Reborn As Luffy With Saiyan Powers Chapter 2725

Reborn As Luffy With Saiyan Powers Chapter 2725

Just several hours after he had changed directions, Jian Chen had left the Dazhou Kingdom and arrived at the bordering kingdom of the Zhuya Kingdom. Heading within its borders, Jian Chen flew straight for the First Class city, Walaurent City.

"We're not leaving, we'll follow you to fight against the Demon King Palace! One way or another, we'll provide our strength for this war!"

Sensing the aura of this young man dressed in white, the longsword once again let out a loud cry. It flew rounds around this young man, showing signs of intimacy.

After launching such a powerful attack, Lord Nether clearly looked weaker, and his energy was no longer as strong as it previously was.

Sweeping his eyes over the wrist sized snake attentively, Jian Chen had to concede to the fact that he had come across a Silver Striped Golden Snake.

In just a few minutes, all the impurities within the ingredients were gone.What wa left was the essence of the ingredients.


"Servant, serve me all the best wind and delicacies you have in this restaurant."

Yan Zhan Yun was laughing out loud. He would never let go of any chance to mock Lee Shan Yue. Lee Shan Yue's anger could frighten almost anyone, but Yan Zhan Yun didn't care at all.

"My mother was a cultivator. She also owned an Earth Tier Battle Skill. She became a cripple because her Saint Weapon had been shattered. When you found out that mother had a battle skill, you wanted her to hand it over to you, but she refused! It was through your fists that you attempted to beat it out of her, but with her Saint Weapon gone and her weakened body, she was killed when you took the beating too far! I know everything, don't even try to cheat your way out of this. You cannot lie to me. You have the face of a human, but the heart of a beast! By no means do you have the right to call yourself my father. Today is the day I will kill you to take revenge for my mother!"


Its immortal ability was truly heaven defying. Therefore, no matter where it went, it would wreak havoc and caused enemies to helplessly cry out.Chapter 457 ΓΏ Reinforcements

"On a day with clear skies, the Multicolored Stone will begin to glow five different colors as it is right now. When the weather is quite nasty or is raining heavily, then the stone will glow with an intensely bright luster that could light up the entire Treasure Pavilion. However, what must be carefully noted is that if the Multicolored Stone were to touch a single drop of water, then it will grow extremely heavy. Its weight will be so heavy that those without enough strength will be unable to pick it up."


Jian Chen nodded his head, "Correct, I am Changyang Xiangtian. I didn't think that after so long, people would still remember me."

Someone amongst the crowd shouted, it was one of the men who had lost his bet to Big Yellow.

"It's a Heaven Tier Battle Skill! Quick, don't let him use it!"

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