World of Fantasy and Technology Chapter 575

World of Fantasy and Technology Chapter 575

In the sky above the Black Sect, Jiang Chen was alone faced with the massive forces of the Martial Saint Dynasty. However, from the energy he was unleashing, he was not in a disadvantageous position.

The men from the Qinhuang Kingdom all blanched. Jian Chen was the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, but he had injured the three experts from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. To demand that the grand Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom give compensation, was simply a slap in the face to the Qinhuang Kingdom.

"I think Jiang Wei is in great danger this time. With Jiang Chen's character and approach, I don't think he can escape from death. Besides, this is a deathmatch, only the winner can stay alive, there is nothing wrong even if Jiang Chen really decided to kill him. Also, with Jiang Wei's status and cultivation level, being defeated by an outer circle disciple is a big disgrace."

Wu Jiu drank a cup of wine himself and said in a carefree manner. He had publicly said he would stand in front of Jiang Chen even if a hole was poked through the sky.

Rolling his eyes at Jian Chen, Ming Dong's mouth twitched, "Do you really think a Class 5 Magical Beast is something an Earth Saint Master could easily kill, eh? Just going into the forest to find one would take forever."

"The Primordial God Silkworm is a spiritual object of the world, created from the laws of the world. It is born because of calamity and formed from fortune. Once the god silkworm is born, it will use all its three vital energies of life to weave the godsilk and leave it behind, before turning into ashes."

The man in black was chasing closely behind, and he kept attacking them from behind. However, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were too fast, so all of his attacks had missed their target.

After Han Yan obtained Buddha's Heart Sutra, he hurriedly started cultivating it according to the sutra's scripts. The demonic characteristic in his body was immediately suppressed, and even the mark of the Ancient Devil between his brows disappeared.

Upon arriving, the Eighth Grade Devil King immediately locked its eyes onto Jiang Chen and his friends. Its eyes burned with raging fury. It knew that these three damn humans were the culprits, the ones who caused all the problems here. To make things worse, there was actually a monk among them!

"Haha, let's do this!"

Yan Yang shouted out loud. Every bit of Yuan energy in his body went into the sword in his hands. The sword produced a powerful buzzing sound, and with a swing, the sword was like a dragon flying towards Lee Chang Ming's attack.

"Hmph! Jiang Chen, I have to admit that you are indeed a peerless genius who can't even be found in ten thousand years! However, since you have chosen to be the enemy of the Martial Saint Dynasty, you are destined to walk a path of certain death! Although you possess formidable combat strength, enough to let you kill any Late Combat Soul warrior; when faced with your current situation, do you still think you can escape death? My advice to you is to surrender right now, and you might be spared from all the pain! And, if sincerely pledge your guilt, the Imperial Emperor mighty show enough mercy to retract the Imperial Decree to slaughter all your friends and family."

"Definitely, young master, we surely have to give a good lesson to whoever spares no face for our Yangji Sect."

Fang Hui nodded her head as if she understood, "Although what you say seems right, Jian Chen's strength can't be said for certain, he is still far too young."

"Haha that is the funniest joke I've ever heard! Face your death!"

When Jiang Chen was trapped in his own fantasy, he had somewhat merged with his previous life. Although he was still just a Late Heavenly Core warrior, the aura that was emitting from his body was coming from the greatest Saint. His gaze could see through any illusions.

Seeing Changyang Ba be so concerned about Jian Chen, Linglong and Fenyan, who were standing nearby, couldn't help but show a trace of deep jealousy and dissatisfaction. However, currently, everyone's gazes were gathered on Jian Chen, and nobody had noticed them.

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