RWBY - Fall of Grimm Chapter 1419

RWBY - Fall of Grimm Chapter 1419

Just as the host finished speaking, the people in the audience immediately started to fight over the Miraculous Hundred Herb Pill. This medicine had a very strong healing effect that could heal not only physical wounds, but internal injuries as well. Once this pill was eaten, the wounds would quickly stabilize themselves. Although the healing effect was still vastly inferior compared to when a Radiant Saint Master healed someone, this item was still readily welcomed by everyone. Radiant Saint Masters were a rare breed in the Tian Yuan Continent, and with such a majestic identity, only a few influential clans would be able to have a Radiant Saint Master render their services to them. Thus, herb based medicines were well received within the Tian Yuan Continent. The higher effect they had on healing, the more expensive they became.

Within Jian Chen's head, he couldn't help but to think about the motherly affections he had received. Although Jian Chen wasn't a kid in his mind, he had never dealt with such an experience before and so this motherly affection was a new thing; so Jian Chen had a very low resistance towards this.

Although the king knew that this served as decorative purposes only, it was the least he could do on the surface.

Liang Xiao was fleeing from the fight. If news about this was spread out, his reputation would wash down the drain, he wouldn't be able to face anyone with pride any longer. But, Liang Xiao really did have to run away, his condition was really bad right now. If he didn't escape now, he might really get himself killed. He needed to find a way to get rid of the poison in his body before it reached his heart.

The mightier Han Yan behaved, the more determined Fan Kun became towards killing him. In order to help Nan Bei Chao achieve his ambitious dreams and goals, he needed to help get rid of what might get in his way. More importantly, with Fan Kun's status in the Black Sect now, no one really dared to offend him. He liked the feeling of being superb and peerless. He could put anyone down as he wished, if he wanted someone to die, that person would die. He felt like someone above all, dominating everyone's lives was really marvellous, and it provided him with an enjoyable sensation.

Someone picked up his courage and spoke.

"When I survived by myself all those years in the past, do you know how much blood was spilt by my hands? Let me tell you, no more than ten thousand and no less than a thousand."

"It wouldn't hurt to try. I've a way to protect myself from its venom after all." Jian Chen carelessly replied. Since he had managed to form the Thousand Immunity long ago, his Chaotic Body naturally benefited from its strong anti-venom property.

The other three elders had convened around the third elder with gasping breaths as well. Each one of them stared at Jian Chen as if they were looking at some sort of monstrous person. Not once did they ever imagine that Jian Chen would be able to handle four Heaven Tier Battle Skills at once while still being able to stay afloat in the sky. This result wasn't within their expectations.

Right now, the entire Dancing Sun City was in dead silence. Everyone was holding their breath as they looked at the Thunder Dragon. No one here had ever seen Heavenly Tribulation before, and today was the first time they experienced this rare event. Luckily, the Heavenly Tribulation only focused on this white-clothed youngster. If not, the entire city would perish underneath this furious tribulation.

"Alright, I'll get revenge for you."



"I don't think you can find such an abnormal monster in the Martial Palace, or even the Martial Saint Dynasty. He's actually fighting a Combat Soul warrior with a mere Mid Divine Core cultivation base."

"Kaka, so weak!"

Many people started cursing. Could this monk be any more shameless? He just killed a man, and he still pretended to be a compassionate man. Truly shameless!

"Just in time, I'll need to return to the Black Sect tomorrow as well. Why don't brother Jiang just stay with the Yu family tonight, then we can return to the Black Sect together tomorrow morning."

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