Heart Cultivation: The Last Supreme Chapter 2907

Heart Cultivation: The Last Supreme Chapter 2907

Jiang Chen wasn't bothered by the warning.

Suddenly, one of the commander's face went white as he cried out in alarm, "Crap, I've been poisoned too!"

"That's right! That dog was still here just now, so how come he disappeared in the blink of an eye?"

"So he already broke through into the Saint level££"

Both Divine Core Sect Elder's expressions changed. By taking out Lord Blood Moon's head, Jiang Chen was showing them that the Black Sect owes him a lot, and that made both of them feel bad about blocking him. However, they had received orders from Fan Zhong Tang. At the same time, they were also Sect Elders of the inner circle, it would be shameful if they backed off just like that.

The one called Elder Hui had a bitter smile on his face as well, "That's right, while we don't have much to decide between when it comes to winning or losing, it is still a tough choice."

Breaking through like this was undoubtedly something incredibly frightening, as he simply seized another's energy and made it his own. Jiang Chen only broken through to the First Grade Combat King realm a few days ago, and he had now broken through to the Second Grade Demon King realm. This speed was incredibly terrifying, and it others heard about it, they would simply not believe it to be true.

"Second miss, please hurry back to your carriage, we'll take care of this matter straight away." A guard immediately spoke out to her respectfully.

Wu Cong instantly became enraged and shouted out. He was a prince of the Martial Saint Dynasty, a mighty Mid Combat Soul warrior! None had ever dared walk before him, but this guy asked him to be the last person to enter the ancient pagoda! Not only this, he had to wait until all the Divine Core warriors entered the pagoda, only then could enter. This was simply a big insult!

Everyone felt strange about this, wondering what the background of this young man was. At the beginning, he stood together with the Asura Palace in the fight against the Heavenhawk Island Master. But now, he had actually switched teams, and was helping that monk against the Asura Palace. Which side did he really belong to?

Jiang Chen asked with a frown on his face.

The stall owner looked at the interested face of Jian Chen and opened his mouth once more, "Honored customer, this white stone has been in my possession for many years now. If it were not for the fact that I am in need of money, then I wouldn't have put it out on display in the first place. Seeing you are quite interested in it, why don't you buy it?"

With no strong individual to control the magical beasts, the situation had naturally gotten worse for the Great Saint Masters. The Earth Saint Masters didn't care and left the Great Saint Masters to deal with the ire of the magical beasts.

"This flame is the True Dragon Flame, the king of all flames. Obviously, the poisonous miasma won't be able to get close to it."

Both the traitors were feeling guilty, and they knew they were no match for Zhou Bei Zhen and the rest who were enraged. They were hit and sent flying, falling to the ground not too far away.

Before Jian Chen could dodge, Jian Chen was covered with strands of silver that began to weave around his body. In the blink of an eye, he was completely cocooned in the silver strands as if he were a silkworm.

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciple became angry and grabbed that man's neck.

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