Seizing Dreams Chapter 2188

Seizing Dreams Chapter 2188

A series of terrifying cries rang out in the sky!

"I have warned you before. Don't get curious with men. The more you want to know about them, the more attached you will grow to be. By the way, I'm not young."

He appeared to be middle-aged, and was somehow threatening without being angry. He also radiated an aura that was completely shocking. He was none other than... the Giant Ghost King!

The Cai Clan Patriarch chased the Bai Clan patriarch all the way back to the Bai Clan. Once the Bai Clan patriarch was safe inside, the Cai Clan patriarch looked at the city with glittering eyes for a moment before heading back toward Giant Ghost City to join in the search.

"If she knew, then why weren't the demigods in the local prefectures lying in wait for us to--" The Giant Ghost King was very intelligent, and a profound schemer. Therefore, before he even finished giving voice to his question, he came up with the answer, and it caused an unsightly expression to appear on his face.

"I wonder how many will explode this time?"

The blood glittered as brightly as a precious treasure, and as it appeared, all light in the area went dim. It was clearly no ordinary blood. In fact, this was a magical technique of Mistress Red-Dust's, something that combined the power of her cultivation base and her life essence to create a drop ofˇ­ magical blood!

A hint of viciousness flashed in Guan Jiu's eyes as he suddenly headed for Di Xuan. That gaze and aura he exuded made it clear what his intentions were.

As he thought of this, he walked leisurely toward the mountain's entrance. However, when he lifted his head to look at the entrance, he fell in a daze. He saw that beautiful lady's silhouette, still beautiful as before.

The best 1-colored equipment he forged had enhancement to three attributes, while the Coldsteel boots which he forged a bit later could be considered to have enhancement to four attributes. These two items could be considered the pinnacle of Qing Shui's current forging skills.

Hearing two women say these words to him, Qing Shui felt extremely happy in his heart. After all, they had also wanted children and their current age was just right to have kids.

Increasing the intensity of the flame was to help remove the Grade 10 Tempered Metallic Essence's impurities, leaving only the essence behind to create a better quality Tempered Metallic Essence.

Everyone who had witnessed this scene was completely shaken, and suddenly realized that... the rebellion was taking place on this very day!

After analyzing the matter for a bit, Bai Xiaochun wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at how the Grand Heavenmaster had handled the matter. After all, unless it was really important, he didn't want to have any dealings with Gongsun Wan'er.

"*Cough, cough*, your brother, I, really can't wait for you to get married. This is all to make sure that you will be happy. A woman will only feel true happiness once they get married." The courteous man smiled embarrassingly.?

The human body was still capable of reacting even under the control of a slave seal. Clearly, Du Lingfei had a tenacious determination in her heart to avoid hurting Bai Xiaochun.


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