he had been incorporating the Saint Force into the cells of his body. Because of this, his body was essentially an empty shell, with no Saint Force remaining in his body. If he hadn't used this method, then today's Saint Test would have had a different result.

Daoist Black asked. He had a great interest in this one-year fight agreement between Jiang Chen and Nan Bei Chao. Also, because Jiang Chen had become a disciple of the Black Sect, his battle with Nan Bei Chao would directly affect the reputation of the Black Sect.

Just as the two Sword Qi fused with each other, an eye piercing light shot forth from the Light Wind Sword. No longer was the light purely azure or violet, it was now the two colors combined. There was azure in the violet, and violet in the azure as if the two were one the entire time.

Soon, the group returned to the place where the dimensional crack was found. Just as they arrived, two strong Dimensional Creatures dropped out from the crack at the same time.

The king, Khafir, and Ye Ming all exchanged several words of greeting before Chang Wuji took them to their own personal rooms. However, the three men all gave one long look to Jian Chen. After the past few days, Jian Chen had amazed them more and more with each second. None of them had thought that in several days, Jian Chen would unexpectedly return with eight Heaven Saint Masters and an entire division of soldiers. The arrangement of military might had caused the king's heart to flutter Jian Chen's influence in the Qinhuang Kingdom was far beyond what he had initially imagined.

Jian Chen evidently knew why the man was hesitating and couldn't help but laugh. His left hand held the howling cub while his right hand patted the shaggy fur on top of its head. "You wanted this cub so badly, so why aren't you coming to get it? Could it be you have the guts to say you want it, but not the guts to take it?"

At this moment, a middle-aged man came rushing in before kneeling before the youth and elder, "A report for the second prince and prime minister Che. The king of the Gesun Kingdom has returned to the palace and brought with him three people of unusual status."

For a good while, Bi Yuntian was speechless. Finally, she found herself looking at Bi Hai to ask with a trembling voice, "Are...are you really patriarch Bi, patriarch to my Bi family?"

"Really? Since you are all so confident, let's have another bet! This time we'll bet with a 1 to 100 ratio!"

The old man had an angry expression on his face. After that, he turned to Jiang Chen with a flattering expression, "Brother Chen Jiang, they have eyes by fail to see, none of them can recognize my treasure's greatness. Although it looks like a broken bronze plate, it's really heavy! I found it some time ago, and I can't exactly tell what it is. BUT, I'm sure it's something extraordinary!"

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