Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort Chapter 6

Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort Chapter 6

Old man Situ stared at Changyang Ba with a sneer, "Not bad, not bad at all. You know quite some things to be able to guess our strength. You must be the patriarch of the Changyang clan, as well as Jian Chen's father. Tell me where Jian Chen is."

The two golden energy arrows shot toward Jin Tian and Jin Feng at breakneck speeds. As expected from a Ruler Armament, the arrows that it shot locked onto the two men's auras precisely without fail.

She remembered, that time the two of them had once shared££

"Find that bitch Yan Chenyu and give her to me! That damned dog as well!"

"Hiss!" The snake's head disappeared with a blur as it nipped at Jian Chen once more.

"Hahahaha££" Seeing just how he had taken no damage at all, Jian Chen began to laugh with a great smile. His heart had soared with joy at this. A Chaotic Body was extremely strong. His body had become extremely strong after tempering it with just a single wisp of Chaotic Force. If he continued to temper his body like this, an Earth Saint Master or even a Heaven Saint Master would not be able to harm him.Chapter 389: The Road Home

Jian Chen sat up on the bed with some difficulty. The concern that everyone showed for him, filled his heart with warmth. He said, "Everyone doesn't need to worry, I'm fine." With that, Jian Chen suddenly remembered something. He glanced around frantically and only relaxed slightly after seeing the tiger sleeping by his side. He lifted up the white tiger softly and muttered, "Luckily Xiao Bai wasn't been taken away by that king from the Gilligan clan. Otherwise, it would've been a disaster."

Jiang Chen smiled and accepted the bow. It was Guo Shan's honor to be able to receive guidance from Jiang Chen. Besides, Jiang Chen knew that Guo Shan had devoted all his energy into alchemy, his persistency was not something that ordinary people could understand. The answers given to him, none of them could be purchased with money. Guo Shan's bow signified his gratitude.

"Why are you shouting at me?If I don' t look at the young lady, how will I be able to know what her situation is?"

In the darkness, time seemed to have gone into a standstill. There was practically no sensation of time even flowing, and no one inside this space seemed to be aware of anything. But then, a sudden crackling sound suddenly broken the silence in this darkness. The skin of Jian Chen's body began to crack in several areas like the webs of a spider, and in a few short seconds, not a single part of Jian Chen's skin was left untouched by these cracks.

With his arm having suffered from such a huge attack, Changyang Hu could no longer maintain the Saint Weapon in his hand, and the great axe disappeared from his hand.

"Fuck, why are there so many dead spirits here?! They are so disgusting, we can never kill them all!"

The Third Emperor furiously said.

"Eh? It really is Jian Chen! But wasn't he an Earth Saint Master when he was in the Gathering of the Mercenaries? So why is he a Heaven Saint Master now after a single year?"

Eight hundred Dragon Marks had been completely formed, Jiang Chen had broken through to the Divine Core realm, reaching a higher realm and altitude. Besides this, Jiang Chen's potential had once again been stimulated, and his foundation was much more solid and richer now. Therefore, Jiang Chen didn't exit his secluded cultivation, but instead began absorbing a huge amount of demon souls.

Just as the man was about to slash into Jian Chen, a dignified sounding voice suddenly called out, causing everyone to turn to look at the purple robed patriarch of the Tianqin clan walking toward them.


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