The Black Tiger Chapter 531

The Black Tiger Chapter 531

"Those medicines were wasted on him, he may as well let us enjoy them!Let's wait for 3 more days.After the cleansing medicine has washed away all the impurities in his body, we will drink his blood and improve our own strength!After that, we'll leave immediately!"

The Firethorn Savage had awakened. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow strengthened their spirits at the same time. They didn't dare make a single noise, and they held their breaths tightly.

Due to the fact that the curriculum taught by the teachers of the academy revolved around how one should behave, what should be done in a dangerous situation, and a few skills one would need in order to survive out in the areas outside the cities, Jian Chen felt that these things weren't even worth learning. He was a wanderer in his previous life; with his experience, he could teach those teachers how the class should be taught.

The fatty's eyes swiveled toward Jian Chen as if he had come to a conclusion as well. With a gasp, he cried, "Dear gods, Jian Chen, don't tell me you're suicidal!"

Thanks to Tie Ta's special status within the academy, Cheng Mingxiang didn't dare to use his Saint Weapon, and instead used his twin fists to fight him. But after a few rounds of close combat exchanges, Cheng Mingxiang began to grumble to himself about how absurd Tie Ta's strength was. Not only that, but Tie Tia's body was like steel, so combined with his enormous strength that complimented his Saint Force, there was no way Cheng Mingxiang would be able to defeat Tie Ta without using his Saint Weapon, despite being stronger than Tie Ta. He was using the entirety of his strength, but could only accomplish very little, such as pushing Tie Ta backwards. In addition, he still didn't dare to fight head-on with Tie Ta for an extended period of time.

Jian Chen lay back onto the ground of his tent as countless thoughts went through his head. Only after some time did he begin to calm himself and listen to his surroundings. After confirming it was safe, he began to sit cross-legged and absorb the World Essence in the air to cultivate.

There was a forced smile on Jian Chen's face. He hadn't thought that he and the young lord of the Tianqin clan would become friends so quickly. However, the outspoken and straightforward personality of Qin Xiao had made a favorable impression on him. With a polite word, Jian Chen raised his own wine cup and took a single sip.

Although the Pangolin Emperor and Amethyst Thunder Lion were both hard to deal with, the remaining two divisions were strong in their own right and had many people. With at least thirty Earth Saint Masters against a single magical beast, the problem shouldn't be that big.

The adult man said.

Judging from the current situation, it seemed that the best option would be to temporarily hide in this Chaotic Ocean.

"Yan Yang, face your death!"

In the short moment after the Geofruit was announced, a war between the bidders had already brought the price up to a million purple coins. A price like this was already enough to buy several thousand year heavenly resources already.

The four other Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom were looking even weaker than before now and could not dodge in time. Without any other choice, they instantly utilized their Earth Tier Battle Skill to strike at the flame swords.

"Senior, could it be that the holy lands contains one of the legendary Saint Tier Battle Skills?" Jian Chen couldn't help but ask.

"One of young master Hao's arms has been completely shattered, and both his legs are broken££But the most serious wound is the one in his pants££It has been completely££destroyed."

Everyone were in high spirits. During the last few days when Jiang Chen was gone, they were all pretty tense. Now, with the return of Jiang Chen, he had just wreaked havoc once again, and he had killed Fan Kun; establishing his dominance in the process. In the future, no one in the Black Sect will have the courage to offend Jiang Chen.

Jian Chen left his room and went down to the tavern where he ordered a single dish of magical beast meat for breakfast. With his current strength, even if he went a day without eating, he wouldn't feel hungry at all. Although, having 3 square meals a day had already become a habit to Jian Chen, and he would always eat regularly unless there were some extraordinary circumstances. Other than that, he refused to not eat a meal, after all, eating a fine meal was one of life's simple but great pleasures.

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