The Progenitor Chapter 2198

The Progenitor Chapter 2198

Jiang Chen jumped into the air right above the Black Striped Rhino's head and threw a punch towards it. The punch struck the Black Striped Rhino's head accurately. This punched cracked open its head, and a bright bead immediately flew out from its skull. Jiang Chen immediately grabbed this black bead.

Han Yan said.

Not only was Jian Chen the youngest Heaven Saint Master they knew, but his strength was also beyond anyone's imagination. Even one of the imperial advisors had admitted defeat.

"I don't know about that, but people have told me that every time the sickness strikes the young lady, she would suffer from a chilling cold so bad it would almost kill her. It's such a pity, she is only 14 years old."

Out of the four great guardians, three of them were dead, and one had fled. The war could no longer go on. Ever since that huge golden sword appeared, the demons' fighting spirit had weakened more and more with each passing moment. Faced with the current situation, if they kept fighting, it wouldn't result in the Dancing Sun City's destruction, but the Demon King Palace.

The elder waved his hands dismissively, "A loss is a loss. This old man is not someone that cannot accept a loss. Although I did not go all out, the amount of strength you're holding back would be stronger than mine still."

Right in front of them was the group that had pushed their way out earlier. A good majority of them were all dusty and had a good layer of dirt on them. Some of the more unfortunate Great Saint Masters were even nursing their wounds from when the stone fragments fell on them.

Big Yellow's transformation stunned a lot of people. But soon after, someone finally managed to relate the duo in front of them to that legendary group!

"I also have one!"

People were sighing. When they looked at the miserable Guo Lei, those who followed Jiang Chen had satisfied expressions on their faces.

In just a short amount of time, sound of explosions were coming from everywhere, and flames leapt into the skies. Many disciples were trapped by the burning flames and died on the spot.

"Ai, every man is innocent, but envying another's treasure is a crime." The city lord let out another breath as he spoke out another command, "Let every guardsmen know, this group is not to be obstructed"

Jiang Chen burst into laughter. There were no signs of worry on his face. For every single man who eventually reached the top, there would be a path filled with enemies. Jiang Chen was given the opportunity to live a new life, and he was going to walk a path toward the top once again. Therefore, all the enemies he met along the way would just be stepping stone.

The middle-aged man named Bi Dao greeted back and said, "I've been okay." He paused for a moment, his gaze stopping on Jian Chen and his mother, before continuing, "It's probably better if I just get straight to the point. I've come this time under the the emperor's orders. At the same time, I've come to transmit his orders!"

"Hua Yun Sect, just wait for me to return, I, Jian Chen, will return to right this. These years have made me into a wanderer with no home. This debt, I will return unto you!" Jian Chen's eyes flashed with a terrifying amount of power. He knew that while he was an Earth Saint Master and had the Sword Spirits with him, no Earth Saint Master could threaten him, but Heaven Saint Masters were something Jian Chen would have trouble against.

When these three men looked at Jiang Chen and felt his aura, they all felt their hearts tremble. They exchanged glances and found the same look of shock on each other's face. When they met Jiang Chen, he had merely been a young man who had just broken through to the Divine Core realm, and it had only taken him such a short amount of time to grow to his current stage. It wasn't difficult for them to predict that Jiang Chen's future achievements would definitely be beyond their imagination.

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