Supreme Uprising Chapter 2125

Supreme Uprising Chapter 2125

Seeing the group of people up ahead, Jian Chen's face immediately hardened. But since he was going so fast, he was already right next to them in the span less than five seconds.


Yu Zi Han couldn't calm himself down. Jiang Chen was definitely the biggest genius he had ever met.

"You have my Dayong clan. If sire Jian Chen requires it, then my clan would be more than happy to help you deal with the Shi family." The black-robed man had been unwilling to give up their chance to earn Jian Chen's favor as well.

"Brother Jiang Chen, I know you're afraid that Lee Shan Yue will send someone to attack the Jiang family, but I thought there was a Heavenly Core warrior residing in your Jiang family?"

Just as this strange energy entered Jian Chen's body, he immediately felt his entire body grow tense as the energy transformed into a net that surrounded the entirety of his entire body. He felt as if his mobility had been limited thanks to the technique in a fashion not too different from the pressure from a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Out of all eight guardians of the Demon King Palace, Jiang Chen had killed four of them in the Dancing Sun City. Today, another two had followed Lord Nether here, and this lion was one of them.

Big Yellow was not happy.

Right now, in the Jiang family meeting hall, Jiang Zhen Hai and Yan Hong Tai were sitting relaxed.

"These butchers will definitely get what they deserve!"

Jiang Chen then said with a serious expression, "Brother Yan is my brother, his life is equal to mine. Even if it requires me to climb a mountain of swords and dive into a sea of flames, I'll still save him; even if Yama wants to take my life, he will have to ask my permission." [1]

The sword in Dugu Feng's hand grew fiery as it approached his target, and with the sound of thunder striking metal, his sword clashed against the other with a large explosion. The elder he had clashed with had been forced back by the impact.

More importantly, nothing was greater than staying alive! So, aside from surrendering, what else could they possibly do?

The cacophony on the streets grew louder and louder as everyone continued to talk about the topic of the Class 5 Magical Beasts.

"Who could have guessed that this would happen££? The Jiang family acted so quickly!"

The four demonic generals of the Flood Dragon Bandits were powerful Heaven Saint Rulers. Each of them possess extremely great strength and even if they were compared to the entire Tian Yuan Continent, they would be regarded as some of the finest experts. Currently, the four just died in such a simple fashion in front of them. Such a shocking scene flooded everyone with disbelief. They refused to believe this was real.

A blue robed youth from not too far away looked down on Ming Dong with a look of despite before sneering at him, "Hmph, how cowardly. If you do not wish to to ride the flying magical beast, then don't, no one is forcing you."

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