My Reich Chapter 1939

My Reich Chapter 1939

"Uncle Zhou, I am feeling pretty good right now, I'm ready to concoct one more time££The explosion just now gave me some insights, I feel like I can easily make pills with 100%effectiveness now."


Jiang Zhenhai said with a smile. Having a son like this, he felt really gratified.

Everyone were astounded by what they were witnessing. For all cultivators, having the opportunity to witness this kind of battle was incredibly beneficial. In the Eastern Continent, it was incredibly difficult to witness the battle between two Combat King warriors, even more difficult than climbing the heavens.

For someone strong with a Radiant Saint Force like Caraga, it was unexpected for him to be beheaded by the young looking Jian Chen as soon as the match had started. This was such a wide gap in skill everyone found it almost hard to believe.

Jiang Zhen Hai let out his High Qi Hai level Qi, and with one step he approached the old man.The old man was wounded seriously and couldn't move a single step.Jiang Zhen Hai slapped the old man's head, immediately sending him to meet his maker.

"Elder Liu, before all of you arrived, the Demon King Palace launched a surprise attack on this city. They completely sealed up the entire city so that no one on the outside could know what was going on inside. Four of the great guardians brought an army of demons here to slaughter all living humans."

The sight of Jian Chen a hundred meters up into the air was an extremely eye-catching sight. Such an event didn't take long for everyone to witness. Each villager could only look on in utter disbelief.

"That won't be necessary, my homeland is still quite some distance away even after the Space Gate. With my speed, it should take two or three months to arrive, but with an army, the speed would be drastically slower. By the time the army gets there, it would take at least a year." Jian Chen replied.

Laughing, Jian Chen spoke, "We are complete strangers. Sire has neither idea if I am a well-doer or an evil-doer. Yet, I am invited in on our very first meeting, does sire truly trust this one that much?"

Jian Chen said, "Correct, I am Wu Yun. What made everyone here gather so many people to stop me? I don't know the reason."


"It's Big Yellow, Han Yan, and that other guy!"

Yu Fengyan finally snapped out of her delusion and looked at the two. She could only feel joy in her heart as she spoke, "Xiang'er, you've returned safe and sound. Your second aunt truly feels happy for you. Let's have the two of you come inside to talk."

Old man Situ shouted out loud, and vast, darkness-attributed Saint Force surged wildly from his body to protect his entire body. At the same time, the staff in his hands was coated with a layer of invisible World Force. Old man Situ swung the staff countless times, keeping the balls of red light at bay.

At the same time the figure entered the room, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. He was seated on the bed, "Were there any problems?"

"In my opinion, I don't think Jiang Chen went too far. Don't forget what these people did to Jiang Chen before this! If not for Jiang Chen being so abnormally strong, he might have been ripped into a thousand pieces by them by now. If their cultivations hadn't been suppressed within this desert, they wouldn't let Jiang Chen go so easily; this is their destiny."

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