Rise of the Demon God Chapter 2324

Rise of the Demon God Chapter 2324

During those nine days, he made four attempts, all of which were failures. However, he didn't let that disappoint him. He had plenty of souls to work with, and each failure led him to deeper understanding. It was on his tenth day inside the cellblock that he sat there cross-legged, his eyes bloodshot and his hair in disarray, but his expression that of excitement.

As for Li Qinghou, bitterness and self-reproach filled his heart.

"Mother dearest.." Qing Shui jubilantly called out.

Other than Bai Xiaochun, few people would be able to open it. But with his Undying Hex, it was little challenge. Once inside, he took all of the medicinal plants and spirit stones that were stored inside.

"Is it fun playing in the mountains? Where do you usually play?" Qing Shui had nothing on, and decided to have a chat with the little girl to get to know her a little better.

Bai Xiaochun was shocked to find that Chen Fei really was so gifted at speaking. Looking very serious, he said, "Cut the crap! Do you really think Bai Xiaochun is the type of person who likes to be brown-nosed!?"

It was with unprecedented seriousness that Du Lingfei and the others began to focus completely on their tenth and last batch of spirit medicine. As everyone looked on with fixed gazes, the twentieth hour slowly passed.

In the days which followed, he went on patrol with Squad 9 and continued to work on the formula for fourteen-colored flame. Time passed. One day, he finally went back into the cellblock alone.

Cracking sounds rang out, and the imps looked around in astonishment. After all, most of them had a hard time recalling how long it had been since someone had dared to use pill concocting to challenge them.

It struck as fast as lightning.

"Hahaha! Celestial Aged Spirit is in for a big headache!"

To reach the 5th heavenly layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, it was likely that he would need to break through to reach 100 cycles. After giving it some thought, Qing Shui decided to stop thinking so much into it. While he would receive a great boost in his powers after leveling up the Ancient Strengthening Technique, it was hard to break through each stage. If it were not for the heaven defying existence of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he would likely only be able to scrape through to reach the 4th heavenly layer after his whole lifetime.

Only those involved in the fight were aware of what was truly happening; the spectators could only tell that Qing Shui and his party were suddenly initiating an attack and going on the offensive.

"Leaving here for a long time?" Huoyun bewilderedly asked.

Two streams of crystal clear tears cascaded down Lady Duanmu's face. She had neither thought of remarrying anyone else nor look for another ever since that man passed away. She had overcome the toughest of times. Any man who plotted against her would be punished back then. To think that she'd be stuck in such a situation nowˇ­

Qing Yi silently gazed at the back of Qing Shui. The weak and little boy that had been unable to cultivate had finally matured, and even became the pillar of the Qing Clan today. That pitiful back view of the child from back then, had already become so tall and awe inspiringˇ­

On the ground at the young woman's feet was a headless body, clad in the robes of the Spirit Stream Division, blood pooling up around it.

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