Truth ~The revenge of a man~ Chapter 2993

Truth ~The revenge of a man~ Chapter 2993

Qing Shui didn't like pampered girls. In addition, he didn't even like lolis. However, Qing Shui didn't know that he had already been remembered by this high quality loli.

Through the effects of the time-dilation, in the span of a few days the black fishes had already grown to be about a foot long. The black river turtles had grown to roughly the size of a palm. Strangely, while the black fishes became increasingly ferocious, the black river turtles became much more agile and nimble.

Even though the Diamond Gigantic Elephant didn't break through to the Martial Saint Grade, Qing Shui felt that it's within his expectations. After all, it previously only managed to achieve the strength equivalent to an Eighth Grade Martial King. Although its strength still exceeded that of a human Eighth Grade Martial King, it was still restricted by the limitations of its cultivation grades. Its speed in particular. This had caused the strength of the Diamond Gigantic Beast to be restricted significantly.

Bai Xiaochun dodged out of the way and then shouted out in a loud voice, "Are you northerners rebelling against the lands of Heavenspan or something?!

"I don't feel like that at all. No one is aggrieved in this incident. If it had felt that bad, I would have chosen death," Yu Ruyan shook her head in agony. The thought of Duanmu Lingshuang entered her mind, she was worried that something would happened to her daughter due to her death. Judging from her daughter's temper, she would no longer allow herself to live. Yu Ruyan was extremely concerned that her daughter would commit suicide if she were to lose her mother as well.

The Saint-Emperor really had gone all out in his strike, unleashing shocking energy and causing deafening booms. However, it seemed to have little effect on the bell. It tolled, but the Eternal Mother did not awaken. And to the Saint-Emperor's shock, a backlash attack slammed into him with devastatingly destructive power!

"20,000 taels!"

Luan Luan happily took the rest of them and fed them to the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear, at this moment, it seemed the abilities of the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear had an explosive increase.

The Greencloud Continent was incomprehensibly vast. Thinking back of his clan members, Qing Shui lamented that it would take him at least three months of flying before he would be able to return to the Hundred Miles City. Let's hope by the time he wished to go back, the fire bird would have leveled up.

At one point, he suddenly recalled the little turtle, which he pulled out of his bag of holding, then shook back and forth a bit to produce the usual knocking sounds.

He flashed into the realm immediately.

This period of time was full of progression yet uninteresting, and it passed by quickly. He had about a hundred of the ¡®Meridians Clearing Pellet' in his hands, and he had already eaten about thirty pellets during his time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Shield Attack!

Qing Shui was quite crafty in his escape, a special trait that came from the usage of his Ghostly Steps. He could also use the terrain to his advantage to aid in his escape with agility, wickedness, and shrewdness.

"And sometimes, you might be dead, and yet be alive¡­. Zhou Xinqi perished, but she lives for all time in Shangguan Tianyou's heart! That black dog is dead, but exists eternally for Beihan Lie!

"Your illness is cured, and will never surface again. There's no need to thank me. I didn't save you because I wanted you to repay me." Qing Shui exasperatedly replied. Why would he need a little fatty to follow him around.

"Okay, explain your Lightning Detox Grand Magic to me."

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