The Real Monster Chapter 700

The Real Monster Chapter 700

Jiang Chen threw his glance to those people and spoke in an indifferent tone.

Jian Chen himself had a small smile. The elder's words had caused him to be speechless.

Situ Qing's usage of the Spatial Force was ultimately detected by Huang Tianba, whose eyes immediately swung to look down at the concentrated patch of trees where Situ Qing was at. "I've found him. He's using his Spatial Force ten kilometers ahead of us."

"Buddy, you want to kill it?"

Jian Chen slowly walked to his window and sat down next to it. Bending his lower back, both of his arms massaged his legs continuously. Pursuing the mysterious footsteps for that one moment had caused his legs to become incomparably weak. He couldn't even use the smallest amount of power in his legs anymore.

At this moment, one of the elders in the middle cupped their hands, "It has been fifty years since the last time. Today we meet once more, and next, we will be employing a secret method to temporarily close the barrier to the Space Gate. Everyone will be able to travel to Mercenary City afterward. The way to use the Space Gate should be familiar to everyone, so we shall not spend anymore time explaining it."

After all, nobody was born with the ability do and understand everything. All knowledge retained is a result of one going out to learn it. Of course, Jian Chen was an exception.

"Big Yellow, we're no match for them, let's go."

Jiang Chen's blood wings flapped as he flew up into the sky once again. He didn't want to fight Liang Xiao right now. After all, with his current strength, a Late Heavenly Core genius was not someone he could deal with.

Next, the king followed up on his own words, "That's not all, Yue'er, do you know why the Imperial Advisors of the Qinhuang Kingdom came to the assistance of our Gesun Kingdom all of a sudden?"

Big Yellow pointed his nose up towards the sky as he followed Jiang Chen while wiggling his tail.

"Alright, inform your chief and ask him to bring the young lady here.Also, tell him to bring the herbs for the cleansing pill."

"Shadow, if you're unhappy, we can fight it out and see who's stronger. Though, I've got things I gotta do. I don't have the time to bicker with you. I'll fight you any time after I complete the mission Mr Cheng's told me to do." The big bald man said coldly.

"A battle skill like this was somehow able to let a Peak Saint Master to kill a Great Saint Master!"

Right at this moment, all the Heavenly Core disciples and Sect Elders were hovering in the sky above the Black Sect. This was a small army of people from the Valley of Happiness and the Black Sect. Just the sheer force the group unleashed caused the ground to shake.

"Master, this man is Jiang Chen. He and this big yellow dog are both friends your disciple met in the Xuan Region. When I was in the Chaotic Ocean, I found a sarira, and while I was in secluded cultivation trying to absorb the sarira, some enemies found me and tried to attack me. It was these two who risked their lives to save me. Later on, both of them were attacked, and now suffer from severe injuries. Your disciple failed to save them, and that's why I came back to master, hoping you can save them."

This place was practically a giant mountain of tungsten alloy with a purity that matched perfectly with Tynes' description. The tremendous quantity of the tungsten alloy had been enough to leave even Jian Chen tongue tied, and with his presence, he had been able to dig five meters deep into the ground to probe out the area even more. It had been to his even bigger shock that there was even more tungsten alloy that what was initially measured--the extent in which the vein extended to was more than enough to leave any man utterly inconsolable even.

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