KICK OFF Chapter 203

KICK OFF Chapter 203


"In that case, this one will be troubling you for a while." Jian Chen accepted with cupped hands before following them into the sect.

After this experience in the Treasure Pavilion, Jian Chen, Ming Dong and Qin Xiao walked out of the building to return back to the Tianqin clan.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He had no interest in the trade fair.

The thunder's force made Jiang Chen's body stronger. Each and every single cell within his body was restlessly trembling; they were hungrily absorbing the thunder's force and tempering his body. With that, Jiang Chen's foundation got stronger with every minute passing, and new Dragon Marks were continuously forming.

The princess' face revealed a happy smile at those words. Ever since she was young, the princess would rarely be able to see what the outside of the palace looked like.

"Watch your asses, only those who are not afraid of death should go! A fight amongst tigers, if you are just a monkey standing aside, aren't you just looking for death?"

Of course, in the minds of these people, it was still unknown if Jiang Chen would truly be able to defeat Lord Nether. Although Wu Ningzhu had told them so, none of them had ever witnessed what Jiang Chen was capable of, after all. The gap between the Combat Soul realm and Combat King realm was extremely huge, and it was nearly impossible to kill someone who was one realm higher.

"130 million."

"Honored Imperial Protector, are you going to be leaving?" Xiao Tian spoke with a slightly hesitant voice.

TL Note: Intestines go green after the body dies. Basically they regret their actions so much they want to die.

"Haha, Sect Chief, Sect Elder Guo, we went to the Island of Ice and obtained some enormous benefits, allowing us to see a great surge in our cultivations! Also, Little Chen has killed many Combat Soul warriors!"

"Hmph! Han Yan, they all say that you are the heir of the Ancient Devil, and that you have the power of the Ancient Devil sealed within your body. Too bad you can only show small hints of the demonic character because your full power will never awaken! In my opinion, those rumors must be false, because once I kill you today, whether you're the heir to the Ancient Devil or not won't be important anymore!"

"Let's work together and fight him."

Yan Chen Yu unleashed a powerful frost attack and immediately froze Liu Wei Wang into an ice statue. The Three Feet Deep Ice Sheet attack did not only limit Liu Wei Wang's movement, it also took away his life.Chapter 80 ΓΏ Fighting a Heavenly Core Warrior

The patriarch's eyes grew cold as he ordered, "Take them back first."


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