Age of Teras: Monster Evolution Chapter 821

Age of Teras: Monster Evolution Chapter 821

The sight of his apprentice being killed caused Master Cloud Lightning to howl, "Bai Xiaochun!!"

"You can't die. If you die, I'll have everyone here accompany you down there. Will you feel satisfied with that?" The Sky Tyrant Lord knitted his brows and said. He was well aware of how persistent this brat could be. He didn't know what else to do other than using her weakness against her for now. As long as he could manage to kill Qing Shui later, everything would be fine.

"She said something happened at home and needed to rush back immediately, taking my "White Vermillion Bird"! I wanted to accompany her, but she had rejected my offer."

The resulting boom caused the entire eighteenth level to shake violently.

Bai Xiaochun waited for two hours, during which time the anger and anxiety in his heart built. It was evening before Song Junwan finally agreed to let him in. The door slowly opened, and Bai Xiaochun strode inside, trying look ice cold and filled with veins of steel.

"I don'tĄ­"

Glaring coldly at the huge lizard, he said, "No wonder you freed the creature that emerged from the stone of flesh and blood that fell when the damaged fan arrived!! [1]


"Give me some of those!" he said excitedly, pointing at the seven-colored mistysea grass.

He would still be defeated even if he were to kill everyone in here, since Sky Prison Sect was basically considered gone. Although he still had some energy left in him, and there were two more powerful members in the sect, the Sky Prison Sect would vanish in the next ten years or so.

Each of the Blood Stream Division's five mountain peaks of the past had all contained powerful precious treasures, and now, they were all being used in the fight. Animated corpses and gargoyles alike were all fighting without mercy!

Not long later, people consecutively arrived. Qing Shui directly gave the four Defense-Enhancing Fruits to Qing You, Qing Hu, Qing Bei and Qing Shi, leaving aside two for other uses!

"And I'm Hao'er's Master! I can definitely stop this!!

Bringing up the big bird again and recalling the wretched look of that man on that day, she suddenly felt so ashamed, and could not wait to beat Qing Shui up.

"I've flown far enough away that I shouldn't run into anyone else," he thought. "As for the keys, whoever wants to fight over them can have at it." He was quite pleased at his own insightfulness, and was just musing about how bright and intelligent he was when the third hour in the Blood Wasteland arrived.

"All Bai Xiaochun has are some medicinal pills. As long as he doesn't have a chance to use them, he can be dealt with easily!"

Elder Mo left and Qing Shui examined the exquisite purple token. The word Heavenly Palace was written on it. Qing Shui thought the token was neither gold nor silver, but it was abnormally tough.

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