One Piece and the Celestial Dragon Chapter 1206

One Piece and the Celestial Dragon Chapter 1206


"That spirit automaton is way too stingy. What's the big deal about a few souls? This fan is eventually going to be mine anyway! If I'm fine with taking some things that belong to me, what is he getting all bent out of shape for?" Snorting, he patted his bag of holding and checked to make sure that all of the souls were in place. At that point, his heart surged.

The Paulownia Town got its name from the towering Paulownia Tree planted in the town. Legend has it that during ancient times, a phoenix once resided on top of the Paulownia tree. Eventually, after it departed, the name of the town was changed to the Town of the Setting Phoenix! Even now, one was able to hear the fascinating stories from the Elders, with detailed explanations that were so vivid that it was as if the elders had seen the phoenix with their very own eyes.

"Why Are you calling me master?" Yiye Jiange knitted her eyebrows, she seemed faintly disappointed in Qing Shui, if Qing Shui did not look carefully, he would not be able to tell.

"Xiaomei," he said, "I need to reveal a very big secret!"

The Tricolor Scorpion King was already very poisonous. For now, Qing Shui felt the need to gather some of these things as they might come in handy in the future.

"Heavens! I've never heard of anybody doing such a thing. If... if he completely eats it, will its teleportation powers still work?" People were so taken aback all they could do was stare in shock.

All of these scenes appeared one after another like he was looking at lights while riding on a horseback.?

"I'm fine?" Not only was the electricity not hurting him, but it was actually causing his cultivation base to advance¡­. "I can absorb it!"

Portrait of Beauty!

"I suspect that someone in our midst somehow became the owner of the damaged fan. In fact, that person has likely already secretly passed the twentieth level!

Qing Shui's arms¡ªwhich attained Great Perfection Stage from Divine Arm Clearing Technique¡ªwere way stronger than those of Second Master Xiao. When the two enormous forces crashed with each other, the force that was inflicted on Qing Shui's arms was greater than his opponent.?

They were getting closer!

Bai Xiaochun rubbed his eyes, immediately causing them to redden and tear up. Looking at the hide, he sighed and said,

After his decay period ended and he returned to Giant Ghost City, he had been thinking constantly about the Necromancer Kettle. Even his rough calculations had led him to the conclusion that the Ghost King Orchid would soon be blooming for the fifth time.

The old woman was relatively reticent, and didn't say much as she led the way. However, before Song Junwan and the Blood Stream Sect cultivators could even step onto the north bank, the battle beasts threw their heads back and roared. Heaven and earth trembled as an enormous shockwave rolled out. Expressions of shock appeared on the faces of the Blood Stream Sect disciples, and Song Junwan's eyes widened. To have so many countless battle beasts releasing such explosive auras was something none of them took lightly.

"So the Primordial Flames can be used this way, rather than shooting them as flame balls." Qing Shui was elated by his new discovery.

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