Prohorovka Trovishka Revoir Demolitions Chapter 1400

Prohorovka Trovishka Revoir Demolitions Chapter 1400

The Ice Demon King still had doubts.

Besides, the decision was made by the Sect Chief himself, who would dare to object? As for whether or not the decision was fair, in this world where the strongest gets all the respect, fairness was actually a luxurious thing. In the Black Sect, Daoist Black's words were justice.

"I feel so much regret..."

"I wonder, how strong will Little Yu become when she awakens?"

Hearing the two Imperial Advisors speak, the commanders sitting around the table were all stunned. If the five enemy Heaven Saint Masters were to all truly be killed, they would be able to transform a crushing defeat into a stunning victory.

However, the gap between Xu Shuang and Jiang Chen was too big. The Six Solar Finger was an extremely powerful long distance attack, so even though Xu Shuang countered the attack with his Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon, he still couldn't hold it back.

"Jian Chen, where are you going? Let me go with you." Huang Luan asked in reluctance to part away from Jian Chen again.

"Understood, young master Yu."

Seeing the jade break apart, the other grand elder and Saiya both grew extremely serious. They knew what it meant when jade stone broke.

This was because he had another skill, the Dragon Transformation skill!

"If you really appreciate my help, marry me."

"I suppose you two young masters are here for the first time? If that is the case, it makes perfect sense that you don't know about the Blissful Island's rules. The island will only open for the public when the trade fair starts, and before that, no one is allowed to step onto the island. The trade fair starts in three days, and those who arrived early will have to wait."

After saying that, Jiang Chen stood up and walked toward the exit of the main hall.

"Hand over all your belongings, then each of you cut off one arm."

There were several hundred people within the courtyards of the Griff clan, but in this moment, the entire area was completely devoid of conversation. Only the heavy breathing could be heard.

"Jian Chen, my gap with you is getting bigger and bigger. It looks like it'll be very difficult from me to catch up with you in this lifetime." Tie Ta looked at Jian Chen with a complicated expression and said with a pained smile. Thinking back when they were still in Kargath Academy, although his strength was not as great as Jian Chen, it was almost the same. However, only after a few years, Jian Chen had already become a Saint Ruler, reaching a great level where he had no hope of catching up. This also caused the simple and honest Tie Ta to be filled with disbelief.

Jian Chen expression changed slightly. He asked, "Senior, has it got to do with the Gilligan clan?"

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