Awakening Chapter 303

Awakening Chapter 303

Jian Chen's sword arm flew toward Tianxiong Lie with an intense amount of Sword Qi flowing all around his Light Wind Sword.

"Big Bro Jiang Chen, this treasure was discovered by you and puppy dog. How could I accept it?"

Tian Yishan seemed worried. He and Guan Yiyun were both from the Black Sect, and after spending some time together, they had built up a good relationship. Tian Yishan was a man who cherished friendship, that's why he worried so much about Guan Yiyun's safety after he had been captured by their enemies.

Jiang Zhen Hai sighed, he felt a little lost because after all these years of fighting with Mu Rong Zhan, it had now come to an end.

Zhou Beichen worriedly asked.


After Jian Chen finished speaking, a large amount of Qi filled the air and began to press down onto Jian Chen with a terrifying amount of pressure. Underneath, Jian Chen immediately felt that it was as if he were being weighed down by a heavy stone and found it suddenly hard to breathe.

The elder laughed, "Little baby, I didn't think you'd be able to tell this old man's strength. Not bad, not bad. Truly not bad. It would appear you have some strength, it is no wonder that old bastard Tianxiong Lie wasn't able to capture you."Chapter 154: Killing A Great Saint Master (Part One)

"Damn, we've been had by that big yellow dog, this boy actually has such freakish abilities!"

"The impudence if this guy is beyond all imagination! Let me teach him a lesson! Although my cultivation is restricted right now, I have spent all my life tempering my body; my bones are strong as steel, and skin is hard like bronze, I'll be able to tear him to pieces just with my bodily strength alone! Jiang Chen bastard, come here and meet your death!"

"Fourth young master, I am sorry. This old servant was useless, unable to properly protect the patriarch and the madam." Uncle Chang arrived beside Jian Chen with his shaking body. His face was pale and filled with self-blame.


"If that is the case, I don't mind teaching you a lesson."

Many people became speechless. This dog was just an amazing creature. His ability to draw out hatred was superb! Just a sentence from him could piss someone off.

"Who did this, actually? Yu Zihan and his friends don't have the ability to do this."

The combat weapon in Jiang Chen's hand turned into a deadly weapon that could destroy anything. He dashed forward like a ghostly shadow. This shadow slipped directly past the three men, and three heads immediately flew up into the air. Blood shot up into the air like a fountain.

As for why Big Yellow could unleash the power of this broken sword, Jiang Chen couldn't really explain it. It was most possibly because of his bloodline.

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