The Adventures of Alex Jones Chapter 475

The Adventures of Alex Jones Chapter 475

Dismissing his distracting thoughts of Shi Qingzhuang, Qing Shui headed for the table where the Wenren sisters were. When he passed by the other days, he only smiled, especially towards those people whom he did not recognize.

He stood up and walked towards the main hall, which was the most impressive looking structure in the entire residence.

"I concocted medicine on Lesser Marsh Peak and nothing happened!" A bit annoyed, he sat down cross-legged and looked around the immortal's cave for a moment until his gaze came to rest on something in the far corner.

He was now completely sunk into a vision in his mind. It was like an out-of-body experience, in which he was flying through a starry sky!

"Ha ha, I'm a member of the Zuoshi Family. Although I've let them down, and they are all dead. You should be more clear than me, about what your Liu Family is. If I say the position of the treasures you would immediately kill me."said Zuoshi Yangcan with a cold laugh as he looked towards Liu Zilang.

"This is your 3rd Martial Aunt Zhu Qing¡­"

Qing Shui let go of her. After all. She had the Luan Silver Battle Dress. If she were to run into any trouble, she would be able to rely on the Luan Silver Battle Dress for to block it.

A graceful, refined woman walked toward them. Her hair was pinned up. Her neck was long. She had a curvaceous figure and bosoms which invited lust. A pair of wise beautiful eyes accompanied her matured, dignified face. Her skin was fair and delicate. She had a slender waist and a well-rounded butt that perked in a perfect arc. The flowy dress on her reflected the boundary between the secular and sacred.?

"Hmm since Brother Lan said so¡­ what about the rest?" Situ Nan Tian looked the judges as he asked for their opinions.

"Mother, I thought that these fruits were just ordinary run-of-the-mill fruits so I have already eaten two of them. After which, I could feel that my strength increased a lot and thus, decided to bring these fruits back! Mother, since these fruits can increase strength level as well as improve constitution, hurry up and eat two!"

The War Champion King, Spirit Advent King, Nine Serenities King and the Grand Heavenmaster, as well as the heavenly dukes, were all staring at the same person, their hearts pounding with fear!

At the same time, many strange and bizarre things began to occur in various parts of the labyrinth¡­.

[TL Note: In the raws, Yiye Jiange addressed Qing Shui in an endearing way as how one would address someone who brings you a lot of troubles yet you are unwilling to part with them or when you are in a love-hate relationship with someone.]

A seemingly endless army filled heaven and earth. It was a spectacular sight.

"I have cultivated these Daogates for my entire life, and they require the use of these six Daoswords to employ¡­. In fact, it was by using the Daoswords to open the Daogates that I was able to kill the Arch-Emperor and slaughter countless numbers of his people!

"Uncle, we feel that our aura has grown increasingly stronger. The people around us can't get used to it. Why is it that grandfather and Uncle don't have such aura?" Chi Feng gave it some thought before asking Qing Shui.

Over the following several days, Zhao Tianjiao did exactly as Bai Xiaochun had asked him to do. He started to back off from Chen Yueshan a bit, even disappearing for days at a time. When he did show up, he acted a bit coldly.

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