Cry Chapter 450

Cry Chapter 450

One of the Early Heavenly Core disciples came to Duan Li and asked.

Jiang Chen waved his long sleeves and started walking towards the Stairway to Heaven. This action really surprised a lot of people.

After a while, everyone had slowly started to suppress their killing intent to the point where not even a small amount could be felt leaking out.

A single burst of fire shot down from the air and made contact with the buildings. With that spark, the entire compound was lit aflame instantly.

"I suppose you two young masters are here for the first time? If that is the case, it makes perfect sense that you don't know about the Blissful Island's rules. The island will only open for the public when the trade fair starts, and before that, no one is allowed to step onto the island. The trade fair starts in three days, and those who arrived early will have to wait."

For the next twenty years, Kendall would come back home every so often with plenty of money. The family situation back at home had slowly improved, and he even had several Class 1 Monster Cores for Sans to cultivate with. As their family life grew better, they eventually came to a Second Class City in the Qiangan Kingdom and opened up a small inn for ten years.

With everyone watching him, Jiang Chen waved his hand and unleashed a bright light, wielding it like a sharp sword and cutting towards Lee Chang Hong underneath his feet.


A tidal wave of emotions overcame Yun Lian's mind at that point. A Heaven Saint Master was among the strongest on the continent. On the power structure, they were nearly at the top, and would be heads above anyone else if put in any random kingdom. Even a king would have to treat them as majestic and illustrious entities with most haste. Their very existences were the same as being compared to an entire kingdom. The rise or fall of a kingdom was completely dependent on where the Heaven Saint Master was in the equation.

"You're courting death!"

Ye Xiao was completely enraged, and so was Shangguan Chong. Their Yuan energies trembled violently and shattering the long robes covering their bodies, then it swept across the entire auction hall. This was a massive insult, this was even worse than directly killing them! From today onwards, they could no longer hold their heads up high and walk straightly. They must kill this damn dog and tear him into a thousand pieces! They must break all of that damn Chen Jiang's bones and burn him into ashes!

"Jiang Ru Long!"

With this, Jian Chen's eye gained a killing glow as he didn't spare any more time to talk. The Light Wind Sword appeared in his right hand as he suddenly flew toward the elder to stab him.

The sudden loss of composure from the man had caught the attention of the young woman next to him. She discovered You Yue's existence at that point as well. When she saw the fairy-like beauty of You Yue's face, she too was stunned. However, there was some envy aside from her shock.

Tia Ta scratched his head with a modest smile, but he didn't know what to say in response to that.

Right by Jian Chen's side, Tynes had noticed the puzzled look on Jian Chen's face and asked out in concern, "Imperial Protector, what is the matter?"

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