Kingdom of the Weak Chapter 2788

Kingdom of the Weak Chapter 2788

"This one thanks the senior!" Ming Dong was overjoyed. With this man, an easygoing and fortuitous life for his family would be within his reach. After all, this man was a five thousand year old Saint Ruler and many Heaven Saint Masters would respect him as their lord. With this expert, the life of his family would be smooth going.

"Right now there's only ten days until the end of this round of the competition. When we get transported out by the strange energy, we'll be powerless to try and remain here. If we wish to enter the cave, then we must all unite." The purple robed man next to Dugu Feng spoke.

"My lord, this was the work of the Yangji Sect. After being bullied last night, the Yangji Sect came back earlier today for revenge. As they were smashing up the place, my son tried to stop them but was taken back with them as a result." The shop owner cried out in grief.

"My child, ah my poor child. Wake up! Don't scare your mother like this. If you die, then your mother doesn't wish to live either!" The woman continued to cry, not even noticing the bloodbath that occurred around her.

"Sire, just who might you be? Why must you destroy our Pingyang Kingdom's imperial palace?" The elder asked carefully once more, desperately hoping to find a way to not be an enemy to Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. With his experience, he could recognize the huge green python with just a single look.

The decree of the king not only stunned the audience, but even Qin Ji who was standing next to him. There was a look of utter shock on his face and a blankness had entered his mind.

After a few more canteens were filled, Jian Chen threw off his clothes and jumped into the stream to wash away the sweat he had built up on his body.

"Bullshit, many people saw it, it is definitely an Emperor Weapon! Jiang Chen, you're just making this up! Even if it was a King Weapon, how could you fuse it with your Natal Weapon with your cultivation?!"

"Then I'll be relying on you, brother Qing Yun." Jian Chen spoke with a respectful salute.

Upon seeing Kendall, the youth's face revealed a smile as he said, "Ah, Uncle Kendall, I just knew it was you."

"Sire Jian Chen, the Imprint of Death on you is something that the men behind the third elder could use to find your position rapidly. If sire Jian Chen can't fight them off, then my Vulcan Shrine would be more than happy to help you. Don't worry about the Shi family, our Vulcan Shrine have no fear for them." A red-robed elder smiled amicably to try and gain Jian Chen's favor.

The other peoples' conditions weren't any good either. Except for Wu Lang and Wu Cong who could still remain calm, all of them were in states similar to Shangguan Yilong.

Jiang Chen nearly coughed out blood. After wasting an entire month waiting for this bastard, the first thing this damn dog did after breaking through was challenge him. This made Jiang Chen feel sad; he suddenly felt that this was a loveless world.

Bi Yuntian was speechless, but a happy smile crept up on her face nonetheless. "Xiang'er, learning to read is an exhausting task as well as being extremely boring. You must understand that there are many different words in the continent. This isn't something that can be learned quickly, are you sure you want to start learning now?"

Hearing that, Jian Chen held up a hand to touch his face with a bitter smile. His disguise had been perfect and had allowed him to travel anywhere with ease. He hadn't thought that Saint Rulers would be able to ignore this completely.

Wu Jiu cried out in surprise. Now he finally understood why Jiang Chen was in such a rush. Not many people knew where Jiang Chen came from, and that included Wu Jiu, because Mount Origin was a really remote place. It was located so far away that people just simply ignored. But, who would have thought that a peerless genius like Jiang Chen actually came from such remote land?

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