Bad Girls Alpha Mate Chapter 2969

Bad Girls Alpha Mate Chapter 2969

"Big Yellow, do not show any mercy. From now on, we will kill all who gets in our way."

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

After that, Jiang Chen slapped the Earth Devil's head and crushed it. In an instant, a black devil soul shot out from the crushed skull, and he grabbed it with his hand.Chapter 252 ΓΏ Rather Die Fighting

But, to everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen agreed without even taking a single second to consider it. Then, he jumped onto one of the highest fighting stages within the training ground; it was the fighting stage for deathmatches.

Jiang Cheng looked upset, the situation was so critical that he never knocked on the door, instead he went straight into Jiang Chen's room, and before he could say anything, he was slapped by Jiang Chen, and his leg was almost broken by Jiang Chen.

Just as the man was about to slash into Jian Chen, a dignified sounding voice suddenly called out, causing everyone to turn to look at the purple robed patriarch of the Tianqin clan walking toward them.

Right now the Golden Fur Tiger King's eyes were crimson with fury, and the experienced Cross knew that the tiger was in a stage of extreme rage; it was only because of the fact that he had the cub that it was not acting out on impulse. That cub was Cross' protective charm, and if he were to lose control of it, Cross knew that what would come next would be the end of his life.

All the guest warriors from Nangong Yunzheng's side were also shocked by the outcome. This differed completely from their original plan.

"How dare you!?"

Tan Lang bowed deeply toward Jiang Chen and Great Master Ran Feng, expressing his sincerity. Without Jiang Chen and Great Master Ran Feng, he wouldn't have been able to recover in such a short period of time, and would never have been able to find a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill; a heaven-defying pill that allowed him to break through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm.

Suddenly, two powerful auras filled with anger could be felt coming straight toward Jian Chen. At the same time, a bright and sharp attack of Sword Qi came flying through the air straight for Jian Chen.Chapter 429: Contest With a Heaven Tier Battle Skill

Big Yellow bared his teeth.

Watching the intense fight between the Firethorn Savage and the Green Sanctuary Sect had made him; the real culprit, feel excited.

"Jian Chen, is the Duanyun Sword in your hands or not." The fourth elder gave a heavy stare toward Jian Chen.

Big Yellow rolled his eyes. Jiang Chen had taught him one thing, in this world, there really were some things and some people that couldn't be judged by normal standards.Chapter 144 - Dark Night Slaughter

Another explosive sound could be heard as the men exchanged attacks. The powerful force knocked both men dozens of meters away from each other. It was once again a tie.

Jiang Chen walked into the meeting room.The trio stood up immediately upon seeing Jiang Chen come in.

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